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00:59 * allie_madison waves to the room.
01:15 allie_madison joined #evennia
01:33 AlanDill joined #evennia
01:34 allie_madison Hey Alan.
01:41 How are you?
01:47 AlanDill I'm good. How are you Allie?
01:48 allie_madison Pretty good just wondering where if you code in a table top system in where would you do it.
02:00 AlanDill It seems like some functions would belong to rooms, while others to the characters themselves.
02:00 for instance, perhaps you want certain rooms that dont allow combat.
02:01 * allie_madison nods.
02:02 allie_madison But couldn't you make a command that made the combat commands inaccessible?
02:08 or like a room flag?
02:10 AlanDill I suppose you could. Either way works.  I'm inclined to do away with conditional checks if possible.
02:11 gotta go buy something. bbl
02:27 Jerrik joined #evennia
02:48 allie_madison Wb Jerrik.
03:08 ixokai- joined #evennia
03:11 asechrest_ joined #evennia
05:19 AlanDill ppbbbpppttttt
05:19 * AlanDill says
05:21 allie_madison FREE CANDY!
05:21 :)
05:22 * allie_madison looks around and holds out her hands. "So you were saying free candy, Alan?"
05:59 AlanDill Yes! Free candy!
05:59 first up are ultra delicious dirt bombs!
06:07 allie_madison hehe
06:25 What are did you buy Alan?
06:29 daskre joined #evennia
07:00 AlanDill I bought a soldering iron. I have a small circuit that requires some assembly.
07:00 allie_madison Nice.
07:05 AlanDill The off-the-shelf portion of the circuit is a teensy 3.1, which emulates a keyboard. I have to solder some pins into it
07:06 allie_madison ouch.
07:10 evenniacode [] Griatch pushed to page 'Typeclasses' 02[…]/wiki/Typeclasses
07:16 AlanDill ouch?
07:20 evenniacode [] Griatch pushed to page 'Typeclasses' 02[…]/wiki/Typeclasses
09:15 Owlsoup ppl - hey
09:21 Griatch Hi Owlsoup
09:22 Griatch_ joined #evennia
09:25 Griatch Looking at freenode stats, it seems we are (also removing bots) the largest MUD-related channel on Freenode. :)
09:25 * Owlsoup cheers!
09:26 Griatch Closest is a wheel-of-time themed mud channel followed by the mudlet-client's support chat.
09:26 allie_madison That's cool.
09:26 Owlsoup bet we're the most interesting MUD-related channel on Freenode as well.
09:27 Griatch The statistics vary quite a bit, but we are usually not below 16 people in here (although most lurk, like is common in IRC)
09:28 Owlsoup speaking of it - I got alot to read up!
09:28 Griatch read up?
09:28 Owlsoup yeah - the log. Been away.
09:28 Griatch ah
09:31 Owlsoup I assume much of interest been said. ^^
09:32 * allie_madison sighs in dissappoint. "Most of the jobs in my area are basically Senior level positions."
09:33 allie_madison Or want a bachelors degree just to start off. :(
09:34 Griatch What kind of positions are you looking for?
09:34 Owlsoup Websocket support! I'll be damned.
09:35 allie_madison hehe
09:35 Griatch Owlsoup: Right, yep.
09:37 AlanDill soldering is hard!
09:39 allie_madison hehe *shrugs* I have done it, but it was a big piece compared to computer components.
09:41 Owlsoup Hey Alan
09:45 Griatch allie_madison: Speaking of logs, you asked earlier just where you would code your "tabletop" game systems. I would suggest to do this as stand-alone as possible, in its own module. Make it so that it acts like a black box with access methods for getting results out of it. For example you can have a function skillroll(character, skillname) that you feed a character and the type of skill you want - it returns the result in whatever form you like. ...
09:45 ... Or a challenge(challengers, skill) function for determining challenges between different characters. This way you can homogenize the API. You then need to determine just how the characters store stuff like skills etc on themselves and how your system retrieves it.
09:49 * allie_madison nods. "Ok, well I've read what you wrote and well it isn't click just yet, Griatch mainly because I'm very tired and going to bed now. I will read it again when I am less tired. Then probably ask questions about it."
09:50 Griatch Ok
09:51 allie_madison I'm finishing up a job application and going to bed.
10:15 AlanDill Hi Owl. restarting
10:15 AlanDill left #evennia
10:17 AlanDill joined #evennia
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15:05 deepy woop woop
15:07 Griatch Yo deepy
15:07 deepy Hey Griatch, howäs things_
15:07 oups, keyboard layout
15:23 Owlsoup hähäh.
15:25 Griatch Dä ä bra
15:30 * OwlWork ränner hemåt. ^^
15:41 deepy Is everyone swedish :p?
15:46 * Kelketek isn't!
15:47 petersm3 Not one of the lurkers...

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