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03:58 evenniacode [13evennia] 15chrzyki comment on issue #606: Exactly! The carriage return is actually the one that should have been sent with the '1'.... 02[…]ecomment-60342068
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08:13 Greymtr Griatch: About the 'hidden' lock we were discussing about... It doesn't work. I tried out what you told me but now what happens is that I am unable to see the "You see Here :" and "The obvious exits are :" segments , any idea what went wrong ? Should I paste the part of the file that I had modified ?
08:13 Griatch Greymtr: Sure, paste it in a pastebin.
08:16 Greymtr The entire document or just the part that I edited ?
08:16 Griatch How much did you edit and where?
08:18 Greymtr Um....Line 838 , I think , the 'visible =' part only in /src/objects/
08:20 Griatch Never modify src/
08:21 Greymtr So how do I overwrite defaults ?
08:22 Sorry for that BTW , I'll set about changing things back to default
08:22 Griatch Greymtr: I would recommend you go through at least one of our starting tutorials: either "First Steps coding" or "A first small game".
08:23 * Greymtr remembers reading them, but has apparently forgotten what was in them
08:24 Griatch I would suggest *doing* them rather than reading them. If you do either you will have everything set up for overloading defaults or what have you.
08:27 evenniacode [13evennia] 15Griatch pushed 1 new commit to 06master: 02[…]66d57a8fbad824b41
08:27 13evennia/06master 14573847d 15Griatch: Better handles very slow mud clients not sending line breaks together with their data input; this avoids a race condition where Evennia is much faster than the client. See #606.
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08:40 evenniacode [13evennia] 15Griatch comment on issue #606: Cannot reproduce in Zmud 7.21 (the latest Zmud) on Windows. The menu_login works just fine. ... 02[…]ecomment-60359700
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09:11 Greymtr Griatch: So in the file what I add for the Object Typeclass would be : `BASE_OBJECT_TYPECLASS = "game.gamesrc.objects.Objects"`
09:11 ?
09:14 Griatch Greymtr: Do you call your base class "Objects" in game.gamesrc.objects?
09:15 (in plural)?
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09:41 Griatch (that is, normally it's just called Object, so the path would be "game.gamesrc.objects.Object".
09:42 Greymtr Ahh , Thank you
09:44 Griatch: So what would I be editing in game/gamesrc/objects/ ?
09:45 Yesterday the link you sh
09:46 *showed me was :[…]s/
09:47 Griatch In your case you only want to add this "hidden" feature to your Room, correct?
09:47 You -can- overload the Object too, but in that case your changes will apply to all children of Objects (Characters, Exits, Rooms etc) which might not be what you want.
09:49 I would suggest overloading the Room typeclass by copy&pasting the default return_apperance() code into it and modifying it there.
09:49 That way other types of Objects will work the same as they do now, but Rooms will have your new functionality.
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10:09 Griatch ... and silence. It's hard to tell if I am making sense without any feedback, Greymtr.
10:10 Greymtr Sorry , still not sure whether what I'm doing is right
10:10 You are making sense
10:10 Griatch So what is not working?
10:12 Greymtr
10:12 Line 9.
10:12 Is it right ?
10:18 Griatch Looks ok, assuming the "hidden" lock type is not set, the last part will always be true and not affect things.
10:18 I think you are missing a parenthesis
10:20 There should only be one ")" after the first view access.
10:20 * Griatch is off to lunch
10:20 Greymtr Nope , I don't think so
10:21 I get the error : "Variable con is local"
10:21 Griatch I'm pretty sure. :)
10:22 Greymtr Sure that I'm leaving a parenthesis unclosed ?
10:28 * Greymtr spotted it
10:31 still has got issues
10:32 Greymtr the 'You see here :' and the 'Obvious Exits :' segments of the description isn't coming u
10:32 *up
10:35 Which is basically the same issue. Back to square one. :)
11:35 Griatch Greymtr: Basic test: The description shows up if you remove your change?
11:35 Greymtr gimme a sec
11:36 Griatch Have you printed the output of visible, and the other properties to see what happens?
11:38 * Greymtr shakes his head
11:41 Greymtr Wait , The description shows up with the changes. It's just the "You see here : " and the "Obvious Exits :
11:41 that don't show up
11:42 It works when I remove the changes
11:43 So what must I do in order to make it work ?
12:12 Hello ?
12:19 FatShack Morning
12:27 Greymtr Hello
12:28 chrzyki Hey :)
12:28 Griatch Greymtr: The check for "hidden" should return False for as long as you haven't set a lock of that type on your objects. This means that objects with such a lock will not be included in the "visible" property in return_appearance.
12:28 Greymtr Griatch: Ahhh.....
12:30 Griatch Which is why I suggested you include the check as not check("hidden"..), so that when the hidden lock was not found (or found to return False), it would include that object in the list.
12:32 Greymtr Griatch: So now if I set an objects hidden lock to true() it's supposed to show up ?
12:36 Only it doesn't show up
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12:52 FatShack Greymtr: Have you checked to see if just the arrays are getting built correctly? pobject.msg(exits), pobject.msg(users), pobject.msg(things)? That'd be where I would go next with my debugging if you haven't.
12:53 Greymtr Fatshack: , how do I check those ?
12:54 FatShack With what I just said :) I'm assuming you're using this code you pasted before:
12:54 It might be better if you pasted the entire thing, including where you're building the string
12:55 Griatch If hidden: True(), then the "not check('hidden') will return False, which means it will not be included in the list. What I would expect would be for things to show *unless* you set "hidden:true()" (since not having the lock should default to False)
12:55 Otherwise, as I said earlier and which FatShack mentions, print the variables to see what goes on.
12:58 FatShack Yeah, I make massive use of obj.msg() for debugging.
12:59 * Griatch tends to just put vanilla print statements in there and check the log.
13:00 FatShack I'm usually connecting locally on a term session. So it's easier to just msg out rather than run two sessions or quit out and go back in
13:00 same difference though, I suppose.
13:01 Griatch FatShack: This is what screen/tmux is for. :)
13:02 evenniacode [13evennia] 15zero9k comment on issue #606: Zmud 4.62 is widely used in China because it's the best version supporting Chinese...- -... 02[…]ecomment-60383424
13:02 Griatch I currently cound 6 terminal windows open, each with 3-5 screen sessionsin them.
13:17 evenniacode [13evennia] 15Griatch comment on issue #606: @zero9k... 02[…]ecomment-60385046
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13:33 FatShack Griatch: Yes yes. I need to get better at doing that.
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14:02 evenniacode [] Griatch pushed to page 'Command Cooldown' 02[…]/Command-Cooldown
14:06 Greymtr Griatch: setting objects to hidden:true() still doesn't display objects.
14:12 FatShack Did you check whether your arrays are being built up properly?
14:12 Griatch Greymtr: Do objects not having any hidden locks display?
14:13 (and hidden:true() should not show)
14:14 Greymtr Fatshack: No.... I haven't figured out how to check them
14:14 Griatch: Objects without the hidden locks are also invisible
14:18 Griatch put print statements in your changed code to display the values.
14:19 That is, after the "visible" array is created, add a line print "visible:", visible. Then reload and try to view, and look at the log/terminal just what is displayed.
14:24 evenniacode [13evennia] 15zero9k comment on issue #606: After this update, the character doesn't quit the game if you close the web client or telnet client. 02[…]ecomment-60393622
14:31 [13evennia] 15zero9k comment on issue #606: @Griatch ... 02[…]ecomment-60394726
14:46 chrzyki @Griatch: I should've probably mentioned the zMUD-Version I used to test the issue in the discussion. I just used the freely available 3.62 version from the zMUD version which is also not exactly fresh.
14:46 Wasn't very clever to not mention this, sorry. :)
14:50 Griatch chrzyki: I was not aware you tested zmud at all actually, you only mentioned PowTTY. At any rate I presumed the problems with Zmud was equivalent to that of PowTTY, this does not seem to be the case.
14:51 chrzyki I just mentioned it briefly at the beginning but the version I used, I just noticed, really is *old*.
14:52 FatShack I assumed the problems were similar also, that's why I threw PowTTY in there. I know it's an old, awful client, I just thought since it's basic it might be able to troubleshoot some issues.
14:52 chrzyki At any rate, I just wanted to say that my testing with regard to zMUD should probably be ignored and be carried out by someone with access to newer versions. :)
14:53 Griatch So is the version of zmud used in the issue (it's at least 10-12 years old, the latest versions shows no issues), so it was probably not a bad try.
14:54 FatShack: Sure thing. :) We'll see if I can get a hold of that exact zmud version to see if it can be reproduced.
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14:55 Griatch Whoops. I thought I was rebooting my local install and instead kept rebooting the demo. :)
14:55 Drawback of multiple terminals. ;)
14:59 chrzyki Lemme know if there any other clients/configurations that you'd like to see wiresharked. :)
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15:07 Griatch chrzyki: I guess it will come up as people try them. :)
15:07 * Griatch is off to the pub, will read logs
15:08 Griatch Does anyone replicate the error reported in #606, that characters don't exit correctly after closing the client. I cannot replicate it with the webclient but I don't have the menu_login set up here (nor access to using telnet on this machine)
15:09 chrzyki Oki. Happy to help if the chance comes up. :)
15:10 I'll see whether I can replicate it.
15:22 Griatch: Everything looks alright from here. The connection is dropped immediately, even when hard-killing the process that's connected to Evennia.
15:28 evenniacode [13evennia] 15zero9k comment on issue #606: This the capture result of wireshark, I wish it's useful.... 02[…]ecomment-60403246
15:29 chrzyki (and the character quits as well)
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17:12 FatShack Sorry about the nick spam
18:28 * Griatch returns
18:28 Griatch chrzyki: Cool, thanks. That seems to be my impression too. Will test with the menu_login too.
18:29 FatShack: You don't have to change your nick when you go away. You can also just have your client set an away flag on you without changing the nick - that way if people directly address you they will get a notification that you are away but there is no spam.
18:29 FatShack Yeah, I should disable that.
18:30 It's actually when I disconnect
18:30 I'm running through a bouncer
18:30 chrzyki Griatch: No problem!

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