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01:57 Volund joined #evennia
05:36 evenniacode [13forum] Griatch Art posted 'Re: MUSHclient cannot send commands to demo server?' 02[…]o7D8/mTt-mW2LYMoJ
05:40 alexandra joined #evennia
05:40 alexandra Wow, nice work on the twitter code. :)
05:58 AlanDill great idea
05:58 alexandra!
05:59 I hiked up a mountain yesterday
05:59 It was about the hardest thing I've ever done.
06:02 dmuven joined #evennia
06:46 HeroesDoom [irc] Arithorn: Hi :)
06:53 alexandra Hi Arithorn.
06:57 Griatch Hi folks
06:59 alexandra Hi Griatch.
07:09 Griatch Hi alexandra
07:14 AlanDill Hi Alan
07:16 alexandra :P
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10:02 Raghav_ joined #evennia
10:02 Raghav_ can anyone help me?
10:47 antrare joined #evennia
10:48 HeroesDoom [irc] Arithorn: Raghav_: Just post your question, the chat is logged at[…]net/evennia/today - people will answer it when they are around
11:06 Raghav_ I had a problem of getting a database of the player's attributes at one placee
11:11 HeroesDoom [irc] Arithorn: Can you be specific about the problem?
11:22 [irc] Arithorn: If you're having trouble describing it, you could always post the detail in the google group:!forum/evennia
11:24 sylphiae joined #evennia
11:43 Griatch Raghav_: As Arithorn says, this chat is logged. Just ask your question and people will generally reply even if it may sometimes take a while before they get around to it. We are all in different time zones after all.
11:48 truk77 joined #evennia
11:56 evenniacode [13forum] Raghav Somani posted 'A database of player attributes in file' 02[…]vMp4/faS45AYZZU4J
12:06 [13forum] Griatch Art posted 'Re: A database of player attributes in file' 02[…]vMp4/1cAAVFHoCxwJ
12:08 Griatch Not sure I understand the question really ...

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