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00:27 owlsoup Go to bed silly owl go to bed
00:34 AlanDill wake up owl!
00:34 fun begins naow
00:42 owlsoup I think not Aan
00:45 Well. The Bind of Isaac: Rebirth. Fun. So wicked, so random. So addictive.
00:45 But enough of that. Too late - to old.
00:45 ^^
00:56 Vervorris waaat
00:56 imo this TBoI is soo stupid
00:56 i though my 15 years bro is too old for that
00:57 but it looks like im just misunderstanding the game xD
01:00 owlsoup Maybe you're not. Not relevant really.
01:01 AlanDill I'm as hungry as owl is sleepy
01:01 Vervorris owl is never sleepy
01:01 owlsoup I just like random wicked shit. I'll prolly will til I die.
01:01 Vervorris i like musical Wicked
01:02 owlsoup hah What did I just write?
01:02 Vervorris wish some day I will come to USA and see anything on Boardway with my GF
01:02 AlanDill Vervorris: where do you live?
01:03 owlsoup I shouldn't
01:03 write things
01:03 AlanDill no, you should write more
01:03 moar!
01:03 owlsoup I'm not familiar with 'musicals'
01:04 Vervorris AlanDill: germany, but im polish and i move to poland this year
01:07 AlanDill You'll like America. I did
01:07 Vervorris AlanDill: u're from?
01:07 AlanDill Canada
01:07 Vervorris well, i don't know i will ever be there
01:15 AlanDill The first rule of Owlclub is "hoot"
01:19 owlsoup It is?
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03:23 Archivis evening.
03:51 Kelketek Archivis: O hai.
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05:13 Vervorris i finally got to know what MOM stands for
05:13 Made Of Money! that's it!
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08:09 owlloop morrrrnin
10:56 Volund grargh
10:56 * Volund awakens way early :|
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