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00:12 jdanielp hello all. I have a question about and the command sets
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00:40 HeroesDoom [irc] Arithorn: Best just ask it, people are on at weird times, you can always check the log later
00:41 [irc] Arithorn: I use:[…]net/evennia/today
00:45 jdanielp thanks.
00:48 HeroesDoom [irc] Arithorn: Welcome, what was the question?  I'm a total noob myself and haven't looked at the red button... but you never know your luck :P
00:49 jdanielp OK, here goes:  game/gamesrc/scripts/examp​les/
00:49 BlindedState script at_stop() function calls self.obj.cmdset.delete(), which the comments say will remove the last added cmdset.
00:50 but, let's say we've implemented another script that adds another cmdset afterwards.  maybe a combat script that is initiated by another character
00:53 assume the new cmdset has mergetype "union".  if BlindedState pops the last command set off the stack, it will be popping the wrong cmdset.
00:53 HeroesDoom [irc] Arithorn: Yeah, Griatch would be able to answer why he did it that way (maybe just to show it could be done) but I'd do self.obj.cmdset.delete(cmdsetexamples.BlindCmdSet)
00:53 [irc] Arithorn: Rather than "hope" that the last one is still the same
00:54 jdanielp HeroesDoom: Am I showing up as "Arithorn"?
00:55 HeroesDoom [irc] Arithorn: Nope, I am because I'm posting from within my mud.  HeroesDoom is the irc-bot, Arithorn is my char name in the mud
00:57 [irc] Arithorn: see:
00:58 jdanielp Arithorn: Ah, OK.  Noob here too (obviously).
00:59 I suspected that self.obj.cmdset.delete(cmdsetexamples.BlindCmdSet) was what should happen.  Thanks.
01:03 HeroesDoom [irc] Arithorn: Like I said, Griatch may come through soon to tell us why he did it that way (and it could be a great reason) but yeah... :)
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07:22 Griatch The reason I did the red button like that was because it is just intended as an example for the functionality. Also I wrote that a looong time ago. I would make both the red button and the Tutorial world quite differently if/when I remake them using the latest Evennia tools.
07:25 evenniacode [13evennia] 15Griatch comment on issue #559: If you do your searches via `` (or `` in a command) you can use `quiet=True` as a keyword and get back a list of multimatches or `None` for no matches without anything getting echoed to the player automatically. Is this what you were looking for?
07:26 02[…]ecomment-53535150
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09:58 evenniacode [13evennia] 15cluebyte comment on issue #559: If I'm not missing anything (which is quite possible!), at_search_result formats multimatches so it can output a helpful list to the user on how to target the objects they want (1-table, 2-table, etc.). "" doesn't do this. I wanted the string output, without it automatically echoing to the user when a
09:58 multimatch is found. This way, I can hold onto error strings until I wanted t
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18:32 Volund sooooo
18:32 Kelketek Soooo
18:34 Volund rrrrgh. the more I am forced to work with MUSHcode these days the more I pine for evennia. It seems that I can do virtually everything I would need to in Ev code at this point... except my fine control of text output.
18:34 all the logic, almost all of the syntax and input, etc... ALMOST....
18:35 with a few minor differences to input syntax.
18:35 BUT
18:35 The moment that I accomplish the same level of output formatting is when I'll really feel confident.
18:35 I guess that's an odd thing to feel picky about, but
18:36 :/
18:38 Kelketek :P Well, hopefully soon.
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18:44 Volund ANSIString should be the answer, so long as all of the normal string functions work with it.
18:45 Kelketek Volund: The center thing was fixed with it, yes? What else were you missing?
18:45 Volund I'm speaking hypothetically. I haven't encountered other issues yet.
18:45 haven't had a chance to!
18:48 owlbum elo ppl
18:48 Volund the next thing I need to figure out is 'make borders' and eventually 'finer color control' - heya owl
18:57 owlbum I have no clue what I doing what so ever. ^^
18:57 feels like when I tried to drive a car for the first time. But this time without steering wheel, gear lever and brake - in a downhill
18:58 it's fun.
19:26 I'm an excellent driver nowadays, I should add.
19:33 AlanDill does that imply you weren't always?
19:34 volund, 'splain more
19:34 python is kickass at strings and in theory, you should be able to do fun stuff with it
19:37 owlbum No, Yes. I never drove a car before my thirties. I was a lousy driver a couple of years, then - EXCELLENCE, dear Allan.
19:39 AlanDill I can believe it. You strive for it in all things, dont you?
19:39 owlbum my point is if it was not clear enough: I suck at coding today, but tomorrow - excellence. ^^
19:39 AlanDill what different worlds we live in. I first drove around age 7
19:40 owlbum Wow yeah
19:40 It's in my blood
19:40 * Kelketek has always driven.
19:40 Kelketek ...folks crazy :)
19:40 owlbum My grandfather (huge man) never drove
19:40 AlanDill precisely. I expect your airborne pursuit of rodents is equally practiced.
19:41 Kelketek: aren't you from Texas?
19:42 Kelketek I am.
19:42 owlbum I'm fascinated by old men that don't drive - and never did.
19:44 AlanDill well then, driving is in your blood. Perhaps Jesus built your hotrod, perhaps its driving cattle to market, but driving is in your blood.
19:44 :P
19:44 owlbum What.
19:45 AlanDill how.
19:45 owlbum It's in my damn blood NOT to drive, gawddamit.
19:45 ^^
19:46 Ministry. Ages. Ago.
19:46 AlanDill That's right
19:55 nitol
20:08 Volund back
20:08 borders. like this
20:10 I think that I understand how I'd do something like my Exalted sheet too.
20:11 methinks that those <name>......**** things?
20:13 I just need to define a class that could represent that data with a def __str__ that does the formatting!
20:13 that would make it easier for some things
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20:17 Volund or maybe a 'StorytellerStat' class/model ...
20:18 * sasha_rose peeks in.
20:24 * Kelketek waves.
20:26 sasha_rose Hey Kelketek.
20:26 How are you?
20:26 Kelketek Quite well. Yourself?
20:27 sasha_rose Pretty good, just working on my channel that I have setup for the game.
20:27 * Kelketek nodnods :)
20:27 sasha_rose its on the SorceryNet network.
20:32 * Kelketek is not familiar with SorceryNet.
20:33 sasha_rose I think that mostly for games running them on irc.
20:34 tabletop games.
20:34 * Kelketek ahhs
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