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02:03 evdemo [Public] Tirit waves
02:08 FatShack howdy
02:10 evdemo [Public] Tirit: How's it going?
02:13 [Public] Tirit: ...anyone got the train in the example working? I've got an issue with it trying to find the script.
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07:56 owlsoup Speaking of sublime text (used to use it) - I took the battle with Vim ...
07:56 With some modification - love it.
07:59 no more messing around
07:59 jph- i moved away from python ages ago, i Don't Miss the whitespace thing
08:00 Griatch owlsoup: vim is nice. :)'
08:00 jph- give me real problems to deal with instead of formatting
08:00 i never stuck with vim long term for primary editor, but use vim mode in sublime
08:01 Griatch jph-: The whitespace is really an individual thing it seems. Some really hate it, others find it the other way around - that it releaves you from considering pretty formatting.
08:01 owlsoup jph-: I'm a python noob and had my share of white-space-terror
08:01 until now
08:02 jph- Griatch: i hate it like i hate golang refusing to compile for unused variables
08:02 owlsoup What's the most essential Vim script(s) for you, Griatch?
08:03 Griatch jph-: Fair enough. Personally I never had any whitespace indent issues. Then again I only ever used emacs and then vim so all this just works for me.
08:03 jph- im spending more time so far on whitespace than learning evennia framework
08:03 sigh
08:03 grumble
08:03 owlsoup :(
08:03 I feel you jph-
08:04 jph- maybe i should try sublime 2
08:04 I'm using 3 atm
08:04 owlsoup Aha, I've used 3 as well
08:04 Griatch jph-: I think this is mainly some fundamental configuration issue in your dev environment ... I've used many programming languages, and Python's whitespace is really not the hardest part of the language. :)
08:04 owlsoup Though I believe I also messed around with 2
08:05 Griatch owlsoup: Vim is one of those editors that does need a little configuration to get into, yes. Lemme see if I can pull up my module files.
08:05 owlsoup I've made a repo with my modification
08:06 hah
08:06 Don't want to do again from scratch
08:06 Griatch owlsoup: Yeah, that is usually a good idea.
08:06 owlsoup and for synching ofcuz
08:06 jph- Griatch: my dev environment handled everything out of box till python
08:07 owlsoup *syncing
08:07 jph- :P
08:07 owlsoup Hey, I'm a swedish owlsoup
08:07 Griatch owlsoup: I tend to get more modules than I actually need. I have pyflakes set up, that is nice since it displays python syntax errors directly as they are typed in the editor.
08:07 owlsoup oh I see
08:08 Yes, I got that one
08:08 Griatch I also use the latex-suite for LaTeX editing and something called supertab.
08:09 * owlsoup nods
08:09 Griatch Most other things can be handled by editing the config file itself. For example I have deactivated the arrow keys and mapped the <ESC> key to hh, jj and kk.
08:09 owlsoup !
08:09 Interesting
08:10 With supertab - do you tab with <>?
08:10 Griatch That way I can be in edit mode and return to normal mode just by entering jj (which is where your finger will be normally).
08:10 I -think- that's what it does, I don't remember right now.
08:10 owlsoup brilliant
08:10 ok
08:12 Griatch Generally vim's tab/indent handling is not quite as good as Emacs' is for Python - in Emacs there is text analyzis that indents to the expected level with a single tab-press out of the box. In vim you do need to enter the first indent level after an if: statement for example.
08:13 owlsoup but but... did you initially switch between normal and input mode with arrow keys?
08:13 Did know that
08:13 *didn't
08:14 ;)
08:14 Wigggles Seconds Old Man's War
08:14 owlsoup trying to get used to "c" and "i" - which is hard.
08:14 Griatch No, but arrow keys are not recommended to use at all (you should use hjkl so you don't have to move your hand), so to force myself to learn that, I changed them so that if I press the arrow keys they tell me I should use hjkl instead.
08:15 * owlsoup nodnods
08:15 owlsoup Ok.
08:16 Griatch jph-: Don't know what to tell you, most seem to get along with Python whitespace just fine, regardless of editors (including sublime, I know many that use it).
08:16 owlsoup had no ident trouble since Vim - but then, haven't been coding that many lines yet
08:17 Griatch Wigggles: I read about Old Man's war on wikipedia. It does sound interesting.
08:17 * Wigggles keeps meaning to read the other novels
08:18 Wigggles I got my girlfriend to read it, and she dug it too
08:18 Griatch Cool
08:20 owlsoup: I also set up F5-F7 in vim to act like the search & search-replace functions. And oh, I added it so I don't have to use : to go into the line mode but also the comma. Swedish keyboards requires two keys for the colon after all.
08:22 The default vim keys are for English keyboards. Our ö character takes the place of the colon. I guess one could use ö to go into editor mode too actually - you don't use the Swedish characters very much in programming after all.
08:23 * owlsoup frantically taking notes!
08:24 owlsoup hah
08:24 No, "ö" isn't THAT common
08:25 I use "," as well.
08:26 I really need a good search/replace mapping - I'll try to set it up like yours
08:31 Griatch: Have you tried fugitive?
08:32 Griatch owlsoup: Not sure, what is it?
08:32 owlsoup A Vim Git wrapper
08:32 I look forward to get used to it ;)
08:32 Griatch No, is it any good?
08:33 owlsoup "I'm not going to lie to you; fugitive.vim may very well be the best Git wrapper of all time."
08:33 heh
08:33 Well, I guess you already got your smooth ways of doing things - but for me, it seems brilliant
08:34 Griatch Looks cool, might check it out. :)
08:35 owlsoup :)
08:37 essential for me: Pydoc, Gundo, nerdtree, and vim-airline(sort of)
08:39 Griatch I use nerdtree too. Pydoc I've tried many a time to like, but I find that I prefer to use ipython to browse code docs.
08:39 Not sure what vim-airline is.
08:40 owlsoup "Lean & mean status/tabline for vim that's light as air."
08:40 Love it.
08:41 Works well with Fugitive
08:42 Ok time for work
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11:45 jph- are there any muds that heavily mix audio with text-based games?
11:45 i'm wondering if you could have ambient audio playing in certain areas
11:46 kinda like skyrim does
11:46 it has ambient music, and then music for combat, sunrise, sunset
12:02 Griatch jph-: You can, yes. This is generally something handled via OOB. There is also a legacy protocol called MSP (Mud Sound Protocol) that we might support in the future, but I think most are moving towards OOB protocols instead.
12:02 (OOB - Out-Of-Band communication)
12:02 jph- i know oob
12:02 i dont know what you mean precisely by oob in context of evennia
12:02 custom client?
12:02 so they might be in telnet/etc, but also on a context-aware webpage at same time?
12:03 Griatch Evennia supports the MSDP oob protocol for telnet clients, but yes even so you will likely need to offer configurations for your game. The webclient accepts OOB json data straight off (in that case you have full control over the client so you can of course modify it as fits your game).
12:03 jph- i havent tested out the webclient yet
12:04 i'll add to the list
12:10 Griatch jph-: Since Evennia is its own webserver you can certainly update things on a webpage in real-time if you so desire.
12:10 jph- yep
12:10 i've only tried the telnet interface so far
12:11 Griatch Just connect with a web browser, should work out of the box unless you have some remove proxy thing going on.
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12:49 Greymtr Griatch: A little bit of advice.....Many clients [ such as the 'ideal'
12:49 * Tintin++ use a semicolon as an escape character
12:51 Because of this it gets frustrating to use aliases for @create, @open, @dig and @name.......
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13:02 owlwork did freenode just sneeze?
13:03 AlanDill maybe it is allergic to owls
13:04 owlwork Prolly. Aren't we all?  :[
13:04 AlanDill yes, but mostly its worth the hives and itchiness
13:04 owlwork :]
13:04 AlanDill hiya Owl
13:04 owlwork HEY ALLLAN
13:05 AlanDill I'm a bit concerned that your keyboard will run out of L's
13:07 * Greymtr goes to the Evennia homepage and is surprised. He says "When did this happen ?"
13:07 owlwork It's not possible to exceed three
13:07 anyway
13:08 I can proudly say that I recently managed to do my very first python script that actually interact with my daily life
13:09 have rigged my house with Rpi's + five 1wire sensors whose results are read and processed by an equally self-constructed as trivial but functioning python script
13:10 and then published on the web or emailed, depending on the level of relevance
13:10 mighty fun it was
13:10 AlanDill congrats. What do they do?
13:10 I bet it was
13:10 owlwork Radiator/Boiler temperature and humidity mostly
13:12 next step is to get a working OCR reading of old boiler display into the script
13:13 AlanDill optical character recognition?
13:13 owlwork Yes, sir
13:14 AlanDill so just an image capture.
13:14 owlwork I do.
13:14 AlanDill then you don't need to deal with the whole image, just some key points to assess what numbers?
13:14 owlwork oh
13:14 Ah
13:15 Now I get what you ment
13:15 AlanDill like if there is no 8 bar, then you know its something else.
13:15 owlwork Not that important really, but fun to solve
13:16 AlanDill depending on the device, you could also patch into the display lines
13:17 owlwork I think so to, according to "those who know" you can not with this display
13:17 >but
13:18 AlanDill agreed, really fun to solve
13:19 owlwork Yes.
13:22 AlanDill you should use some of the data for your mud
13:22 owlwork :D
13:24 I should. Certain temperature levels triggers certain kind of events
13:26 or just generally mess with shit in the background
13:26 love that
13:27 AlanDill even if nobody knows but you, the satisfaction would be great. I am trying to think of a word for that feeling
13:27 owlwork hah
13:27 I live for that wordless feeling, Alan
13:28 the unseen complexity of randomized order
13:29 Greymtr Griatch: the 'hidden' lock now works fine. A small problem I've encountered is that an object with the hidden lock appears in the inventory. So could you just tell me how would I hide objects in the inventory. BTW this is for players to carry around at all time, a sort of multi-purposed tool, only that I don't want it to be seen by the players.
13:29 owlwork But! I won't get carried away here. My focus is now to learn Python. But I write new ideas down almost daily.
13:31 This one is a true balls tickler
13:31 Greymtr Everyone: What are the MUDs you guys are working on ?
13:31 * Greymtr is curious to find out
13:33 owlwork Well, I'm not working on it right now - need to learn the basics of Python first. ;)
13:33 AlanDill Greymtr: you could use a second inventory of sorts for hidden items
13:34 Greymtr AlanDill: good idea , hadn't thought of that but how would I go about doing that ?
13:34 AlanDill owl: haha@ball tickler
13:34 owlwork But I can't wait to get going again!
13:35 I want to be able to code a spreading fire/disease. The day I know how to do it I will continue.
13:35 ;]
13:35 AlanDill Greymtr: jsut duplicate the inventory code, and when something is picked up, place it in either, according to its invisibility attributes
13:35 owl! Why didn't you say so!
13:36 owlwork Say what?
13:36 AlanDill you mean like a trail of gunpowder in a sense?
13:36 something that will spread room to room?
13:37 owlwork YES
13:37 AlanDill nope. its impossible. :)
13:37 owlwork haha
13:38 Bullsoup!

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