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01:34 ruchgrajo grungies: The easiest way to view the db is via the admin interface, which is linked to on the page you get at http://localhost:8000 (or equivalent)
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03:11 Volund woooooooo
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05:36 Volund now to try and remember what method it was that runs when something's instantiated into memory
05:43 there we go. at_init()
05:43 * Volund sets some code that will force these handlers to be instantiated and thus, do their thing in the proper order
06:01 works on a StatHandler
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06:45 Volund
06:45 :D
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07:32 Volund internally, there's 'Stats' which are things like Attributes and Skills, universal to all characters and always in existence. then there's CustomStat, which covers things like Specialties, Styles, Crafts. Then there's Merits (which also covers Flaws, Mutations, Backgrounds, depending on game.) Then there's Advantages - Charms, Disciplines, Gifts, Spells, etc, which I might have to do in a tricky fashion. Lastly, Pools, which are
07:32 exactly what you expect they are.
07:32 they're loaded in this order too, so that when Pools are loaded they can check all of the other stuff. For instance, Exalted pools? There are Charms in Exalted 2e that can modify your maximum Peripheral Essence, and so on.
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