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00:06 allie_madison WOOOOO!
00:07 * allie_madison has gotten one person to say that he's difinitely willing to help. :)
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03:35 ToyKeeper Hmm, I wonder if anyone has implemented Werewolf / Mafia in Evennia.
03:36 allie_madison ?
03:38 ToyKeeper I've seen it done via an IRC bot before...  am just thinking of games which would be easy to set up in a MUSH.
03:42 Kinda want to set up an Evennia server, and make an ubuntu snappy package for it.
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06:15 evenniacode [13ainneve] 15ergodicbreak pushed 2 new commits to 06master: 02
06:15 13ainneve/06master 140a71ceb 15Tino Sering: makes helper functions in world/ more concise
06:15 13ainneve/06master 140cda50e 15George Oliver: Merge pull request #38 from derNarr/master...

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