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01:06 whitenoise anyone doing anything interesting
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01:15 feend78 greetings
01:21 whitenoise hello
01:21 feend78 hey whitenoise, how are things?
01:23 whitenoise fairly good i guess
01:23 i was sick today, but all is well overall
01:24 feend78 good to hear. i'm just back from holiday dinner with the family. probably going to settle in to some work on the race stuff for ainneve tonight
01:24 whitenoise awersome
01:24 awesome
01:25 writing races specific to Ainneve?
01:25 or what
01:25 feend78 oh there's an issue out there that talks about refactoring the code to become a member of a race out to the races module to make it more modular
01:25 whitenoise i've been brainstorming over security software, looking over something like Security Onion for enterprise use, and i've been working on an updated rootkit for linux 3.19
01:25 feend78 so i did that, and am also working on implementing focuses or foci or whatever
01:26 whitenoise huh, ok
01:26 i thought most of that stuff was already in there
01:27 race in ainneve is actually using plugger, which is something that i wrote to assist in packaging things together and exposing specific bits of API to evennia developers.
01:27 feend78 well, there were lists that held the name of the focuses, but nothing that stored the actual bonuses that made it up
01:27 whitenoise ahh, i see, yeah
01:27 feend78 did you have a chance to check out my PR for archetypes and traits?
01:27 whitenoise it's good to have someone actively contributing again.
01:27 i checked out one of them, i may have missed you latest
01:27 s/you/your
01:28 feend78 ah.  i've been discussing it with george, and i think it's ready to merge
01:28 whitenoise yeah i hadn't seen this one, i'm looking at it now
01:28 feend78 i built on the beginnings you had there with the Trait class
01:30 yeah, i feel like you guys really have a good skeleton together already, and enough bread crumbs to follow to get an idea of where you were headed
01:30 whitenoise that's all my goal was, because it was supposed to be a mentorship project.
01:30 feend78 so i'm pretty excited to have a spec/rules to just implement
01:30 whitenoise but i only agreed to lead it with a co-leader, because i tend to figure out how i would do a thing and then not actually implement it fully
01:32 the shift of the traits from the character to the archetype works nicely for the OA rulebook
01:34 feend78 i've been sort of working with the medium term goal of finishing the entire chargen process
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01:35 feend78 the road map for that as i see it is: merge archetypes/traits, refactor/tweak races, implement skills (probably as a separate TraitFactory), implement spells, re-work equipment to be more OA-compliant
01:36 then build an EvMenu routine for the actual chargen process
01:36 whitenoise nice
01:36 EvMenu is definitely the way to go for the chargen
01:36 feend78 i have seen, in some of the discussion in issues and pull requests, some desire to enhance some things to be more like a modern MUD
01:37 but i tend to be of the opinion that we should be fairly true to the OA model, at least as a base
01:38 and anyway, my hope is that once the chargen is done, there will be enough there that we can write up some sort of ainneve builder guide and enlist more folks to build more content
01:38 whitenoise It was my hope to have extra infrastructure in there so people could use Ainneve to take off with their own ideas and/or platforms.
01:39 that, and I was notoriously bad about scope creep because we were using the very basic OA rulebook, and I have been playing RPIs which are quite detailed for the last almost decade.
01:39 so I kept wanting to add detail
01:39 in truth, it should stick exactly to OA...but with the ability in the infrastructure, I think, to do something more.
01:39 feend78 oh, and don't get me wrong, i don't think that a strict OA based mud is necessarily going to be a "fun" game
01:40 whitenoise lol yeah
01:40 feend78 i mean, the only skill progression in the whole system is you get to pick a talent at each level upgrade
01:40 whitenoise i was a bit concerned that if we went barebones basic...we might not even give a good showcase of Evennia's capabilities.
01:40 feend78 and if i read it correctly, beginning Arcanists don't even get to use spells until they get 500 xp. that seems like a problem
01:41 whitenoise I can write something in Evennia in 2 hours that would take me probably multiple days if I were trying to hack it into some C lib from the 90s
01:41 that's not necessarily a problem.
01:41 feend78 but i think that even the bare-bones OA engine could be a good example for a more RP-style game, and get more beginner builders involved in creation
01:41 whitenoise there could either be a lock for experience, or the presence of talent/skill...or you could give them a cast skill at their first level or whateve.r
01:42 feend78 but yeah, just getting this far into it, my mind is starting to swirl with ideas of the game i'd REALLY like to make :)
01:42 whitenoise right
01:42 and therein was my problem as well
01:42 feend78 lol yeah
01:43 whitenoise nice
01:43 you expanded my Traits class quite nicely as well
01:43 feend78 so i guess that's why keeping ainneve as a strict OA implementation is attractive to me. it has the best chance to get a product
01:44 evenniacode_ [13ainneve] 15whitenoiseoss closed pull request #48: reworked Trait class and moved all trait init code to archetypes module (06master...06traits) 02
01:44 feend78 yeah, it was full of good ideas. and i tried to keep that sense of it being a building block for others, not necessarily just ainneve
01:45 woo!! my first merged Ainneve pull request! i feel like i should buy a round for the whole channel
01:45 whitenoise lol
01:45 i thought i merged something else by you before
01:46 feend78 no, there's still #47 out there. it was a tiny change, and should be ready to merge too
01:47 whitenoise looks like george has some comments on it
01:47 he doesn't need me for that anyway
01:47 there's no real architecture to it
01:48 feend78 i submitted one other PR, but i'm re-working it now that I have traits on the character to have items actually do something
01:48 yeah, it's just handy shortcuts
01:50 whitenoise I meant to overhaul the EquipHandler/equip/weapon code...which I did not write.
01:54 feend78 yeah, i agree with your #TODO comments to that effect in the code
01:56 whitenoise what with me doing security research at the moment, i probably won't actually get to it any time soon
01:56 feend78 i was at least planning to try and fix some of the things that didn't make sense to me in there along with creating starter equipment
01:57 but if you're available to at least bounce ideas off of or discuss things in issues or PRs, i think that'd be ideal
01:59 but i'm totally okay if there's any aspect of the code base that you want to do personally too
02:00 but in general, i'm having a blast working on ainneve so far, and will happily plug away at it for the foreseeable future
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