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00:01 anish build requests are shared, iirc so I would think yes
00:02 but I have not personally tried it, so take it with a grain of salt
00:03 though, you only attach a slave to one master
00:03 so maybe not
00:04 robinsalkeld I haven't tried it but I expect I can get the second master to trigger a build, but the web UI makes it look like the build would never run
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03:15 KeiKun lol im soo outdated with buildbot ... :3
03:29 Varriount Is there any easy/reasonable way to remotely run python code sent from master onto the slave?
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04:07 bb-trac [trac] #3009/defect (v:0.8.9) created by bgilbert (MultipleFileUpload fails on relative source paths)
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07:51 benallard Varriount: No, there isn't.
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07:52 bb-github [13buildbot] 15benallard comment on issue #1327: Ok, fine. Let's do it that way. 02
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07:55 benallard robinsalkeld: I don't believe the slave's state is shared between master, so no. The web UI will only show you what it knows locally + the db, (which is, in older version, not much).
07:55 But it should be possible to try it and see it by yourself, right ?
09:01 kfunk Varriount: I've once had a step that sent base64-encoded python scripts to the slave.
09:01 worked out fine, but I think I no longer have the code snippet
09:01 or let me check
09:04 Varriount: btw, there is
09:05 Varriount: I no longer have my implementation, sorry. but I guess the trac report already helps you implement your own
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09:08 bb-github [13buildbot] 15benallard comment on issue #1327: Let's review that one again !... 02
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09:10 benallard Varriount: You have to know that it will be a big dfference if you intend to run it as external script or to call it directly from your slave's code. The former works like any other script. The latter is strongly discouraged, hence the lack of support for it.
09:12 sa2ajj_ benallard: travis fails on your last update
09:12 benallard sa2ajj_: again ?
09:13 sa2ajj_ looks like it
09:13 benallard ouch ...
09:13 hmm, big time ... looking  into it ...
09:20 bb-trac [trac] #3000/task (closed) updated by sa2ajj (Thank you, Dustin.)
09:21 [trac] FightingSpam edited by sa2ajj (empty comment)
09:22 [trac] #3005/defect (new) updated by sa2ajj (Amar, could you please document the change you did?)
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09:43 bb-github [13buildbot] 15tardyp comment on pull request #1327 14b6f682d: The coding style for such tests is usually... 02
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09:44 bb-github [13buildbot] 15tardyp comment on issue #1327: The tests are failing, and I think previous had some pep8 issues ... 02
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09:47 bb-github [13buildbot] 15benallard comment on pull request #1327 14b6f682d: I thought we wanted to catch '' as False ! What would it means to set a logfileName to ';' otherwise ? 02
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09:47 bb-github [13buildbot] 15benallard comment on pull request #1327 14b6f682d: I mean I intentionnaly not checked for None, but leaved it open. 02
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09:50 bb-github [13buildbot] 15tardyp comment on pull request #1327 14b6f682d: Then we need to document it. ... 02
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10:11 bb-github [13buildbot] 15benallard comment on pull request #1327 14b6f682d: :+1: for documenting '' as False. (BTW, I had completely forgot to add your entry in the doc ...) 02
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10:12 bb-github [13buildbot] 15tardyp comment on pull request #1327 14b6f682d: ok 02
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10:26 benallard Did I mentionned that my SVNPoller is not doing anything anymore for three days now ?
10:27 In the config, it's being mentionned as "adding one ChangeSource", but further nothing ...
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10:44 sa2ajj_ yes, you did
11:34 benallard Travis likes suspense ...
11:37 sa2ajj_ it does indeed :)
11:37 but 1742.4 is green, so there's a good chance everything is fine :)
11:38 benallard Finally ...
11:39 Does :bb:msg: means something to you ? (in the doc)
11:40 sa2ajj_ only something
11:40 i believe the intention was to document all the mq events with this
11:40 however its use is inconsistent and minimal :)
11:41 benallard For event, there is a :bb:event:, or is it for something else ?
11:41 * sa2ajj_ hmms
11:41 sa2ajj_ probably bb:msg should be gone then.
11:42 benallard "Message schema" (from docs/bbdocs/ext)
11:42 sa2ajj_ yes, that's what i just read as well :)
11:42 but it's only used in one place
11:43 benallard And at that one place, it's generating warning ...
11:43 sa2ajj_ yep
11:44 benallard Fromn the docs page ... how do I go the the index ??? (where is the link ?)
11:45 sa2ajj_ at the top level there's a list of indices, i believe
11:45 * benallard can't find it ...
11:45 sa2ajj_ e.g. under 'indices and tables'
11:46 benallard Ok, so you have to click on the Buildbot logo, and then on the indices and tables link ...
11:46 sa2ajj_ hmm...
11:46 looks that way
11:46 i'm not a big user of indices
11:46 so this did not "hit" me before :)
11:47 benallard I just wanted to see what's listed under the "Message schema" !
11:47 the answer is: there is no such listing ...
11:48 sa2ajj_ maybe, i could move 'indices and tables' to a separate top-level page, then it will appear in the left menu
11:49 benallard We do extensive use of indices ... They're quite good actually !
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11:52 bb-github [13buildbot] 15sa2ajj closed pull request #1327: Re-instore web logging into http.log (06master...06http.log) 02
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11:52 bb-github [13buildbot] 15sa2ajj pushed 6 new commits to 06master: 02
11:52 13buildbot/06master 140fd1d2e 15Benoît Allard: Re-instore web logging into http.log
11:52 13buildbot/06master 1488b43b9 15Benoît Allard: Document the new www config parameters
11:52 13buildbot/06master 148d5a674 15Benoît Allard: Add just enough Faking so that the test pass
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11:52 benallard Oh, but that one :bb:msg: should actually become a :bb:event: !
11:53 Thanks for merging !
11:53 sa2ajj_ no worries :)
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11:55 bb-github [13buildbot] 15sa2ajj opened pull request #1328: Indices as top level (06master...06indices-as-top-level) 02
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12:03 bb-trac [trac] #3006/defect (closed) updated by sa2ajj ((I wonder why this ticket is not automatically closed, probably related to changes ...)
12:08 benallard The doc is not building in my environment ... warnings that are treated as errors with :option: stuff ...
12:11 sa2ajj_ what doc? my latest update? or the current master?
12:22 benallard both, your update, but it's nowhere near to what you changed.
12:23 I believe I'm using an extraordinary new sphinx ...
12:23 sa2ajj_ what version?
12:23 benallard 1.3b1
12:23 sa2ajj_ oh, mine is 1.1.3
12:23 benallard virtualenv rulez !
12:24 sa2ajj_ sometimes
12:24 benallard Good. time to eat. brb.
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12:43 bb-trac [trac] #3005/defect (new) updated by verm (I upgraded trac and pygit.  I will look into it this morning.)
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13:02 bb-github [13buildbot] 15benallard opened pull request #1329: Make the doc build with newer Sphinx version (1.3b1) (06master...06newer_sphinx) 02
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13:35 bb-github [13buildbot] 15sa2ajj comment on issue #1329: So now they require `--` for an option name...  Good to know. 02
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13:38 bb-github [13buildbot] 15benallard comment on issue #1329: --, -, / or +... 02
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13:39 bb-github [13buildbot] 15sa2ajj pushed 2 new commits to 06master: 02
13:39 13buildbot/06master 14a8da165 15Benoît Allard: Make the doc build with newer Sphinx version (1.3b1)
13:39 13buildbot/06master 1491c8db7 15Mikhail Sobolev: Merge pull request #1329 from benallard/newer_sphinx...
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13:39 bb-github [13buildbot] 15sa2ajj comment on issue #1329: Thanks, it's good to be a bit of ahead of breaking changes :) 02
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13:57 bb-github [13buildbot] 15tardyp comment on issue #1328: :+1:  02
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14:08 bb-github [13buildbot] 15benallard opened pull request #1330: Sphinx warning in extension (06master...06sphinx_warning) 02
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14:08 bb-trac [trac] #2998/defect (new) updated by Ben (Handled by GH-1330)
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14:12 bb-github [13buildbot] 15benallard comment on issue #1328: looks good ! 02
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14:36 bb-trac [trac] #3005/support-request (closed) updated by verm (This was caused by DNS resolving being broken.  Part of the spam checking is to look ...)
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14:48 bb-github [13buildbot] 15benallard comment on issue #1330: And Travis is happy ! 02
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15:42 bb-trac [trac] #3005/support-request (closed) updated by dustin (Thanks!    Just to belabor the point, automating system configuration would have ...)
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15:59 benallard Guys, I will need some hint to start debugging why my SVNPoller stopped polling for three days, and does not bother polling again even if I restart my master ... I'm sure I didn't changed anything to its configuration (was one of the first things to work), I did changed things around, don't really know what though ...
16:00 I'm away now, but I'll read the logs.
16:03 bb-trac [trac] #3005/support-request (closed) updated by verm (Replying to [comment:6 dustin]:  > Thanks!  >   > Just to belabor the point, ...)
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16:42 bb-trac [trac] #3010/support-request (v:) created by sa2ajj (Trac does not seem to update git related information)
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16:46 bb-trac [trac] #3010/support-request (new) updated by verm (This was supposed to have been fixed in the version I updated.  I had heard it was ...)
16:51 verm__ oh, it's an unrelated problem
16:51 wtf
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16:53 bb-github [13buildbot] 15sa2ajj pushed 3 new commits to 06master: 02
16:53 13buildbot/06master 14e137111 15Benoît Allard: Transform a print into real warning
16:53 13buildbot/06master 14ab98da5 15Benoît Allard: Fix an old error that just became a nasty warning
16:53 13buildbot/06master 1493a5102 15Mikhail Sobolev: Merge pull request #1330 from benallard/sphinx_warning...
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16:58 bb-github [13buildbot] 15sa2ajj pushed 2 new commits to 06master: 02
16:58 13buildbot/06master 1438d595b 15Xavier Delannoy: IRCContact use the DATA API
16:58 13buildbot/06master 14918e6c0 15Mikhail Sobolev: Merge pull request #1323 from delanne/IRCContact...
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16:59 bb-github [13buildbot] 15sa2ajj comment on issue #1323: (Oops) 02
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16:59 bb-github [13buildbot] 15sa2ajj comment on issue #1323: We probably will need to take it from here (new PRs), I somehow misread the comments. 02
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17:00 bb-trac [trac] #2124/defect (new) updated by sa2ajj (empty comment)
17:02 sa2ajj benallard_: delanne: sorry about a mishup, but i do not dare to revert the pr
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17:04 benallard_ sa2ajj: sure not ? just revert the merge commit, can’t that be done ?
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17:04 djmitche it gets tricky
17:05 benallard_ about tha PR, do we store column content as json at other places ? (beside the properties, which are a case apart …)
17:05 sa2ajj yes, it can be done. i did it in the past :)
17:08 when i said "i do not dare to revert the pr", i mean "i do not know how pr revert works", but manually i can revert the merge commit.
17:08 the thing is delanne would have to submit a new PR, i think
17:09 djmitche it'd need to be rebased past the revert, yeah
17:09 so new PR
17:09 sa2ajj ok, then i'll clean up the mess? :)
17:09 djmitche :)
17:09 * djmitche will get you a mop
17:10 * sa2ajj might need one
17:10 . o O (or two??)
17:10 verm__ sigh this is such a pain so many changes
17:10 the github hook is fixed now
17:10 redelivering everything
17:11 bb-trac [trac] #597/defect (closed) updated by Jonas Pommerening <> (In [changeset:"ee66055bf1d41fa9​f7912ad5b598cd873e26f1b7"]: {{{ ...)
17:11 [trac] #3006/defect (closed) updated by Mikhail Sobolev <> (In [changeset:"4809a9b4e7db49fc​e748685b352ec95718f41ca5"]: {{{ ...)
17:12 [trac] #2998/defect (closed) updated by Mikhail Sobolev <> (In [changeset:"93a510238e38a346​ffb42355aafb5899b5aaa354"]: {{{ ...)
17:12 [trac] #2714/task (new) updated by Mikhail Sobolev <> (In [changeset:"918e6c0a62ab524f​5177f0cb59c127698fc2c04c"]: {{{ ...)
17:12 sa2ajj yay! :)
17:14 djmitche :D
17:14 bb-trac [trac] #3010/support-request (closed) updated by verm (Alright so that wasn't the problem it appears the bug has been fixed.    The issue ...)
17:17 sa2ajj djmitche: i'm not very much inclined to merge own prs :)  can you have a look at ?
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17:26 bb-github [13buildbot] 15sa2ajj pushed 1 new commit to 06master: 02
17:26 13buildbot/06master 14c203010 15Mikhail Sobolev: Revert "Merge pull request #1323 from delanne/IRCContact"...
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17:26 djmitche sure
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17:26 bb-github [13buildbot] 15sa2ajj comment on issue #1323: Well, I reverted the PR.... 02
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17:27 djmitche looks good, validating nwo
17:27 *now
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17:30 bb-github [13buildbot] 15djmitche pushed 3 new commits to 06master: 02
17:30 13buildbot/06master 14f09f9f2 15Mikhail Sobolev: make indices list a top level page
17:30 13buildbot/06master 14c4863c5 15Mikhail Sobolev: fix highlighting for the broken code example...
17:30 13buildbot/06master 14b057bbe 15Dustin J. Mitchell: Merge sa2ajj/buildbot:indices-as-top-level (PR #1328)
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17:32 bb-github [13buildbot] 15benallard comment on issue #1323: Hint: Take it as a chance to split your features ! ;) 02
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17:53 bb-meta build #2021 of db-postgres is complete: Failure [4failed 109 tests]  Build details are at[…]tgres/builds/2021  blamelist: Mikhail Sobolev <>, Dustin J. Mitchell <>
17:53 djmitche grr
18:01 bb-trac [trac] #2982/defect (assigned) updated by tardyp (ui-scroll is actually made only for infinite scrolling, and does not allow to jump ...)
18:12 * sa2ajj looks at the trac.ini
18:12 sa2ajj lots of "sensitive" information :(
18:12 djmitche: ^^
18:14 djmitche is it somewhere public?
18:16 sa2ajj no
18:17 but if we wanted to put the config (and i'd be happy to) under some git repo, that'd be very difficult to implement
18:17 djmitche oh, right
18:17 ansible has some means of handling secrets
18:17 we'd sub those in with a template
18:18 sa2ajj yes, it has _some_ way :)
18:18 djmitche in puppet, it's hiera
18:20 sa2ajj do we have any way for a private repository?
18:20 or should we try to proceed w/o it?
18:21 djmitche we could - Github's cheapest plan is $7/mo
18:21 which we could afford for a while :)
18:21 sa2ajj :D
18:21 djmitche my preference is to do some kind of replication of the secrets among servers on the infra, though
18:21 sa2ajj yep
18:21 djmitche although if they're encrypted at rest, putting them on github's not bad
18:22 sa2ajj let's postpone this expense for a while :)
18:22 djmitche yeah
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18:31 bb-meta build #2022 of db-postgres is complete: Success [3build successful]  Build details are at[…]tgres/builds/2022
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18:52 skelly djmitche: yeah, ansible-vault
18:52 I think Fedora has separate internal repositories that are checked out in specific spots with limited permissions
18:56 oh, and there's a lookup method that I've never used but I think is vaguely similar to hiera
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19:07 sa2ajj right, so the config would have to be a template where all sensitive information is in a separate encrypted file
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19:15 djmitche sa2ajj: that's what we do with puppetagain
19:18 sa2ajj impressive :)
19:22 bb-trac [trac] #3004/task (new) updated by sa2ajj (+1)
19:25 sa2ajj freebsd handbook makes a good impression
19:25 djmitche yeah, freebsd is *very* well documented
19:26 sa2ajj maybe i wasted all these years w/ linux?...
19:26 * sa2ajj . o O (rhetorical...)
19:32 djmitche haha.. they all have good bits and bad bits
19:32 except windows, where the good bits remain hypothetical
19:32 skelly it's even better now that you don't have to rebuild world to update
19:32 man I hated those days
19:34 djmitche yeah, binary packages rock
19:34 freebsd-update
19:35 skelly well, packages in FreeBSD are binary builds of ports
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19:35 skelly not at all confusing
19:36 since the base system is just.. base
19:37 sa2ajj some people prefer build everything, those who use linux came out with gentoo :)
19:38 djmitche yeah
19:39 I'd ditch gentoo but it's *so* much easier to get different versions of things installed with gentoo tha nany other linux distro
19:39 anyway, kinda OT, sorry
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21:16 bkuhn Can someone suggest how to start debugging this: there are definitely new changes on the branch I've specified with GitPoller , but I keep getting "gitpoller: no changes, no catch_up"
21:16 ?
21:24 brson joined #buildbot
21:24 tomprince gitpoller only looks at new commits since last time it looked (in a given branch). If it hasn't seen the branch before, it assumes everything is old.
21:25 It doesn't have any kind of cross-branch knowledge.
21:27 bkuhn I think I discovered the problem, I changed the git URL but not the workdir setting.  I noticed the workdir had the wrong thing in .git/config/  Is this a bug I should report or expected behavior?
21:27 Er, to be clearer:
21:28 The git URL of the repository changed (the old URL was rendered completely invalid).
21:28 I changed it to be the correct one in master.cfg, and restarted the buildmaster.
21:28 However, I did nothing with the workdir it was using.
21:28 sboudria_ joined #buildbot
21:28 bkuhn The workdir it was using still had  .git/config pointing to the now-dead URL.
21:29 Is this a bug I should report (i.e., should GitPoller check to see if the URL changed in the config from what it's got in .git/config) ?
21:29 tomprince What version? I don't think new versions actually care about the config at all.
21:29 bkuhn Ah, ok.  I'm using whatever is current in Debian stable (which means "probably old" :)
21:29 * bkuhn checks
21:29 bkuhn 0.8.6p1
21:30 tomprince I think that is probably pre-rewrite.
21:32 So, it is something that is fixed upstream.
21:33 I don't recall, off-hand, how the old poller worked.
21:33 If you delete the workdir, it will start from scratch. You might lose any commits that haven't been built but before it starts polling.
21:34 bkuhn Ok, thanks for your help.... And sorry I'm using an old verison. :)
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21:38 bb-trac [trac] #2979/task (new) updated by sa2ajj (empty comment)
21:38 Varriount benallard: Ah, so having 'support scripts' that the slave calls using python.exe is the way to go?
21:38 benallard_ joined #buildbot
21:39 skelly Varriount: yes
21:42 benallard_ djmitche, sa2ajj: bitbucket has private (git) repositories for free … (/me catching up …)
21:43 djmitche oh, interesting -- how much control do you get over access?
21:44 sa2ajj bitbucket's interface somehow feels clumsy for me
21:44 and personally, while i voiced the topic, i'd rather not go on that path :)
21:45 benallard_ how much control ? I guess it’s team based …
21:45 djmitche really we only need an offsite git repo containing secrets for disaster recovery
21:46 gpg'ing and uploading to s3 periodically would probably be sufficient :)
21:46 benallard_ That’s their way to try to catch-up with github …
21:46 … but git push is so handy !
21:46 bb-trac [trac] #3011/task (v:) created by sa2ajj (List of things for "trac under ansible")
21:47 benallard_ So ansible it is ?
21:47 sa2ajj we do not have a single line of config files yet :)
21:47 fishey2 joined #buildbot
21:47 sa2ajj _but_ from what i read so far (and from personal experience): ansible is easier to start with
21:48 djmitche I'm kinda excited to learn it, too
21:48 fishey2 Hi, I'm seeing exceptions.AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'subscribe' in buildbot/status/ on git master
21:48 djmitche I *might* get some time netxt week -- I'm offsite at an HR training and unlikely to be occupied during the evenings
21:48 sa2ajj we might encounter some quirks later (like i did at my job, but that's quirks everywhere :))
21:48 djmitche fishey2: mail notifier is broken on master :(
21:48 yeah, it's quirks all the way down .. then turtles
21:48 sa2ajj :D
21:49 fishey2 drat.
21:49 bb-trac [trac] #3011/task (new) updated by sa2ajj (empty comment)
21:49 benallard_ fishey2: There is work to do on master. If you’re willing to lend a hand, that’s fine. If you were looking for some stable release, go for the tar balls …
21:50 * benallard_ wish you go for the former :D
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21:55 bb-trac [trac] #3011/task (new) updated by verm (It will be impossible to put trac under Ansible.  FreeBSD ports is far behind on the ...)
21:56 benallard_ So, this was the last time I heard from my SVNPoller:
21:57 Since then, he doesn’t dare trying to poll again (at least, he doesn’t show it in the logs, and there are no new Changes there.)
21:58 sa2ajj do you manage the server or is it somebody else?
21:59 maybe they changed the server configuration?
21:59 there was this recent wave of ssl v3 discussions everywhere (conclusion: disable it)
21:59 benallard_ server works fine, I can force a build
22:00 and the checkout takes the last version.
22:01 sa2ajj so it "polls" but keeps telling "no changes"? or it does not say anything at all?
22:01 re-read you phrase: so it keeps silence
22:01 benallard_ No, he doesn’t polls, or at least, he doesn’t says anything …
22:02 sa2ajj master?
22:02 (branch :))
22:02 benallard_ sure …
22:04 sa2ajj to debug the problem, i would add a print in getProcessOutput function of buildbot/changes/
22:05 this way you'll see if it tries anything at all
22:07 on the other hand, the main function -- poll -- starts w/ a print, so you should see at least 'SVNPoller: polling ...'
22:07 benallard_ I don’t …
22:07 sa2ajj interestingly, in the log snippet you have 'polling OpenVAS' and 'polling None'
22:08 benallard_ I’ll try to start the same master config in another directory
22:08 sa2ajj and it should not (according to the code) produce '... None'
22:08 benallard_ ‘finished polling None’
22:08 sa2ajj oops, yes, _finished_
22:09 bb-trac [trac] #3011/task (new) updated by skelly (Ansible can download the latest release of trac and apply patches. I do the former ...)
22:10 skelly speaking of backing up the secrets, I mention one easy way in that comment: tarsnap
22:11 djmitche yeah, we've got a blu-ray based backup system, so backups are certainly a decent DR strategy
22:12 bb-trac [trac] #3011/task (new) updated by verm (We currently run 12 different plugins and modules.  If someone wants to take this ...)
22:12 verm__ I backup to home right now and burn to DVD, haven't enabled the BR there yet
22:12 just need to slide a disc and and get cracking though!
22:13 djmitche well, no secrets yet, so no hurry :)
22:13 verm__ it's a DL bluray burner so 50G per disk that's more than we need
22:14 * sa2ajj is off for today
22:15 benallard_ Well, starting the same config in another directory starts polling right away !
22:18 skelly verm__: put all the shell commands you use for trac, dump it in a script, and have ansible run that
22:20 benallard_ While on my problematic master setup, it’s been three minutes, and still nothing …
22:20 * benallard_ will open an issue …
22:25 bb-trac [trac] #3012/defect (v:master) created by Ben (SVNPoller gets stuck.)
22:25 fishey2 benallard_: unfortunately, I need things to kind-of-work. I was just hoping to grab something newer than 0.8.9 to get fixes to some of the git handling issues (needing extra --force's)
22:27 benallard_ fishey2: ‘kind-of-work’ can be defined in multiple ways !
22:29 I know that there are other people interested in the MailNotifier. I hope it’s a question of weeks, maybe less if you help !
22:30 g’night everyone.
22:31 benallard_ joined #buildbot
22:32 DOS622 joined #buildbot
22:36 jaredgrubb joined #buildbot
23:40 KeiKun_ joined #buildbot

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