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00:09 bb-github [13buildbot] 15sa2ajj comment on issue #1487: Right.  I believe you need to update txgithub package (since it's OK to run Buildbot without it, txgithub package does not have a proper versioned dependency). 02
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03:12 anish has anyone ever tried spinning up vm on demand via a buildslave ?
03:12 I normally run buildslave inside their own vms, but I'm hitting resource limits
03:20 skelly as in, every buildslave is a new VM just for that buildslave?
03:20 or the buildslave starts the VMs for some purpose?
03:32 anish every buildslave is in a new VM
03:33 I'm compiling kernel modules against a bunch of distros
03:33 + utils
03:33 so I need the corresponding toolchain/sources etc as well each time
03:36 maybe the real question can be can I spin up a buildslave on demand as well
03:38 skelly yes
03:38 latent buildslaves
03:38 there's support for ec2, openstack, libvirt, and docket
03:38 docker
03:39 it isn't too hard to add support for a custom virtualization environment
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03:53 sergiodj hey, again.  any easy way to do only one build per builder (i.e., non-parallel builds in the same builder)?
04:08 anish skelly: oh sweet, will look itup
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04:25 djmitche sergiodj: locks should help
04:28 sergiodj djmitche: I tried using canStartBuild (return not builder.building)...  let's see if that works
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10:33 delanne seems to be down
10:33 (got a nginx error)
10:34 anish iirc, it's been down for a while, no ?
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11:25 sa2ajj again :(
11:27 my fault
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11:36 * sa2ajj needs to find a way to correctly test before deployment :/
11:40 Jc2k sa2ajj: what kind of a failure was it? could you deploy to a parallel virtualenv/config setup and run "checkconfig" before deploying for reals?
11:41 maybe throw some nagios at it
11:41 ?
11:42 sa2ajj yes, checkconfig needs to be performed
11:43 we do not have nagios yet
11:43 we are in process of at least having this managed automatically
11:43 and it successfully installed a bad config and then failed to start :(
11:44 Jc2k would checkconfig have found it?
11:44 sa2ajj yes
11:45 but!
11:45 Jc2k need a builder that checks master against metabbcfg :)
11:45 sa2ajj yes, probably that's the best + put a status @ github
11:45 Jc2k yes
11:45 sa2ajj re but: when checkconfig would find it, the old config is not available any more
11:46 Jc2k could have a 2nd parallel pre-deploy environment on metabb box - different virtualenv, different buildbot.cfg. just to run checkconfig. deploy to env a, then env b
11:47 sa2ajj it's a bit complicated and needs focus on that. there's a number of tickets i'd like to have addressed before that
11:59 bb-trac [trac] #3174/task (v:) created by sa2ajj (make ansible playbook for keeping metabbotcfg up to date detect errors)
12:00 sa2ajj Jc2k: so the ticket above is to make sure it's not forgotten :)
12:00 bb-trac [trac] #3174/task (new) updated by sa2ajj (Relevant exchange on ...)
12:31 anish wow is really slick
12:32 though looks like the buildslaves tab is still WIP ?
12:32 is there going to be an easy upgrade path from 0.8 to 0.0 ?
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14:14 sa2ajj anish: there was a discussion about this on buildbot-devel list
14:15 since some things were drastically changed (e.g. data api), it seems difficult to provide a smooth upgrade path...
14:20 bb-trac [trac] #2460/enhancement (assigned) updated by sa2ajj (The main part is done, the rest is not that major (and part of that activity is to ...)
14:21 [trac] #3100/task (closed) updated by sa2ajj (PR was merged, but later some problems were found (and #3174 was created).)
14:27 varun Hi guys, how to install buildbot-www ? Getting errors while following documentation[…]cking-quick-start
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14:31 varun even tried python install inside www/base but everything is throwing up error 'buildbot/www/base/node_modules/.bin/gulp' failed with exit status 8
14:33 sa2ajj gimme a sec
14:33 (i need to review that docs :))
14:35 varun: that exit status 8 is the only error you get?
14:35 i recently installed it exactly the way it's described in the docs you mentioned
14:36 varun sa2ajj: yes, if i run python install then exit status 8, and with 'make frontend', status 1 and 8 both
14:37 * sa2ajj hmms
14:37 sa2ajj lemme try to install it in a sandbox
14:38 varun or maybe it's some archlinux specific thing
14:38 Installed the nodejs official package from arch repo
14:39 sa2ajj it shouldn't be
14:39 as long as node and npm are available, it installs (i'm doing it on my debian laptop, and i recently did it on freebsd 10.0)
14:40 my suggestion would be to check for www package (actually, pkg/) and see what commands are executed and do that manually (hopefully, output would be more informative)
14:42 varun: it just successfully finished on my debian laptop
14:42 varun :(
14:43 pkg got installed successfully earlier, how can i check the commands getting exectued ?
14:44 sa2ajj as far as i see in pkg/buildbot_pkg: 'npm install; `npm bin`/gulp prod'
14:44 from www/base
14:46 varun sa2ajj: ok, got it. It's interesting :)
14:46 sa2ajj what is? :)
14:47 varun debugging from source
14:47 sa2ajj i'm sorry you have to do this :(
14:48 varun :)
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15:41 sa2ajj varun: when you succeed, could you please share your findings? so i could either update the instructions or the frontend target or both...
15:43 varun sa2ajj: sure
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18:57 bb-github [13buildbot] 15sa2ajj comment on issue #1502: @jaredgrubb do you think it will be mergeable by this weekend? 02
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