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15:44 passstab hi
16:59 apotheon, is there supposed to be a meeting now?
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18:05 passstab hi q66
18:06 vijaikumar hey passstab :)
18:06 Are you a grad student?
18:06 q66 hi
18:17 passstab vijaikumar, no
18:17 apotheon passstab: Stuff has been going on lately, so I didn't announce/schedule a meeting.
18:17 I'm here for a bit, though.
18:17 passstab oh, ok
18:18 i thought they were every week
18:18 apotheon They had been, but since November things have been a bit less stable in my schedule.
18:19 . . . and I kinda ran into a wall in terms of how much could be accomplished in meetings, anyway.
18:19 passstab i don't have anything in particluar to say, just trying to get involved with TCI again
18:19 apotheon passstab: Feel free to treat this like an informal meeting, though, if you have questions, suggestions, et cetera.
18:19 okay
18:19 passstab sure
18:20 apotheon, have you ever tried to promote copyfree through interviews?
18:21 i feel like there are a lot of podcasts that might be worth contacting
18:31 apotheon passstab: I've never done anything like that.
18:34 passstab apotheon, what do you think of the idea?
18:34 apotheon Seems like it might be beneficial.
18:35 Unfortunately, I would need some interview practice, which probably requires A) people being interested in what I have to say enough to interview me and B) them being friendly to the ideas so I'm not dealing with being put on the defensive by an ideological attacker in early interviews.
18:36 . . . plus, I'm kinda introverted, and get frustrated in many types of verbal exchanges (especially when they're confrontational).
18:36 Textual interviews would be better at first, I'm sure.
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18:49 passstab i was thinking of outlets that are somewhat sympathetic
18:49 such as the bsd podcasts
18:50 but you are probably right that a text interview would better suit you
18:52 I'll see if i can find a good place to start
18:53 pursuing either a libretarian or BSD media outlet
18:53 apotheon, have you ever considered toastmasters?
18:57 neh, i guess you have a diffrent issue then me
19:16 Lee- If you have a friendly outlet, you could ask them to give you a list of questions ahead of time so you can prepre
19:16 prepare
19:18 passstab does anyone have any outlets in mind?
19:23 apotheon passstab: Toastmasters is not something that would suit me well.
19:24 passstab yes, sorry, i was projecting my problems :P
19:24 apotheon passstab: I can stand in front of people and talk pretty well.  I don't get stage fright or anything like that.  I can convince a room full of people I'm an extrovert if I have to.
19:24 . . . because I analyze everything to death, for the most part, and part of that has been ongoing analysis of how to interact with others in various circumstances.
19:24 I just have some problem areas.
19:25 I'd need to experience the interview thing enough to get a good internal sense of it through analysis, and doing so by trial and error when trying to represent the copyfree policy and community could be disastrous for marketing purposes if the "error" part went badly.
19:25 PR is unforgiving, that way.
19:26 Lee-: Yeah, that might help.
19:27 This is, I'm pretty sure, one of the (many) reasons I'm bad at getting jobs the traditional way: one gets no nuanced feedback from things like resume submission and interviewing.  It's basically just pass/fail, despite the fact the whole process is pretty complex with a lot of interacting parts.
19:27 With more nuanced feedback from actual employers, I'd probably have this licked by now -- or at least know why I couldn't ever have it licked without compromising principles.
19:27 I have suspicions, but no concrete evidence.
19:30 Lee- I don't listen to podcasts, so i haven't a clue what's out there.
19:31 maybe you should just have a conversation with someone via skype (recorded without your knowledge) and then edited to sound like an interview
19:31 completely unrelated. would you like to talk to me on skype about copyfree?
19:32 lol
19:35 apotheon Lee-: funny
19:35 I would, perhaps, except for one thing: Skype is annoying as shit.
19:43 I should ease my way into painful VOIP crap, I think, rather than just diving in head-first.
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21:09 passstab maybe mumble would be sufficient?
21:10 i need to go
21:11 I'll try to find a site that does text interviews, tho maybe just writing articles makes more sense.
21:11 apotheon, Lee-, thanks for the chat :)
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