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06:01 cyberking joined #copyfree
08:43 cyberking
10:44 cgt cyberking: what the hell?
13:17 lmartin92 joined #copyfree
14:59 apotheon cyberking: What the fuck is that about?
15:02 Oh, crap, I think it's a Zen Cart vulnerability exploit that yielded those.
15:03 cgt Those jerks
15:09 apotheon Many of the DB names have "zencart" or "zcN" (N = a number) in them.
15:11 Well . . . don't buy anything from those sites for a while, I guess.  If someone uses the provided credentials to insert a script into those sites to collect credit card numbers, yours could end up on a list sold to a bunch of people.
15:12 . . . and if you've already bought something from them, I suppose your credit card number might be in one of those databases, which means someone might already have it.
15:12 Le sigh.
15:16 tinyhippo joined #copyfree
17:35 apotheon joined #copyfree

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