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02:13 zacts nice
02:13 apotheon: I want to do the music synth overtone for clojure
02:58 zacts joined #copyfree
04:28 apotheon zacts: I *just* heard about overtone for the first time last night at a Clojure presentation.
04:29 zacts: Have you checked out Pure Data?
04:29 zacts: I played around with it a couple years back.  It seems *awesome*, and it's copyfree.
04:29 I should double-check to make sure it's on the works list.
04:40 zacts: Ah, yes, here we go.
04:40 It was already there.
05:36 I just added Io, Jasmine.Io, and Overtone to the works list:
05:43 zacts-pi joined #copyfree
09:30 oblongata joined #copyfree
19:21 zacts joined #copyfree
19:26 zacts I've vaguley heard of pure data, but looking at it closely, it looks way awesome
19:26 apotheon: ^
19:27 apotheon That's only because it *is* awesome.
19:27 ahem

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