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21:01 libman Does anyone here use keybase?  I have it, but I never had anyone to chat with there.
21:03 Also, is a viable forum for serious public CI discussion?  I remember hearing that the CI email mailing list is no longer living, not sure exactly.
21:04 apotheon I have it.
21:04 The mailing list is kinda dead.
21:04 libman Did you get my "testing..." message via keybase?
21:05 apotheon I'll check.
21:05 I don't actually check email very often these days
21:06 libman I'm too broke to afford web hosting just now, and it was time for me to quit piggybacking off a "free for 501c3 orgs" account I had.  I decided to take advantage of AWS S3 free tier to keep some files up, but then ragequit Amazon.
21:07 So now I'm pondering if I can use CloudFlare + for 10GB free static hosting.  ;-)
21:07 apotheon So . . . about DVCS issues . . . if you're talking about just discussing works list stuff, sure, that's a good place for now.  If you're talking about more general things, I should probably set up something.
21:09 libman Would discussing LLVM/Clang re-licensing and copyfreedom of various language ecosystems fit within the definition of "works list stuff"?
21:09 apotheon I can do that "soon", in fact, but not likely today.
21:09 I'd probably set up a Fossil repository with issues, wiki, and so on.
21:10 I think that might better fit a more general CI organizational DVCS repository.
21:10 I'm on my work computer right now, which is not really a good place to try to set that up, though.
21:10 libman I finally quit my bash addiction, yaay.  I gave zsh yet another try, but ran away in horror again.  So I decided to stick to mksh.
21:12 apotheon What's wrong with Zsh that isn't wrong with Bash?
21:24 libman It's all a matter of habit I guess.  I've used bash for most of the past quarter century (when on Unix), and I occasionally used a korn shell.  tcsh and zsh - can't teach an old dog new tricks.
21:24 Not that I'm competent at shell scripting, mind you.  Always new surprises.
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23:12 libman I write shell scripts for my own use only (as implied by repo name "crap") so portability doesn't matter.
23:13 Escaping variables for SQLite with X=${X//'/''} is less ugly than X=`echo $X | sed "s/'/''/g"`
23:14 Actually nevermind, bad example.
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