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00:31 libman joined #copyfree
00:32 libman Fuck, I'm still alive.
00:33 Or in hell.  Time passes, but nothing changes.  With me at least.  But I noticed is back online.  Progress.
00:35 Biggest copyfree news of the year, as far as I know, is Dlang license change.  A serious competitor for Nim among sane copyfree languages.
00:37 One idea is to have sub-groups based on language ecosystem, like a Python Liberation Front trying to hack together a copyfree stdlib to use with PyPy or MicroPython.
00:39 It can use Hoppean Snake Memes image aesthetics for a logo  --
00:40 (Bah, bad link.  Use $searchEngine if needed.)
02:10 apotheon There would need to be enough active people in one group to constitute a group long before splitting things up into subgroups.
02:11 I'd guess you're talking about "no step on snek" for the PLF logo (which, by the way, is a very unfortunate initialism, considering it matches the Palestinian Liberation Front).
02:37 libman It's a catch-22.  You need to catch people's attention first.
02:38 Anyway, I only bring this up to see if you think a Copyfree Python is a possibility worth looking into (since I like to offload all license analysis onto your mighty shoulders).
02:40 Also, I'm curious if you need any help abducting the relatives and loved ones of Crystal-lang developers and torturing them with an oscillating saw until they agree to a license change.
02:40 (That was an example of a "yes or no question", BTW.)
03:34 apotheon There is a copyfree Python, called PyPy.
03:35 As for the Crystal questoin: No, thank you.
03:35 I don't plan to abduct-and-torture anyone, in fact, so I wouldn't need much help, though I appreciate the sentiment.
03:51 s/questoin/question/
03:51 (That was not actually an example of a question at all, by the way.  It was a statement of curiosity.)
04:26 libman Technically yes, but if I had asked it in the form of a question, it would be a question, and your observation doesn't affect my point (which is in reference to your "yes or no" question you once asked me).
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04:48 apotheon libman: I don't recall whatever specific "yes or no" question you might mean that I asked you.
04:49 libman: . . . unless it was about whether you would agree to not go around posting people's casual conversation in ##copyfree into some permanent record somewhere.
05:03 Well . . . bedtime.  G'night.
05:44 libman Another random thought: CI could issue "awards" (like TIOBE's "language of the year").  The most copyfree language package ecosystem, the most copyfree OS base, etc.
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