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09:16 branko Morning
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17:31 rsFF hey im trying to wrap a snippet of code
17:31 but its line wrapping
17:31 how can i make it so that it shows correctly?
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18:46 benjaoming rsFF: can you be a bit clearer? You're trying to wrap code, you say it's wrapping, what's the problem? :)
19:35 rsFF benjaoming -
19:35 as you can see
19:35 the lines are wrapping
19:35 the addiotnal field line...
19:35 additional
19:37 benjaoming ah yes, well that's a CSS thing, but you could go and make an Issue requesting default code blocks to be non-wrapped and instead have scrollbars?
19:38 rsFF the thing is that on my screen it fits perfectly
19:38 without having a scroll bar
19:39 but im okay with scroolbar
19:39 ideally would be liquid layout
19:39 :P
19:49 benjaoming what do you mean, so the wrapping is okay? layout is already fluid if that's what you mean?
19:55 rsFF no i would suggest to stretch the code box
19:55 so that it doenst wrap the text
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21:26 branko 20:55 < rsFF> no i would suggest to stretch the code box
21:26 20:55 < rsFF> so that it doenst wrap the text
21:26 benjaoming: Come on, man, switch to a better client :)
21:37 benjaoming branko: sorry man, I have an IRC bouncer now, I hope it's doing fine!!
21:38 Also, regarding the demo server, I've installed a lot of logging and firewall stuff that should keep it more responsive, i.e. less troubled by bots and spammers
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21:42 benjaoming branko: ok, had to restart the irc bouncer, but now it should be absolutely fine and stable.. no more of disconnects and reconnects, promise :)
21:42 branko Oh, right, I forgot we have IRC logs now :)
21:42 I wish the days were longer than 24 hours...

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