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11:05 benjaoming jluttine: thanks! :)
11:05 how's your deployment of django-wiki working out? are you on master or 0.0.23 ?
11:06 jluttine benjaoming: on master, unit tests work and deployment works
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11:07 travis-ci django-wiki/django-wiki#497 (master - f380852 : benjaoming): The build is still failing.
11:07 Change view :[…]15...f380852a5c12
11:07 Build details :[…]i/builds/38915618
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11:07 benjaoming jluttine: that's really nice to know. i'm trying to get time off work to finish a release.. it's really helpful to know that people's deployments of the master are working... makes the decision to release it a lot easier :)
18:58 jluttine benjaoming: if i happened to have enough time and skill, what would be helpful contributions?
20:14 benjaoming jluttine: I would think that getting the 0.0.24 finished would be the bomb!! if you read through the drafted release notes, they should give a sense of the plan... but generally speaking, the plan is to roll out a functional 0.0.24 that does not support django 1.7 and then start working on 0.1 after that.
20:14 draft release notes are here.... http://django-wiki.readthedocs[…]elease_notes.html
20:15 I think the main work lies in getting Travis lights turn green and to test a migration from 0.0.23
20:16 *making Travis lights turn green
20:16 i'm totally available on IRC and to read through PRs and give input

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