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01:04 Audioburn joined #django-wiki
01:19 Audioburn how do I override django-wiki settings
01:20 benjaoming, are you there
01:20 I am wanting to make it so that users by default cannot edit articles, only read
01:20 and I have to approve them manually in the admin
01:21 how do I do this? Already tried WIKI_CAN_WRITE = False in (of my app), that didn't work
01:21 cXhristian, what about you
01:23 ??
01:24 I see that the demo has 'permission denied' when i try to create a new article so obviously there is a way
01:31 please?
01:33 branko?
01:36 Fanthomas90?
01:36 george2?
01:37 what about you noobs?
01:38 george2 dont just randomly ping people bro
01:38 Audioburn ok
01:38 i need help man
01:40 george2 so idle for a while, if somebody knows the answer they'll help you.
01:40 Audioburn do you have the answer and aren't going to tell me because I randomly pinged you?
01:43 george2 no.
01:45 Audioburn o
03:26 Fanthomas90 joined #django-wiki
06:02 Audioburn joined #django-wiki
06:54 Audioburn pls
12:32 benjaoming Audioburn: I normally sleep at 3:20 AM (my time)
12:32 Audioburn ok
12:32 benjaoming Being eager and friendly is cool, being eager and taking other people's assistance for granted is totally uncool
12:33 Audioburn right, sorry
12:34 benjaoming Many people ask questions but don't stick around to help others, if that wasn't the case, getting help would be easier
12:34 Anyways, you need to look at groups and permissions for hierarchies... you pick an article (even the root article) and assign a group write access to the article
12:35 Then ensure that new users are added to that group
12:35 You can use django signals for that.. so when a new User object is created, you add it to your "default wiki group"
12:35 That would be my suggestion for the problem you posted on Github
12:36 Audioburn ohhhhh
12:36 ty man
12:37 benjaoming you're welcome Audioburn, good luck
17:53 Noobs joined #django-wiki

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