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01:35 sevensidedmarble ls
01:35 woops lol
01:37 I've been having some trouble getting pip to install evennia on win10
01:41 well I think I'm just dumb
01:41 I didn't use the -e flag
01:42 I thought the -e flag was related to virtualenvs or something
01:44 now I got the stupid twisted error though
01:47 damnedscholar Can you Pastebin the error?
01:48 I'm running it on Windows 10 without problems.
01:52 sevensidedmarble yes one moment
01:54 I had to solve this before, last time I used windows
01:54 exact same problem, but I don't remember exactly what I did to fix it
01:55 I've been on linux for a while now but the allure of WSL brought me back
01:55 that and the fact that I also love C# and the linux version of mono is a mess
01:55 also I know I have a higher version of c++ then 9.0, that doesn't make sense
01:57 damnedscholar That link goes to a download for Python headers. You have those?[…]ils.aspx?id=44266
01:58 sevensidedmarble oh I thought it just went to the download for the c++ compiler
01:58 I should have read that closer
01:58 I'll try and install them
01:58 damnedscholar It's misleading, yeah.
01:58 I didn't know what it was until I went there.
01:59 sevensidedmarble alright giving the twisted install another shot
02:01 well damn twisted installed fine now atleast
02:01 that error was very misleading at first glance
02:02 I assumed it was wrong because it was telling me I didn't have c++ 9 lol
02:02 thanks damnedscholar
02:05 damnedscholar No problem. :)
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07:36 DiscordBot <Grin> Is there a builtin function for clearing channel logs past a certain timestamp?
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09:47 vincent-lg hi Evennia!
11:01 if you ask me sometimes accessibility goes a bit too far :P .
11:48 e changing the model class and all the field names to db_* without complaining :D .
11:50 hu
11:50 I have a feeling it won't appreciate changing the model class and all the field names to db_* without complaining :D . Even if I do a migration to explain
13:12 drawing ASCII maps of my Hollywood neighborhood, at last :D
15:40 random69831 It seems like EvMenu does a double cmd_at_quit when you hit a custom exit node.
15:41 cmd_on_exit rather
15:49 Running 0.6
15:52 vincent-lg random69831: that's odd. Are your Evmenu in IC mode (on characters)?
15:53 random69831 It's a command on my character, yes.
15:53 I made an exit node that returns None, None and it gives me a double look at the end.
15:54 This is all with default parameters.
15:55 vincent-lg I had this error but actually one look was the cmd_on_exit, the other was just because I was calling a method on the character to look around :P . If you don't do it, or don't make it move... or don't change puppet or whatever, I don't know why it would happen though
15:56 random69831 vincent-lg: The only guess I can make is that the close_menu() in evtable_parse_input and EvMenu.goto are both being called consecutively
15:58 vincent-lg it would be odd indeed, but I'm not even sure I use this command at all. Have you tried to setcmd_on_exit to None?
15:58 random69831 No, but I'm sure it would not do that anymore if I did.
15:59 vincent-lg but perhaps it would still show you the look... but just one this time, not two :D
15:59 if it doesn't show any perhaps you should report the issue
15:59 random69831 No look. I did get a blank line though, presumably from the None text.
16:00 Default quit command gives no blank return line.
16:01 I'll see to getting this example condensed into something that'll fit on an issue
16:15 evenniacode [evennia] RyanStein opened issue #1428: EvMenu custom exit node runs cmd_on_exit twice
16:18 random69831 My workaround right now is to just make the implicit quit command visible with a {"desc": "Exit", "key": "q"} entry.
16:26 vincent-lg ha I believe I understand what you mean
16:40 evenniacode [evennia] RyanStein opened issue #1429: EvMenu exec option behavior does not conform to docs
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18:39 laaph joined #evennia
19:01 Griatch Man, a lot of activity going on in here. :)
19:02 chainsol I know! It's awesome.
19:04 Griatch I can't quite keep up, I see people mention me but it looks like answers are given before I get to it. :)
19:07 evenniacode [evennia] Griatch pushed 1 new commit to devel:
19:07 evennia/devel 59e2e13 Nicholas Matlaga: Class name changes to fix #1424
19:07 [evennia] Griatch commented on issue #1426: Excellent, thanks! I hadn't looked at the website after the latest merge but I can verify it looks better after this fix.
19:14 chainsol Such a silly mistake, my apologies.
19:15 evenniacode [evennia] chainsol commented on issue #1424: Fixed with merge of #1426. I'll be keeping an eye on the class names - we shouldn't run into any breaking changes with the Beta but...To be safe I think we can stay on the Beta.
19:36 chainsol Huh. I can test HTML with unittests, but...That won't help too much.
20:09 evenniacode [evennia] Griatch commented on issue #1429: `exec1` is actually genuinely invalid according to the docs since it is neither a valid node (returning a `text, options` tuple) nor a single string which the documentation for the `exec` does suggest should be possible. So the `exec2` example does indead appear to be inconsistent with documentation. I suspect the
20:09 fault is with docs rather than with code here - since `goto` can now be a c
20:10 laaph joined #evennia
20:11 evenniacode [evennia] Griatch commented on issue #1311: @grungies1138 Are you interested in resolving this?
20:36 jotes joined #evennia
20:36 chainsol Hello again, jotes! How's it going?
20:37 jotes hi. i am still here. i have a question. well, i am blind, and i wouldlike to ask if can evennia handle sounds
20:38 chainsol The webclient could possibly handle sounds, though I don't think it currently does.
20:38 Past that, no, not without some sort of out-of-band support from a specific client.
20:39 jotes so i think i have to make a soundpack if i will publish a mud.
20:39 chainsol If I'm not mistaken, yes, as well as make your game specifically send OOB messages for the client to trigger a sound.
20:40 Griatch might chime in here, since he's the lead and probably knows something I don't, haha.
20:44 jotes also i was just wondering, is there away to add the exits in compass style? because i noticed, that when a description arrives, it doesn't say you can go: west, north, east, etc. but it says bridge #32 etc... after all in the description it says where is a certain object but i think that will be more accessible for blind users, if at the end of a description  you can see: you can go: north.
20:44 chainsol Evennia doesn't, by default, force compass directional exits.
20:44 jotes this is what i saw in the tutorial_world
20:44 chainsol There is a command provided, @tunnel, which forces the use of directionals.
20:45 If you used @tunnel to force directionals, you could override the typeclass to reflect what you want in the end.
20:45 jotes ah so there is @tunnel for that
20:46 i'll make a test just now
20:46 chainsol As-is, Evennia can't easily handle what you describe - you'd need to code it as such.
20:47 The list of exits you see is defined on the Room typeclass, in at_look, if I'm not mistaken.
20:47 Griatch jotes: To answer your question, the webclient cannot at this point play sounds, although it would be pretty simple to make it do so based on sending an OOB command to it.
20:48 chainsol Actually, my mistake, the at_look is on the BaseObject.
20:48 Griatch Since we support GMCP I would think some other MUD clients could probably also be made to play sounds.
20:49 chainsol jotes: And again, another silly mistake - the hook is return_appearance.
20:49 Griatch The display of exits is part of the room's return_appearance.
20:49 Right
20:50 minzkraut heyyyy, I'm looking at[…]#Protocol_support right now... which of those does evennia support?
20:50 (of the protocols)
20:53 chainsol At least basic MCCP, MSSP, MXP, NAWS, and then the basic Telnet protocols, as far as I'm aware.
20:53 minzkraut nvm, should have looked at the config file
20:53 sorry for the disruption ^^
20:54 chainsol No disruption, it's why the IRC is here, haha.
20:55 jotes: If you wanted to accomplish what you've described, you would want to override the Room typeclass' return_appearance hook, and for the exits make it show a list at the end, in the format you wanted.
20:57 Griatch minzkraut: You can also see a summary if you scroll down at[…]nnia-Introduction
21:00 evenniacode [evennia] Griatch commented on pull request #1423 14adc8e: I also think most of these could probably do with a brief example (not strictly necessary but helpful)
21:03 chainsol Griatch: Vincent-lg is working on an Evennia wiki system - do you think it makes sense to use Evennia's lockstring system?
21:03 ( for permissions )
21:03 Or should we use Django's account permission system? Just curious as to your thoughts.
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21:17 jotes when i type @tunnell it says: Until you find some light, there's not much you can do.
21:18 chainsol jotes: Sorry, that's because you're in the tutorial, I'd imagine. I think you're in the room below the bridge?
21:20 jotes don't know, it says, could not view 'dark room cell(#27)'.
21:20 chainsol Yes, you're in the tutorial. You may be able to @tel self=limbo, perhaps.
21:22 jotes i can't unquell my self uff
21:22 chainsol The room you're in replaces your cmdset. I think you'll have to get out of that room.
21:22 jotes how can i exit from there?
21:23 chainsol You have to find a light, I don't recall how offhand.
21:23 I'm waiting to die to the ghost, one second!
21:24 You have to type "search" and then "light" the branch you're given.
21:24 jotes lol, i am blind, how can i do that?
21:24 chainsol Pardon?
21:24 jotes ah ok
21:24 chainsol Then I think you can use @unquell
21:25 You'll be able to @tel 1-limbo
21:25 Then you should be able to use @tunnel. :}
21:27 jotes ok i found the light
21:27 chainsol There you go! Should be able to @unquell and then @tel 1-limbo
21:29 jotes well, i'll come back tomorrow, i'll go to sleep i have school. thanks for the help
21:29 chainsol Sleep well!
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