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00:11 DiscordBot <Tempus Thales> Griatch whats your game?
00:14 <Tempus Thales> @Volund the bot you use to post what people in other muds are talking is which?
07:45 Griatch The jam is closed, now voting can begin:
07:46 Unfortunately there were only 4 entries. I'm a little sad no-one more from Evennia land took part; Evennia is perfect for these kinds of experimental projects. Ah well, maybe next time!
07:46 DiscordBot <Chason> I was going to but got distracted by a shaky beta launch at work unfortunately
07:54 <Xanthia> was too late to the game
09:14 <Sarachaga> I really wanted to but haven't got the skills to really compete now ^^ Hopefully I'll participate next year
09:29 vincent-lg joined #evennia
09:29 vincent-lg hi Evennia!
12:05 DarkSir23 Morning.
12:05 So I'm going through the game jam entries, and I'm...  trying to find something nice to say about the other two web-playable rooms.
14:25 Griatch DarkSir23: I've not looked too close yet
14:36 slackfriarzen <friarzen> I had a great idea for a M.U.L.E type "remote trading game" for the jam, but then work fell on me like a ton of bricks this past month.
14:51 rnmissionrun joined #evennia
15:06 Griatch slackfriarzen: Next year maybe :)
15:08 DarkSir23 So, is the Default command inherited from MuxCommand, or vice versa?
15:14 Nevermind, I r the dumb
15:57 bostrt joined #evennia
16:01 rnmissionrun joined #evennia
16:08 xardion joined #evennia
17:01 SteveG So the Web-Tutorial docs indicate that edits within the template_overrides should take effect immediately. But they don't take effect unless I issue 'evennia reboot'.  Any ideas why this would be the case?
17:17 DarkSir23 No, they won't take effect until a reboot or a reload.
17:18 Cause it builds the django pages on each load.
17:18 SteveG Okay, thanks.  Just making sure I wasn't crazy because the docs state otherwise ;)
17:19 DarkSir23 If you'll send me the link to the page, I'll take a look at it (or someone will), and correct as needed :)
17:19 SteveG[…]wiki/Web-Tutorial
17:19 Second para under "Changing the Front Page's Text"
17:20 vincent-lg back I am, end of the work day
17:21 DarkSir23 I'll leave that for bigger brains than mine, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't work that way anymore.
18:08 DiscordBot <kosmobot> Congrats to Griatch on the game jam entry. I sadly had to eat quite a bit of pie but had a great time!
18:16 <Roo> Any idea how long it will be til there's a working py3 edition of evennia?
18:18 vincent-lg Roo: the develop branch already uses Py3
18:18 so very soon :D . The next release of Evennia will be released for Python 3.7 and it's coming soon
18:27 DiscordBot <Roo> Ok. Thankyou
19:27 slackfriarzen <friarzen> If you are feeling adventurous and are willing to track changes to develop branch (which has been pretty stable, really) I can say it works well.
19:38 vincent-lg I believe Evennia is now rather stable on Py3 yeah, in my opinion anyway. And the hard part of porting has been done. Again, in my opinion :D
19:40 time to go! see you later!
19:49 Griatch kosmobot: Thanks for trying it out! I actually spotted a traceback from your play-through and fixed it now :D
19:49 kosmobot: Please do rate and comment on the entry in the jam too if you have the time.
19:51 ... or are only other participants of the Jam able to rate?
19:51 * Griatch is not sure
19:55 Griatch Looks like everyone can vote :)
20:03 rnmissionrun joined #evennia
20:59 DiscordBot <Xanthia> wow, checked for app updates and this article rolled in on the app store. More than a game: A global team rolls out a dice app for players who are blind.  I've been tossing between moving ahead as fast as possible with my planning for just the sighted and then come around again later for screenreader accessibility, but I think this might be a sign that I should plan for screenreading right
20:59 from the start, or else there might be technical debt or a lot of reworking later on.
21:04 Griatch That's interesting! Yeah, accessibility is important.
22:10 DiscordBot <Roo> A friend of mine makes Braille dice
22:11 <Roo> I've got peototypes
23:04 Volund hzuh
23:47 slackfriarzen <friarzen> there, finally some time to sit down and do evennia stuff.

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