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00:01 DiscordBot <BP-Santo> I started writing some pseudo code comments for my self cause brain is overloaded and I can't write my function no more
00:01 <BP-Santo> Writing actual code is a tommorow problem!
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08:29 Griatch Hi gtaylor
08:29 I don't have notifications on so I don't notice when people join, just happen to see folks in the list :)
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13:59 gtaylor Hi Griatch!
14:13 Griatch gtaylor: How's it rollin'?
14:15 DarkSir23 Oooh, Griatch, is this who I think it is?
14:15 Griatch DarkSir23: Yep, gtaylor is the original creator of Evennia :)
14:15 DarkSir23 Heya, gtaylor!  Thank you :)
14:20 * Griatch is updating docs for 0.9, hoping someone else'll fix Twisted's wheel-distribution problem :/
14:20 is adding the evscaperoom engine to contribs too
14:20 DiscordBot <BP-Santo> Neat neat
14:31 gtaylor Was it 0.9 or the next version that will remove Python 2 support?
14:31 Griatch 0.9.
14:32 Current develop branch is completely Py3.7
14:32 slackfriarzen <friarzen> Griatch: I see you put in a fix for that webclient sessions issue.  Was I close with it being csessid related?
14:33 Griatch slackfriarzen: It was a combination of different things, but yes csessid was indeed involved :)
14:34 slackfriarzen <friarzen> Ok, yeah, I couldn't tell from the commit log if that was the root of the problem or just a secondary cleanup.
14:38 Griatch That one was quite involved as it turned out
14:39 gtaylor What's going on with Twisted wheels?
14:40 slackfriarzen <friarzen> I'm not surprised, the behavior I saw with the csessid was pretty hard to replicate, so I knew it wasn't going to be simple to track down.
14:40 <friarzen> Gtaylor, nice to meet you, and thanks. :)
14:41 gtaylor friarzen: well met and thanks! But Griatch had the hardest part in all of this.
14:42 Griatch They don't, currently. I discussed this with glyph in here and in their ML: Apparently their build pipeline does build the wheels for e.g. Windows but it does not actually upload it to pypi. The result is that Windows users (especially on Win7 as far as I can tell) need to compile Twisted with all the trouble that means on Windows. We need those wheels, but so far the only progress offered appears to be
14:42 that I ...
14:42 ... look at making a PR to add it. And I really don't feel like learning Twisted's release process for this :)
14:43 I'm still not finished with the preparation for 0.9, so hoping someone else will fix those wheels before that ;)
14:44 gtaylor Yikes, that sounds like quite the undertaking.
14:46 Griatch I believe we do need them in order to claim to have Windows support. I tried compiling Twisted from scratch on a Windows VM and it was no fun (I actually couldn't since I had too little space to get Visual Studio...)
14:46 gtaylor
14:51 Griatch In effect, Evennia (which now requires 3.7) is uninstallable at some Windows systems. I do know that some Win10 users have managed just fine though, so not sure about that - I have no Win10 system to test with.
14:53 DiscordBot <BP-Santo> Can docker circumvent that problem?
14:54 rnmissionrun I had no issues installing it on Win 10
14:54 Griatch Sure. But it's hard enough to teach people to install normally, teaching them docker is yet another hurdle (and yet another requirement) for people.
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15:09 Griatch rnmissionrun: I'm not sure I asked you before or not, but did you install in the linux subsystem or did you have VScode installed since before?
15:09 rnmissionrun I've done it both ways
15:10 Obviously it's so much simpler with the Linux subsystem
15:13 I'm hardly the typical user though, I can fix things when it doesn't work as expected ;)
15:13 Griatch So what did you need when it came to VSCode?
15:16 rnmissionrun I'll look at my setup when I get home from work. I never really used it, I just did it to see if it would work so I don't remember off the top of my head, what I did to get it working. I do remember that it was fairly painless
15:19 Griatch Ok, thanks
15:22 rnmissionrun I did have issues with python which I think were fixed by adding the python bin directory to my path
15:23 These things are just so much simpler on *NIX systems
15:23 Even macOS :)
15:26 Griatch For some reason Python on Windows defaults to not adding the python binary to PATH.
15:36 rnmissionrun The installer will do it automatically if you let it
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15:37 Griatch The checkmark is not pre-checked last I looked
15:38 rnmissionrun No it is not, but it does ask :)
15:39 The git installer was the same, IIRC
15:39 You definitely want both of those in your $PATH otherwise things will be wonky
15:40 Griatch Yes, I always found it a weird default choice. Makes it harder to write install instructions :/
15:42 rnmissionrun True enough.
15:43 Are there really that many people trying to do Evennia development on Windows?
15:43 Griatch Enough that we get a lot of questions if that install is not exactly correct.
15:43 rnmissionrun Ah.
15:44 Griatch Also, judging from example codes we see, I'd say it's not a small number
15:45 There's quite often a C:\ in pastebins I find
15:45 rnmissionrun That would be a dead giveaway, yes
15:47 I had assumed that most folks had a server (perhaps a VPS) they were running it on, and only needed PyCharm/VS to do code editing locally, using git to keep the remote updated
15:49 Griatch I feel most people coding on Windows are pretty green on the whole dev thing, so it's less likely they have some advanced setup like that.
15:49 That Windows has no sane dev environment out of the box (at least without going to Linux) is not helping
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15:53 rnmissionrun I would argue that you don't have a sane development environment even after you've installed VS and it's assortment tools :)
15:54 That's just me though. Plenty of folks are making a living off it
15:58 What do 'self.rhs' and 'self.lhs' default to if there is no '=' in the command line?
15:59 None, or ''?
16:00 nvm!
16:01 glyph gtaylor: I swear it's not as hard as Griatch makes it sound :)
16:02 the gnarly windows-y bits are all *done* already, the build process is "setuptools dumps a wheel into a directory", the only thing that needs doing is to wire up the twine-file-uploading part and have some way to detect the difference between a CI build for a release and not-a-release
16:02 there are cookiecutter templates for this lying around, hypothesis has a good example
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17:01 evenniacode [issue comment] Griatch commented on issue #1845 (Non-Room objects being counted as Rooms by `@objects` and we[...]) in evennia: @strikaco Still can't reproduce that, sorry. ([…]comment-503223702)
17:22 [issues] strikaco opened issue #1855 in evennia: [dev] `@style` command not returning its docstring via Help (
17:23 [issue comment] Griatch commented on issue #1855 ([dev] `@style` command not returning its docstring via Help) in evennia: Huh. Curious. ([…]comment-503231799)
17:29 rnmissionrun because there's no docstring set in CmdStyle.
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17:34 gtaylor Ahhh, hello glyph. You are in here in here, look at that!
17:39 evenniacode [push] Griatch pushed 1 commit to evennia/develop: [Griatch]: Add the full EvscapeRoom game engine as a contrib
18:04 [issue comment] strikaco commented on issue #1845 (Non-Room objects being counted as Rooms by `@objects` and we[...]) in evennia: > @strikaco Still can't reproduce that, sorry.\> Maybe you c[537 more] ([…]comment-503247372)
18:32 evdemo [Public] Cameron just connected to the Evennia demo for the first time!
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19:28 evenniacode [fork] Delra forked evennia
19:49 [issue comment] Griatch commented on issue #1855 ([dev] `@style` command not returning its docstring via Help) in evennia: @strikaco You may need to pull the latest `develop`; on late[81 more] ([…]comment-503284926)
19:49 [issues] Griatch closed issue #1855 in evennia: [dev] `@style` command not returning its docstring via Help (
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21:07 DiscordBot <BP-Santo> Can you do this dictionary.get(key[0]) to get specific value of a tuple inside a dictionary key?
21:13 <BP-Santo> Ohh actually I think I need to use lists cause tuples are immutable
21:17 <BP-Santo> Imma going to assume I can do this to get a value of a list inside a dictionary
21:17 <BP-Santo> I am going to then update that value by doing dictionary[key][0] = mynewvalue
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23:31 DiscordBot <BP-Santo> Hmm, was told to do it this way instead dictionary.get(key)[0]

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