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00:00 DiscordBot <Cloud_Keeper> I don't recall anyone mentioning using it but it could certainly be used on a large scale. That's what it's designed for
00:01 <Cloud_Keeper> To fill out a template world for your builders to then set to work on.
00:03 <Icarus> might have to give it a swing to build the basic framework, and then record the output into a batchfile with all the additions
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01:00 DiscordBot <Icarus> hrm, how do you do balance in turn based combat...
01:01 <Cloud_Keeper> That is a dense topic
01:01 <Icarus> In Ainneve, we have a battleaxe that does 4 damage, a dagger that does 2. At the moment, I believe they have roughly equal chances of striking, so the battleaxe is always going to be better...
01:02 <Cloud_Keeper> In a simple system damage per turn would be a good indicator
01:02 <Icarus> mhmm
01:02 <Icarus> that's how we did it back in the day
01:02 <Cloud_Keeper> Averaging damage by hit percentage
01:02 <Icarus> now that's actually not a bad idea
01:02 <Icarus> as an alternative to a tick based system which has each weapon have a speed, thus variable dps
01:45 Tehom Griatch: I know you the MUSH-style encodings were removed from the ANSI parser, but would you be open to a PR in which the ANSI parser checks for a list of user-defined mappings in our settings file, and adds it on to ANSI parser's extended mappings?
01:59 evenniacode [evennia] TehomCD commented on issue #1128: Last night, I had what appeared to be a server hang during normal operation, but I have no idea what caused it - it wasn't prompted by an attempt to reload the server or anything else initiated on my part. After a few minutes, I tried to do `evennia reload` from the command line to see if it'd resolve it, and it froze
02:00 during the attempt to reload. I have no idea if this is related to anyt
02:00 [evennia] TehomCD commented on issue #1128: Last night, I had what appeared to be a server hang during normal operation, but I have no idea what caused it - it wasn't prompted by an attempt to reload the server or anything else initiated on my part. After a few minutes, I tried to do `evennia reload` from the command line to see if it'd resolve it, and it froze
02:00 during the attempt to reload. I have no idea if this is related to anyt
02:06 [evennia] TehomCD commented on issue #1128: Last night, I had what appeared to be a server hang during normal operation, but I have no idea what caused it - it wasn't prompted by an attempt to reload the server or anything else initiated on my part. After a few minutes, I tried to do `evennia reload` from the command line to see if it'd resolve it, and it froze
02:06 during the attempt to reload. I have no idea if this is related to the
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02:08 streetwitch Hi guys
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04:07 DiscordBot <Icarus> evening street
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05:37 DiscordBot <Phayte> Boy super quiet today
05:44 <Cloud_Keeper> Who's boy and why is he so quiet?
05:45 <Phayte> Boy = you, why = not typing
05:45 <Cloud_Keeper> I just got out of court
05:46 <Cloud_Keeper> Tonight's mission is to set up the new bot system
05:47 <Cloud_Keeper> Passing information to the bot type class and allowing different typeclasses to be selected.
05:48 <Cloud_Keeper> Then evennia will allow custom bots just like each of its other systems
05:49 <Phayte> Nice
06:06 <Cloud_Keeper> The documentation in other projects make me shudder.
06:06 <Cloud_Keeper> /me looking through the twisted IRC protocol
06:16 <Phayte> Yup leave alot of other online docs to be desired.
06:19 <Cloud_Keeper> My thought process with evennia is: "I wonder what this method does, I'll look up the source for the documentation. Oh good, that's exactly what it does."
06:20 <Cloud_Keeper> Apparently with everything else it's "I guess I'll never know unless I want to set up test code"
06:24 Griatch_ Woah: Django 2.0 won't support py2 at all:
06:25 DiscordBot <Phayte> Do or die time for Python3?
06:27 <Cloud_Keeper> I feel that's a bad idea.
06:28 Valdebrick I made the switch on all my personal projects to 3.6, mostly for those sexy f strings.
06:29 Griatch_ It will certainly push the move to Py3. Django is a huge lib in Python world.
06:31 Py3 is the future of the language, there is no doubt about that. I wonder how one should evaluate py2-3 conversions. Maybe it will not be suitable to do a 2/3 middle conversion for us, but to jump to py3 completely all at once.
06:42 Griatch[…]5/jun/25/roadmap/
06:43 Looks like they are simply aiming to remove py2 when 2.7 ends its support life in 2020.
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07:18 DiscordBot <Phayte> !macro
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07:18 Phayte !macro
07:30 Griatch polo? ;)
07:33 DiscordBot <Phayte> Tried to program a command for Blau but no workie.
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07:48 PhaytesD !marco
07:48 Origin !polo
07:48 PhaytesD lol typed macro before
07:59 evdemo [Public] Phayte: !marco
07:59 Origin !polo
08:00 evdemo [Public] Phayte: Yay works!
08:03 evenniacode [forum] Wontoon Wolf posted 'Is there a limit on asynchronous calls (with utils.run_async) running at once?'[…]o1N8/Yc5s-5YkBAAJ
08:53 [forum] Griatch Art posted 'Re: Is there a limit on asynchronous calls (with utils.run_async) running at once?'[…]o1N8/6Dt3s08nBAAJ
09:14 DiscordBot <Phayte> An interesting topic. I always wondered when I first saw Evennia in python is if it was going to eventually run into problem not being able to run concurrent threads. I know there's things like spawning processes. It would be interesting there was a separate server built on any platform that could make connections like players and act as npcs
09:15 <Phayte> I assume that kinda what the people who were using Evennia for some sorta research did.
09:15 Griatch Evennia supports this natively with the dummyrunner.
09:15 Although that is for testing, it's trivial to build a telnet client.
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09:17 DiscordBot <Phayte> Dummyrunner? NEAT!
09:18 Griatch Once could easily build a version of the dummy runner that analyzes the return from the server to act as an AI.
09:19 One would need to have quite a heavy AI for that to make logistical sense though.
09:22 DiscordBot <Phayte> Well even if it wasn't a heavy ai, if you had a simple world where you wanted to make it feel alive with npcs, running say 100 npcs would still be costly.
09:24 Griatch Yeah, running them as bot is certainly one solution. One could use bot Player typeclasses and custom inputfuncs for them to avoid them being confused with real players (inflating player counts is not a good idea).
09:25 DiscordBot <Phayte> Ah yea no,wouldn't be for the intention of inflating numbers though I can see that as a side effect if not coded correctly. Side question it says to make a clean database via
09:26 <Phayte> But Evennia has no manage.oh in its directory
09:26 Griatch Where does it say that?
09:26 Evennia wraps with the evennia program.
09:26 DiscordBot <Phayte>[…]ng/
09:27 <Phayte> search  I'm on a phone so can t link exact line
09:27 <Cloud_Keeper> I would be torn between 1. Making a complicated AI/parser to make something believable or 2. Making a parallel system or messages and returns purely for AI which gives them their options plainly under the hood.
09:28 Griatch Ah, yes it does mention; that's a remnant from old versions.
09:28 DiscordBot <Cloud_Keeper> of messages* So rather than getting the room description it would get a set of keywords specifically for tasks the AI is supposed to do
09:28 Valdebrick cloud_keeper: the advantage of a message system would allow an AI to work with a wider range of servers, assuming they use a standardized message system.
09:28 DiscordBot <Cloud_Keeper> If you had a static game layout you could have it built into the AI I guess
09:29 <Cloud_Keeper> Oh look at that, I spent the whole afternoon watching Youtube videos instead of being productive again..
09:29 <Phayte> lol yea I was watching anime
09:30 <Phayte> My work for the night was rearranging the irc user list and making Marco command
09:30 <Phayte> !marco
09:30 Origin !polo
09:31 DiscordBot <Phayte> Realized it's prob more standard to do ping and pong but oh well
09:32 <Cloud_Keeper> Well I never saw the famous general and explorer ping pong. Marco Polo earned his place.
09:32 <Phayte> Ha
09:32 <Cloud_Keeper> I've also managed to eat so much chocolate cake I've made myself feel sick.
09:32 <Cloud_Keeper> I really need a new girlfriend
09:33 <Phayte> Added the user count and swapped the position of the user list and activity log if it help Cloud :)
09:33 <Cloud_Keeper> Before, I had to balance coding with spending time with someone else. It made coding into the sexy mistress I had to hide and who I thought about when I should have had my attention on my partner.
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09:35 DiscordBot <Cloud_Keeper> Now I code when there's no possibility of sexiness. It's the comfortable partner who's put on a bunch of weight and isn't quite the same girl you fell in love with but she's safe and dependable.
09:35 <Phayte> So Evennia is the name of you unsexy Mistress
09:35 <Phayte> You got a way with words cloud heheh
09:36 <Cloud_Keeper> Evennia is the girl I married too young to know what love was and now is nagging me constantly to mow the lawn but judges me if I hire the neighbours son to mow it for me.
09:36 <Phayte> Thanks for the laugh, but now off to dreamland. Night all
09:36 <Cloud_Keeper> Night.
09:36 Griatch Goodnight
09:36 evenniacode [evennia] Griatch pushed 1 new commit to master:
09:36 evennia/master 5b62a30 Griatch: Update dummyrunner documentation.
13:03 [forum] Andrzej Araszkiewicz posted 'Re: A newbie question'[…]ka84/4tGjsf00BAAJ
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13:39 DiscordBot <Icarus> Re: AI, would doing a lightweight state based ai be that expensive?
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14:02 DiscordBot <Phayte> Probably not. The idea of external processing would be more comparative heavy logic
14:03 <Phayte> I believe most mush/mud frameworks are single threaded though since text processing isn't really heavy to facilitate the need for concurrent multi threading
14:22 <Phayte> Not sure if this is a Cloud9 issue or or just how Evennia does it with an ajax/non-websocket connection, but while using the webclient, I get disconnected fairly quickly when I don't perform any activity. I'm guessing that's the nature of ajax implementation?
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16:02 Griatch Phayte: What is your IDLE_TIME set to?
16:03 grungies1138 On that subject, has there been any movement on the issue of having separate idle_timeouts for different permission levels?
16:04 DiscordBot <Phayte> If it's idle_timeout, my code says IDLE_TIMEOUT = 3600
16:05 <Phayte> Which I assume is an hour
16:05 Griatch No. It's not an obvious thing since permission levels are not hard-coded but something that everyone can modify. And th idle_timeout happens at the server level which shouldn't know. It's solvable, but not worked on.
16:05 Phayte: Yep
16:05 Set it to -1 if you want to turn it off.
16:06 If you time out faster than that with ajax, it's a bug that should be reported.
16:06 DiscordBot <Phayte> Griatch: Could it be something with out a server is setup?
16:07 <Phayte> yea i time out after like a few minute sin ajax
16:07 Griatch with out a server is setup?
16:07 DiscordBot <Phayte> But I wanna say it's only on my Cloud9 server, though I've never tried ajax locally on my dev box or on my Digital Ocean server since they all go through websockets.
16:08 Griatch It could well be something with the ajax that is failing to reset the timer. Make an issue for it.
16:08 DiscordBot <Phayte> Sorry I meant to ask if it could be something with the server setup and permissioning when using a 3rd party server aka Cloud9
16:08 Griatch It's possible; but let's look at something we can control first (like ajax).  :)
16:08 DiscordBot <Phayte> I'll try it locally and see, If it's exhibiting the same behavior as the Cloud9 server, I'll make up an issue possibly but not really critical.
16:10 Griatch With the new client infrastructure the ajax and websocket data looks very similar, so there should be a rather small footprint where one fails and the other does not
16:16 DiscordBot <Phayte> *Nods* well i'll mess around with it and see. always good to be aware about this sorta stuff at least.
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16:39 Valdebrick Griatch, I had a similar but different issue pop up when I was setting up evennia with nginx. IDLE_TIMEOUT was set to 0 but the websocket connection was timing out due to inactivity. I had to declare proxy_*_timeout in nginx config to fix it.
16:45 grungies1138 might need to write up something for the setup page on the wiki
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17:51 streetwitch I just finished my chargen
17:52 It is quite complicated
17:52 I built it directly out of "Mage".
17:59 grungies1138 Is your game WoD?
18:03 streetwitch Yup
18:04 Somehow I lost my place. I have the webform that submits, and I can't remember how I connected it to the mud
18:23 evdemo [Public] BlauFeuer: What is your IDLE_TIME set to?
18:24 streetwitch Yes!
18:24 My code still works.
18:46 DiscordBot <Phayte> How you asking Blau?
18:47 <Phayte> And Blau, type  "! marco" without the space between

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