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00:02 robbintt i'll move to tintin later, i just need something for quickly repeating admin commands for testing
00:03 i keep typing in @create/drop Oak Wand:objects.MagicalWand
00:12 Volund garuf
00:12 whitenoise: I use MUSHclient on Linux. It works fine under WINE.
00:56 thinkt4nk joined #evennia
01:31 Suterusu uo and enter?
01:31 usually cycles prev cmnds... any sane client at least..
01:32 tintin also supports tab-to-complete
01:33 hmm, that seems to be for it's own cmnds, meh.
01:33 also - handling of multiples in evennia...
01:34 say there's 10 oak wands in a pile on the floor...  how would one get all of them, or three of them...
01:36 also, on the oak wand example above, a wrapper in @py and has a loop what increments each pass, echoing your build cmd for the number of objects wanted?
01:41 ie: @py for x in range(0 10):  self.execute_cmd("@create/drop Oak Wand:objects.MagicalWand")
01:41 Or something thereabouts.
06:51 robbintt wat

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