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00:19 evenniacode_ [] duanuys pushed to page 'Tutorials'
00:19 [] duanuys pushed to page 'A Dynamic In Game Overhead Map'[…]Game-Overhead-Map
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00:27 naud hey guys sorry I haven't been around - flushed my db and lost the IRC channel.. been talking to myself for days
00:27 hhaha
00:27 I created a new wiki page: and I hope it serves yall well
00:28 evdemo [Public] BlauFeuer: Is it similar to[…]rhead-In-Game-Map ?
00:28 naud no not at all
00:28 its dynamic not static
00:29 evdemo [Public] BlauFeuer: So like a depth search only in specific directions?
00:29 evenniacode_ [] duanuys pushed to page 'A Dynamic In Game Overhead Map'[…]Game-Overhead-Map
00:30 naud No. It creates a over head map dynamically using graph traversal. Read the wiki it'll explain.
00:30 in all directions
00:31 evdemo [Public] BlauFeuer: I'm trying to figure out how up and down are denoted.
00:31 naud this version doesn't support up and down
00:32 but you can easily adjust it accordingly
00:32 well not as individual symbols on a grid.. unless you have a specific symbol for a room that has either up or down or both
00:33 if you want individual symbols then the grid needs to be laid out as
00:33 [.] - @ - [.]
00:33 instead of [.] [@] [.]
00:38 evdemo [Public] BlauFeuer: Still at it.
00:39 evenniacode_ [] duanuys pushed to page 'A Dynamic In Game Overhead Map'[…]Game-Overhead-Map
00:39 evdemo [Public] BlauFeuer: Oh, you pulled the comments.
00:41 [Public] BlauFeuer: The  return True if self.max_length ... part disappeared.
00:41 naud sorry refresh now?
00:42 just added the whole at the end of the wiki for reference
00:49 evenniacode_ [] BlauFeuer pushed to page 'A Dynamic In Game Overhead Map'[…]Game-Overhead-Map
00:50 evdemo [Public] BlauFeuer: Hmm, I was trying to adjust the line length, but failed. I think Griatch knows the secret of how to format it for the wiki.
00:50 [Public] BlauFeuer: I'd better get going before I mess something up.
00:52 naud hehe
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01:02 scrolls [evennia] naud: test
01:28 Cloud_Keeper joined #evennia
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02:10 naud my irc bot keep disconnecting.. then I have to delete it and recreate it
02:11 scrolls joined #evennia
02:11 scrolls [evennia] naud: had to recreate it again.. hmm
02:25 Cloud_Keeper "There is a great tutorial of how to create a Static In-Game map" Oh Blau, you make me blush.
02:32 scrolls [evennia] naud: I wrote that one amigo
03:29 Cloud_Keeper Oh, then you. You make me blush :p
03:29 I haven't finished reading it but it's sounding good so far
04:09 evenniacode_ [forum] Griatch Art posted 'Re: Who wants to make a game but doesn't want to take on the whole project solo?'[…]U_oA/tHD08wcFEQAJ
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05:01 andreipmbcn What's more recommended to use for ANSI colors - "|"-notation or "{"-notation?
05:06 Griatch | notation
05:06 { is deprecated but still used in many places.
05:13 andreipmbcn Okay, I'll use |.
05:14 I just noticed that after accidentally being stuck in an infinite loop due to clumsy coding on my part, the evennia server can no longer be connected to when I restart it.
05:14 The MUD client says "connected" but doesn't bring me to the login screen.
05:15 "Evennia Server is already running as process 3040. Not restarted." That might explain it.
05:17 Griatch Where did you create the loop?
05:17 andreipmbcn Trying to kill the process via the "kill" command in Fedora doesn't work.
05:17 In my own code. It's an endless while loop because it checks for a list being empty and it never gets emptied.
05:17 Griatch Try evennia stop
05:19 andreipmbcn I did, several times in a row. It doesn't stop the server, though the portal stops normally.
05:21 Griatch It's rare to manage to freeze up the Server like that, I've never managed it. :) You can force-kill the process with kill -9 <processid>
05:21 Then you must delete the file in mygame/server/ before you can start again though.

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