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00:00 PM vincent says, "you can put them on bots (like the barkeep). Or on players :P"
00:00 vincent says, "I don't think it would be very useful but it's still funny"
00:00 BlauFeuer says, "Or on the ACME scarecrow."
00:00 vincent says, "could be useful actually if you want to keep a close eye on a specific player"
00:00 BlauFeuer says, "Players don't have locations, so..."
00:00 vincent says, "right"
00:00 vincent says, "hyeah I meant player-characters"
00:01 BlauFeuer says, "Like at_pre or post_puppet?"
00:01 vincent says, "at_content_enter... whatever"
00:01 vincent says, "perhaps it wouldn't be great for performances, IDK"
00:02 BlauFeuer says, "at_object_receive is already a hook."
00:05 ACME Scarecrow explodes.
00:05 BlauFeuer says, "Meep meep."
00:05 glasz_ joined #evennia
00:06 PM vincent says, "Created new character barkeep (in my elevator)"
00:06 vincent says, "for, as you know, we need barkeep everywhere"
00:06 BlauFeuer says, "In the elevator?"
00:06 BlauFeuer says, "Press all the buttons and order a slow gin."
00:06 vincent says, "yeah, I need to test its "greet  event so it's in the elevator :P"
00:06 vincent says, "ho my, I hope..."
00:07 vincent says, "where is my barkeep"
00:07 vincent says, "I used @charcreate"
00:07 BlauFeuer says, "I think an exploding scarecrow has more of an element of surprise."
00:07 vincent says, "I order you to come at once in te elevator"
00:08 vincent says, "ha yeah, it was surprising. I hope it's still alive though"
00:08 Barkeep shuffles into the elevator after Vincent.
00:08 BlauFeuer says, "It's just made from sticks of TNT and straw."
00:08 vincent says, "how do you teleport someone TO your location? Is it possible?"
00:09 BlauFeuer says, "Sure, @tel you=here"
00:10 vincent says, "haha"
00:10 vincent says, "@tel barkeep = here"
00:10 BlauFeuer says, "I've hacked mine so it's also tel/to you=me"
00:10 vincent says, "I didn't even think about that, that's how much I know default commands"
00:11 BlauFeuer says, "I don't mind answering the easy questions."
00:11 vincent says, "WHAT?"
00:11 vincent says, "sometimes it can't find the script. I don't know why but as you can imagine, that makes it crash a lot"
00:13 vincent says, "what the heck? my event handler is now of type DefaultScript"
00:13 vincent says, "ha, this is a sneaky error"
00:14 vincent says, "there's a SyntaxError that doesn't prevent it from starting"
00:15 vincent says, "I was terrified that all my events would go missing"
00:16 BlauFeuer says, "I'll read about it on the side of a milk carton."
00:17 Slade does evennia post server ips somewhere by default?
00:18 PM BlauFeuer says, "Post them? I don't think they're logged. Maybe in the portal log."
00:18 Slade ah people keep saying they're finding my server from some python list
00:18 PM BlauFeuer says, "But definitely logins contain IP address in the console."
00:18 Slade no idea how thats found
00:18 PM BlauFeuer says, "Oh, you're asking about the game server thing."
00:19 BlauFeuer says, "No, that doesn't happen by default."
00:19 vincent says, "Vincent(#1) arrives and I, barkeep(#15), say heelo!"
00:20 BlauFeuer says, "I prefer director narrative."
00:20 Slade weird. wonder why they see it
00:21 PM BlauFeuer says, "Put them to work."
00:21 vincent says, "isn't it the game index?"
00:21 BlauFeuer says, ""
00:23 BlauFeuer says, " looks new on the list."
00:28 vincent-lg well...
00:28 characters are done
00:28 and rooms seem to be save from a few events that will be approved or rejected, but I'll wait for my PR to be commented
00:29 the real quesiton is objects now
00:29 I could put get and drop and give events for example
00:30 but due to the inheritance hierarchy rooms and characters and exits will also have these events, since they inherit from DefaultObject
00:32 BlauFeuer: if you ever want the few fixes and new events I've pushed them
00:33 PM BlauFeuer says, "I'm still recovering from all this new learning."
00:33 BlauFeuer says, "Is it just the one folder? I'll pull again."
00:34 vincent-lg I hope I didn't harm your headache even more
00:34 yep, just the one folder
00:34 PM BlauFeuer says, "I'll take a look."
00:35 vincent-lg there's not a lot yet. Some events added in rooms and mostly on characters
00:35 PM BlauFeuer says, "I think it's just 4 files that have changed."
00:35 vincent-lg but nothing too impressive. I'm waiting to see how the CmdSay and CmdWhisper PR would be greeted by Griatch, since that will determine in what direction I move
00:35 not impossible
00:35 most of the new events are in typeclasses
00:36 I don't encourage you from opening the file if you don't want your headache back :P . Ho well, it's organized, but it's not small
00:36 a few fixes (including the locking system) elsewhere
00:36 PM BlauFeuer says, "I don't mind pulling it here so you can test them."
00:37 BlauFeuer says, "Let's see if I can do that easily with PyCharm. Hang on."
00:37 vincent-lg I don't think I can use them in your game because they use hooks that have probably been overridden... ha the move and greet might work out of the box
00:39 PM BlauFeuer says, "It's kinda interesting to run my game code, puppetbots, and be testing your events."
00:40 DiscordBot1 <Cloud_Keeper> I think it's awesome for bug testing
00:40 PM vincent says, "I'm glad, it means my system isn't too much intrusive"
00:40 DiscordBot1 <Cloud_Keeper> Particularly as both V and I want to make our code contribs
00:40 PM BlauFeuer says, "I'm pulling the whole repository because I'm not sure how to just pull the one contrib folder."
00:40 vincent says, "absolutely Cloud_Keeper"
00:41 vincent says, "yeah, I was very happy about my system but fortunately, BlauFeuer found a bug"
00:41 BlauFeuer says, "Ha! I can't help myself."
00:41 vincent says, "and I found another. And a few minor mistakes that I'm not sure I should fix"
00:42 vincent-lg laziness, I'd call it, no offense
00:43 PM vincent says, "talking to one another between puppetbot and IRC isn't much encouraging"
00:44 turblor awakens.
00:45 BlauFeuer says, "Strange, I cloned your repository and it didn't have the events folder."
00:45 vincent says, "it's in the events branch"
00:45 vincent says, "perhaps you cloned master"
00:46 BlauFeuer says, "Duh, thanks."
00:46 vincent says, "I try to keep master clean and I code in all branches destined to remain experiments or future PR. Don't even know how many branches I have now"
00:46 BlauFeuer says, "We're under attack."
00:46 vincent says, "outch!"
00:47 vincent says, "turblor seems to favor you"
00:47 turblor says, "sorry, it was an accident"
00:47 BlauFeuer says, "Hehe."
00:48 BlauFeuer says, "We need a practice dummy."
00:48 vincent glances at the barkeep
00:48 turblor sleeps.
00:49 BlauFeuer says, "Now I forgot how to change branches from git command line.  git branch?"
00:49 BlauFeuer says, "Ah that's it. I was momentarily distracted by the attacker."
00:49 vincent says, "git checkout branchname"
00:49 vincent laughs
00:50 vincent says, "he just came rushing at you with some hostile intents and went back to sleep"
00:53 vincent tries to juggle with a dignified clock
00:53 BlauFeuer says, "I'm still confused - git branch shows that I'm on events branch, but there's still no events folder."
00:54 vincent says, "hu"
00:54 vincent says, "that's odd..."
00:54 vincent says, "if you do"
00:55 vincent says, "git pull events"
00:55 vincent says, "does it say everything up-to-date?"
00:56 BlauFeuer says, "There they are."
00:56 BlauFeuer says, "Now you can @reload"
00:56 BlauFeuer says, "I'm a gitard today."
00:58 BlauFeuer says, "I tried pulling master, then changing to events, then git pull, but that didn't produce anything. I had to pull the way you suggested."
00:58 vincent-lg hu ho
00:58 not a good sign. What did I do
00:59 OMG
00:59 it's my fault
01:00 not sure why... but it's definitely my fault
01:01 evdemo [Public] BlauFeuer: I'm still here and it's reloaded now, but the bot didn't join back to IRC.
01:03 PM joined #evennia
01:03 PM BlauFeuer fades into view.
01:03 BlauFeuer says, "Whew."
01:03 vincent awakens.
01:03 vincent-lg wow. Do you know what it crashed like this?
01:03 PM BlauFeuer says, "I was fading away like Marty McFly there."
01:04 BlauFeuer says, "I didn't have the console visible, so I didn't see what happened."
01:04 vincent says, "the events aredefinitely here now"
01:04 BlauFeuer says, "I see them on the barkeep."
01:05 BlauFeuer says, "Nothing on the clock yet."
01:05 BlauFeuer says, "Well we survived that one."
01:06 BlauFeuer says, "There's some on you, too."
01:06 BlauFeuer says, "Ha, I can make a fireworks event go off when someone puppets."
01:12 vincent cries bitterly
01:13 vincent says, "obviously the character.at_after_move has been overridden without calling the original hook"
01:13 vincent says, "sounds strange but"
01:14 vincent says, "not impossible :)"
01:14 vincent says, "the other possibility is that my patching of default hooks doesn't work on your game for some reason"
01:15 vincent says, "but  idon't think that's likely"
01:16 BlauFeuer says, "I probably overwrote it."
01:16 Barkeep brightens on seeing vincent: welcome to the Evennia inn, horrible weather ain't it?
01:17 Tehom joined #evennia
01:17 PM vincent says, "well the barkeep is supposed to greeet you"
01:17 vincent says, "but it doesn't. Be kind to him, hé just stubborn"
01:18 BlauFeuer says, "What is my at_after_move missing?"
01:18 BlauFeuer says, "newcomeer?"
01:19 vincent says, "it should call super() on itself, I think, if, that is, it's not conflicting"
01:19 vincent says, "I made a mistake"
01:20 Barkeep frowns at BlauFeuer: and don't you leave without paying like last time!
01:20 vincent tries to hide under a table
01:20 BlauFeuer says, "I just stepped out for some air."
01:20 BlauFeuer says, "Actually, I was taking the trash out."
01:21 vincent says, "my greet event works... but it's not when you enter the room :P"
01:21 Barkeep grins to BlauFeuer: the usual?
01:21 vincent says, "at least it works"
01:22 BlauFeuer says, "So at_after_move needs super right away?"
01:22 Barkeep grins to vincent: the usual?
01:22 BlauFeuer says, "It's listening to us talk?"
01:22 vincent says, "it depends on what your overridden hook does actually"
01:22 vincent says, "super() would force the character to look at the description, I think. If you do that too that might not be good for your game"
01:23 BlauFeuer says, "Right, mine does a self.msg((self.at_look(self.location), {'type': 'Look', 'window': 'room'}))"
01:23 BlauFeuer says, "That used to Traceback the puppetbot."
01:24 vincent says, "ha..."
01:24 vincent says, "you don't want too descriptions each time you move :P"
01:24 vincent says, "well never mind. Just the greet event won't work"
01:24 BlauFeuer says, "So what other important thing does it do?"
01:24 vincent says, "we'll need to do it somewhere else :P"
01:25 vincent says, "ho, the at_after_move in my case? it calls the events move and greet"
01:25 vincent says, "there remains the puppet event and unpuppet event on characters as you've seen"
01:25 BlauFeuer says, "How does it magically plug in?"
01:25 vincent says, "it would be fun to have the barkeep gretting everyone being puppeted in the inn but that would be some overhead"
01:26 vincent says, "the event system acts a bit sneaky"
01:26 vincent says, "it directly patches the default hooks (in this case, in DefaultCharacter)"
01:26 vincent says, "so when you call super() it calls the modified hooks. The event system only patches these hooks if it's active"
01:27 BlauFeuer says, "But I can't safely call super() on the hooks."
01:27 vincent says, "nope"
01:27 vincent says, "it would make both descriptions at once"
01:28 vincent says, "you can still copy/paste the modified hook in your method if you want, replacing character by self. I don't know how I should handle that case"
01:28 vincent thinks for a minute
01:29 vincent says, "copy/pasting the hook is no fun that's for sure"
01:29 vincent scratches his head
01:29 BlauFeuer says, "I've been doing a lot of manual merges lately."
01:29 vincent says, "yeah"
01:30 vincent says, "if you really don't mind you can look in events/, look for the at_after_move"
01:30 vincent says, "you can copy it as is I think... hu well almost. Might not be worth the trouble"
01:31 vincent says, "beginning at line 153"
01:32 BlauFeuer says, "My PyCharm is still loading."
01:32 vincent says, "wow"
01:32 vincent says, "it takes several minutes to load?"
01:37 BlauFeuer says, "Well that's one hook add attempt."
01:39 BlauFeuer says, "Oh, you've referenced self as "character""
01:39 vincent says, "it's a patched hook"
01:39 BlauFeuer says, "Does it work?"
01:39 vincent says, "so yeah character is self (you should replace it by self in yours). And DefaultRoom, I don't know if you have a reference to it"
01:40 vincent says, "you can either import it or replace it with your custom typeclass if you want, it's just to bre sure wherewe're going is rooms"
01:40 vincent says, "there's an error it seems but"
01:40 vincent says, "I don't see it (contact an admin :P )"
01:41 BlauFeuer says, "Maybe "(global name 'hook' is not defined)" means not to include the hook line?"
01:41 vincent says, "ha"
01:41 vincent says, "remove this line"
01:41 vincent says, "it's the equivalent of a super()"
01:41 vincent says, "in your case you definitely don't want it"
01:42 vincent says, "but if you change character to self"
01:42 vincent says, "and import DefaultRoom"
01:42 vincent says, "I think it should work"
01:42 vincent tries to disappear
01:44 BlauFeuer says, "Maybe I didn't import DefaultRoom."
01:45 BlauFeuer says, "I'm following you."
01:46 Barkeep waves at BlauFeuer in greeting.
01:46 Barkeep brightens on seeing vincent: welcome to the Evennia inn, horrible weather ain't it?
01:46 BlauFeuer says, "That didn't go badly."
01:46 vincent jumps up and down
01:47 vincent says, "great! great! great!"
01:47 Barkeep brightens on seeing BlauFeuer: welcome to the Evennia inn, horrible weather ain't it?
01:47 Barkeep brightens on seeing vincent: welcome to the Evennia inn, horrible weather ain't it?
01:47 BlauFeuer says, "So if I overwrite hooks that event tries to hook, then I have to manually hook them, I guess."
01:48 vincent says, "it seems. I hadn't thought about that"
01:48 BlauFeuer says, "It's not a bad thing, it just means I have to know what I'm doing."
01:48 vincent says, "you can still use the custom hook but admittedly it's not really simple. I'll have to try find something better"
01:49 vincent says, "hu barkeep you're talking on the IRC channel, that might not be a good idea"
01:49 BlauFeuer says, "Just omit from_obj in the msg and it won't go through the bot."
01:51 BlauFeuer says, "I'm not sure what Cloud_Keeper has planned for parsing the messages."
01:52 BlauFeuer says, "But any object sending msg into the room with a from_obj will be forwarded, it seems."
01:52 vincent says, "okay"
01:52 BlauFeuer says, "That's better. see?"
01:52 vincent says, "that should be better"
01:53 DiscordBot1 <Cloud_Keeper> That's correct
01:53 <Cloud_Keeper> But if we get the message types I can do away with that
01:53 lorecrafting joined #evennia
01:53 DiscordBot1 <Cloud_Keeper> It was just an inexpensive way of assuming it was a message from a character
01:53 PM BlauFeuer says, "Works for me."
01:54 BlauFeuer says, "It's much neater in here, but there's still dup bots."
01:54 vincent says, "well I'm pretty happy about this barkeep greeting customers with random phrases"
01:54 BlauFeuer says, "I'm not sure how they lost their tags."
01:55 vincent says, "it's really simple but that's what the system is about, just little things to make the world more alive"
01:55 BlauFeuer says, "Hey Vincent, try "ride""
01:56 vincent decides to ride BlauFeuer.
01:56 BlauFeuer says, "Here we go."
01:56 vincent decides to stop riding BlauFeuer.
01:57 vincent says, "and the barkeep still greets us both"
01:57 BlauFeuer says, "Wow, I saw the barkeep greet you before I saw the room desc."
01:57 vincent says, "ha and when you were following me"
01:57 vincent says, "you were greeted before I, though I was moving first"
01:57 vincent laughs
01:57 BlauFeuer says, "Maybe I should sort that out."
01:58 vincent says, "I guess it's just because the greeting happens afterward"
01:58 vincent says, "not really a problem"
01:59 DiscordBot1 <Cloud_Keeper> Blau: Have you cleaned up the dups and they keep coming back?
01:59 <Cloud_Keeper> I left my bot on in a random channel all night and I didn't have any dups
01:59 <Cloud_Keeper> But I will add handling changing names
02:00 PM BlauFeuer says, "I think that's the source of the dups."
02:00 DiscordBot1 <Cloud_Keeper> It doesn't make them lose their tags tho
02:00 <Cloud_Keeper> But I'll fix it and see what happens
02:00 PM BlauFeuer says, "The ones with the most dupes here are the ones that have changed names lately."
02:01 BlauFeuer says, "Hmm, the problem of arrival order is kinda complicated."
02:01 vincent says, "ha, like vincent-lg"
02:02 vincent says, "he's changed name quite a lot because he's stupid"
02:02 BlauFeuer says, "Yeah, that one's complicated."
02:02 BlauFeuer says, "Oh, and he changes names."
02:02 vincent-lg nah, it's because my client doesn't allow /away :P
02:02 PM vincent says, "ha, time to eat"
02:02 vincent lies back down on the ground
02:02 BlauFeuer says, "Feel free to stab your clones."
02:03 vincent laughs
02:07 Streetwitch joined #evennia
02:07 Streetwitch Hi
02:07 Tehom Heya Streetwitch
02:07 PM BlauFeuer says, "Hey Street. How's it goin?"
02:08 Streetwitch Things are going fine
02:08 PM BlauFeuer says, "Glad to hear."
02:10 Streetwitch Any of you read Gaiman?
02:10 DiscordBot1 <Cloud_Keeper> Ofcourse
02:11 Streetwitch I was just going through my collection of Sandman
02:11 I have a complete set
02:12 DiscordBot1 <Cloud_Keeper> I've always intended to buy a complete set of Sandman
02:12 Streetwitch No way.  LOL
02:12 PM BlauFeuer says, "I think he wrote Coraline."
02:12 DiscordBot1 <Cloud_Keeper> He did.
02:13 Slade so evmenu changes out the parser, but editor doesnt
02:13 or something
02:17 lorecrafting Hmm trying to find out what a good dev workflow would be
02:18 Wonder how I can make my server autopull from github and reload
02:19 DiscordBot1 <Cloud_Keeper> Slade: I'd have to have a look. But I assume you mean the parser method on the command rather than the evennia parser. EvMenu dynamically creates commands so it makes sense it has it's own parser method (or atleast doesn't use the MUX command parser method that most commands use)
02:20 <Cloud_Keeper> Lorecrafting: In my experience, starting one feature losing interest and starting another until you are left with a bowl of speghetti is working great!
02:20 lorecrafting LOL
02:20 DiscordBot1 <Cloud_Keeper> lorecrafting:[…]de-when-reloading
02:20 PM BlauFeuer says, "lorecrafting:[…]de-when-reloading"
02:20 DiscordBot1 <Cloud_Keeper> Beat you Blau
02:20 lorecrafting awesome thanks!
02:20 PM BlauFeuer says, "Oh, I ... got ninja'd."
02:21 lorecrafting haha
02:21 Slade cloud_keeper probably so. curious why the editor wouldnt tho. i need to explore how it changes the parser around. :)
02:22 are there a few built in parsers for general use, or just the mux one
02:22 lorecrafting Anybody use Docker for their workflow?
02:22 PM BlauFeuer says, "The reason I don't focus on one feature is that I have to learn the framework more fully, so I just get fundamentals working first."
02:23 DiscordBot1 <Cloud_Keeper> Slade: I think there's just the default and the MUX one. But it's really simple to make a command with a custom parser method which all other commands parent
02:23 <Cloud_Keeper> Lorecrafting: No one I know of.
02:23 lorecrafting ahhh dang
02:23 playing around with it :)
02:23 Slade cloud_keeper: ah i was looking pre command actually..  i have most of my commands start with a .
02:23 PM BlauFeuer says, "feend78 wrote the docker file for Evennia, ... I think."
02:24 DiscordBot1 <Cloud_Keeper> Slade? You went with the ranaming every command so that it starts with a . route?
02:24 Slade nah i changed the parser :)
02:24 DiscordBot1 <Cloud_Keeper> I thought you changed the Evennia parser?
02:24 PM BlauFeuer says, "The dev Evennia's working on a feature that allows command prefixes."
02:25 Slade course that makes it odd in places like eveditor
02:25 DiscordBot1 <Cloud_Keeper> Haha When we talk about this we really need to be careful because, like I said, there is the Evennia parser and the parser method used in commands.
02:25 <Cloud_Keeper> Right
02:25 <Cloud_Keeper> I think I remember you saying earlier that eveditor get's a little wierd
02:28 <Cloud_Keeper> I didn't think evMenu replaces the evennia parser but I'll have a look
02:39 PM BlauFeuer says, "All that stuff is disturbingly mysterious.  I can't make sense of the events typeclasses hooking all those things, either."
02:41 Barkeep awakens.
02:43 evenniacode [evennia] eldritchsemblance commented on issue #1262: @BlauFeuer @grungies1138 The change as is simply changes the point of failure from while puppeting to while ooc.  The same change I applied to #1265 before @BlauFeuer advice works here, all unit tests pass, and the mail system works both ooc and while puppeting:...
02:44 [evennia] eldritchsemblance commented on issue #1262: @BlauFeuer @grungies1138 The change as is simply changes the point of failure from while puppeting to while ooc.  The same change I applied to #1265 before @BlauFeuer advice works here, all unit tests pass, and the mail system works both ooc and while puppeting:...
02:44 [evennia] eldritchsemblance commented on issue #1262: @BlauFeuer @grungies1138 The change as is simply changes the point of failure from while puppeting to while ooc.  The same change I applied to #1265 before @BlauFeuer advice works here, all unit tests pass, and the mail system works both ooc and while puppeting:...
02:45 [evennia] eldritchsemblance commented on issue #1262: @BlauFeuer @grungies1138 The change as is simply changes the point of failure from while puppeting to while ooc.  The same change I applied to #1265 before @BlauFeuer advice works here, all unit tests pass, and the mail system works both ooc and while puppeting:...
02:45 [evennia] eldritchsemblance commented on issue #1262: @BlauFeuer @grungies1138 The change as is simply changes the point of failure from while puppeting to while ooc.  The same change I applied to #1265 before @BlauFeuer advice works here, all unit tests pass, and the mail system works both ooc and while puppeting:...
02:46 [evennia] eldritchsemblance commented on issue #1262: @BlauFeuer @grungies1138 The change as is simply changes the point of failure from while puppeting to while ooc.  The same change I applied to #1265 before @BlauFeuer advice works here, all unit tests pass, and the mail system works both ooc and while puppeting:...
02:49 vincent-lg huhu
02:49 the barkeep greets itself
02:49 I think there's a slight bug here
02:50 evenniacode [evennia] eldritchsemblance opened pull request #1289: check if ooc or puppeting before finding player object (master...contrib-mail-fix)
02:50 [evennia] eldritchsemblance commented on issue #1262: @BlauFeuer @grungies1138 The change as is simply changes the point of failure from while puppeting to while ooc.  The same change I applied to #1265 before @BlauFeuer advice works here, all unit tests pass, and the mail system works both ooc and while puppeting:...
02:51 PM Barkeep says, "Heheh!"
02:51 vincent-lg BlauFeuer: event typeclasses aren't really to decipher.
02:51 in truth it's like all DefaultCharacter, DefalutRoom, DefalutExit and DefalutObjecta are being sub-classed
02:51 PM Barkeep sleeps.
02:52 vincent-lg but they are not really subclassed, they write in DefaultObjects directly to avoid complicating matters. At least, in theory :D
02:53 PM BlauFeuer says, "Hush, Barkeep."
02:55 BlauFeuer says, "I keep thinking I should write a handler, but never get to actually doing it; instead I end up overwriting existing methods."
02:56 BlauFeuer says, "Following and riding seem like good candidates for handlers, along with containers with lids and stackable surfaces."
02:56 vincent-lg for containers yep definitely
02:57 for following/riding... I don't know. Perhaps. Handlers are great but they don't make life easier for everything I guess
02:57 PM BlauFeuer says, "I don't know - I seem to be stuck in one coding rut."
02:58 DiscordBot1 <Cloud_Keeper> What's the rut Blau?
02:58 <Cloud_Keeper> We might be able to help
02:58 <Cloud_Keeper> We'll be your shoulder angels. V is the good angel and I'm the evil angel
02:59 <Cloud_Keeper> https://katejohns619.files.wor[…]rs-new-groove.jpg
02:59 PM BlauFeuer says, "That's just how I imagine you both."
03:01 BlauFeuer says, "I'm still currently trying to get at_post_puppet to know the reason for the disconnection.  There's at least 5 reasons someone disconnects: quits, connection closes, idle timeout, kicked/banned, and disconnected due to session count limit."
03:02 BlauFeuer says, "It's kinda like the comms messages, disconnects need types, and server needs to parse them."
03:03 BlauFeuer says, "That trident looks highly impractical, by the way."
03:05 DiscordBot1 <Cloud_Keeper> Does Evennia even distinguish disconnect types at any point? I know idle timeout does. Kick/banned would. quit using the command might.. Actually they probably do but they'll be all over the place
03:08 <Cloud_Keeper> So you would find where at_post_puppet is called. And find where each one of those types of those diconnescts happen and just communicate it back through
03:11 lorecrafting joined #evennia

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