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02:18 BattleJenkins Hmm!
02:18 I'm trying to add a prompt to my game, but for some reason, I get this error: TypeError: 'str' object is not callable
02:18 Oh, whoops
02:18 Syntax error...
02:19 The prompt line shows up! ...And it doesn't have color codes? What the heck..??
02:20 cptmashek :3
02:20 Hee.
02:21 BattleJenkins All right, above is how the prompt line should look, and below is how it does look.
02:26 Looks like this is probably an issue - I take it prompt support is a pretty recent addition!
02:27 Hmm... actually, maybe it's my CSS file...
02:27 It may be out of date now.
02:28 Hmmm nope that's not it.
02:33 evenniacode [evennia] BattleJenkins opened issue #973: Prompt does not support color codes
03:35 BattleJenkins Hm, is there an easy way to strip out color codes from a string? I tried utils.strip_control_sequences but it doesn't work.
03:36 I was hoping I could just have the color codes taken out for now until color codes are supported in the prompt.
03:56 cptmashek That would be useful
03:57 BattleJenkins I'm super excited for the prompt! Everyone who's playtested has asked for some kind of reminder if they have moves remaining
03:57 And I set up the prompt to have that!
04:05 evdemo [Public] BlauFeuer: Something like: text = spoof = ansi.strip_ansi(text)
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07:16 Griatch On the wclient branch, you do msg(prompt="prompttext", options={"nomarkup":True}) to turn off markup.
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18:01 BattleJenkins Hmm... just added options={"nomarkup":True} after the prompt and it didn't seem to do it!
18:37 It's ok! I just went through and commented out the lines with color codes and put in temporary no-color versions until colors are supported in the prompt. Thanks for all your hard work, and I'm sorry if I've been coming off as impatient!

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