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00:00 DiscordBot <MagnumOpus> That's a good call. I'll read into the handler. Cheers.
00:23 <MagnumOpus> Looks like I'm running into the issue described here:
01:15 <MagnumOpus> Weird.. So I switched up the update call for the Attribute: prox = self.db.prox         prox.update(child, pose, parent)         print(prox.poses())         self.db.prox = prox and now it looks like the pickling is causing problems: networkx.exception.NetworkXError: Edge tuple ('__packed_dbobj__', ('objects', 'objectdb'), '2020:05:17-00:35:54:784257', 1) must be a 2-tuple or 3-tuple.
01:16 <MagnumOpus> I think I may have to stick a handler on top of this and keep the node/edge data in the Room :(
02:17 <BP-Santo> Hmm - whats the best idea to check if an object still exists to avoid django.core.exceptions.ObjectDoesNotExist being raised when attempting to call .delete() on a object that has already been deleted? In my case I am deleting all objects in DEBUG portion of batchfiles and doing other operations.
02:18 <BP-Santo> But deleting rooms clears out exits so in my for loop for deleting objects I could check if object still exists, just not sure if there is a method for it already on default objects.
02:30 <BP-Santo> I'm going to just import that django exception and ignore it I suppose

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