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00:18 DiscordBot <Volund> /me starts a separate project for handling the crossbar thing to test it. PROJECT SHINMA BEGIN
00:49 Xantara joined #evennia
02:08 DiscordBot <Volund> ugh
02:08 <Volund> I do not grok
11:16 evenniacode [issue comment] aceamro commented on issue #1161 (Feature request: Disable logging of locks changes to lockwar[...]) in evennia: Since the NoneType log occurs frequently, it was resolved by[297 more] ([…]comment-671039075)
11:36 DiscordBot <Volund> I'm -starting- to grok now though
11:36 <Volund> I needed some sleep
11:43 <Volund> Not yet sure what the best way to split this up would be yet BUUUUUUUUUUUUT I think taking some pages out of other distributed apps and things like MMORPGs would be a good idea.... which means I need a login/auth-server
13:52 <Tuchdalizard> Is there a way to save already created world (through in-game commands) into a batch file?

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