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15:37 rnmissionrun Yay, power outages. I really need a UPS :(
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17:48 slackfriarzen1 <friarzen> yeah, I've moved around alot.  some places I've lived have had great power stability, others have sucked horribly, so I've become a real fan of UPS
17:50 <friarzen> my current is an Eaton 5115, which has outlived 4 other APC home units and two sets of batteries.
17:50 <friarzen> it was expensive when I bought it but man has it saved me money in the long run.
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18:29 rnmissionrun Man, linode seems to be having a lot of network issues today
18:58 DiscordBot <Thenomain> It has its ups and downs. Mechanipus is hosted there, and man Chime was unhappy at being on the same pipe as a site that people apparently liked to DDoS.
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