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01:03 evenniacode [evennia] FlutterSprite commented on pull request #1518 9e6de08: Currently, yes. This is how it is for all the 'turnbattle' modules - I think going through and cleaning them up and making the tests more thorough and consistent might be its own project, part of making all the 'turnbattle' modules more streamlined.
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01:10 evenniacode [evennia] FlutterSprite commented on issue #1518: Hoping to finally resolve all this stuff today!
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02:30 evenniacode [evennia] FlutterSprite commented on issue #1518: All right, I split the Turnbattle modules' unit test classes up more, and refactored stuff into setUp and tearDown methods, so it should all be a lot cleaner and more proper now. This should address everything brought up before. I really hope this is enough to get it all merged in!
03:48 [evennia] FlutterSprite commented on pull request #1518 d550f3e: Seems good! I'll keep that in mind - I'm interested in going through all the turnbattle modules and kind of cleaning them up a bit at some point.
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