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00:41 vincent-lg my little cars are working so well. There are pretty simple in piloting, you don't need to know 100 commands, but they allow a lot. That's an alternative movement system, I really don't know if it's fun... if it's any indication, I have fun trying it out :D
00:43 streetwitch Where are my WoD friends?
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01:43 vincent-lg is it possible to create a CmDset and override the exit commands?
01:43 'cause it sounds like that's what the wilderness contrib did...
02:17 DiscordBot <Icarus> Been brushing up on the ol'java stuff, and basically had to learn it from scratch. The exercises in this mooc were hell of useful, and can be done just as easily in Python and present a nice little learning curve if any newbies need some practice:[…]ek-1?noredirect=1
03:35 <Cloud_Keeper> @LizardLeliel did you ever have a look at
03:36 <Cloud_Keeper> It looks to be a python Pokemon engine with names changed to avoid copyright concerns.
03:38 <LizardLeliel> Well, adding in the pokemon is part of the problem with making a pokemon game, and if it doesn't have them, then we're kind of missing out on one the largest benefit of using someone else's engine.
03:40 <Cloud_Keeper> Righto, just thought I'd bring your attention to it.
03:47 vincent-lg my custom CmdSet works. I've just replaced the 'look' command
03:48 now the problem is... how do I replace exits?
03:48 DiscordBot <Cloud_Keeper> Replace exits all together?
03:49 vincent-lg but how...?
03:49 DiscordBot <Cloud_Keeper> Exits are just objects that have a command auto created on creation
03:49 vincent-lg is there a way? I could create 10 commands east southeast and so on
03:49 but they would show up in the help
03:49 not really a big deal but not pretty :D
03:49 hm...
03:50 DiscordBot <Cloud_Keeper> How about you describe what you're trying to do
03:50 <Cloud_Keeper> I know you want to replace exits but why
03:50 vincent-lg I'm trying to create a road building mode
03:50 roads aren't rooms
03:50 so the idea is to type @road to enter into the road building mode
03:51 then move around using the exits, create a crossroad here, a street there. All that is custom commands
03:52 DiscordBot <Cloud_Keeper> Okay.
03:53 <Cloud_Keeper> So why do you want to replace exits?
03:53 vincent-lg I've done it by creating a high-priority command set that will interpret everything as a wrong command... to override the system of commands. But that's not pretty and that's not great :D . A command set that merge without replacing all commands can access help files for one thing, which is much better
03:54 well when you're in thismode, you should use exits to move around
03:54 it's easier than enter coordinates
03:54 though I may provide both modes
03:54 DiscordBot <Cloud_Keeper> For road building I'd probably use evmenu
03:55 vincent-lg that's bsically what I did
03:56 but with a command to create crossroad, another to create roads, another to create vehicles, not mentioning the other commands remaining to be done, it can get a bit crowded :D
03:57 but perhaps that's the best solution. I would have liked to merge a CmdSet without replacing it, to be able to use channels while building, or access the help system, or even the @py command if allowed
03:57 the other solution would be to create a unique room with custom exits
03:57 DiscordBot <Cloud_Keeper> If it's crowding the bottom of the evmenu then don't have an options formatter and have the menu return a help dialogue for input other than valid matches
03:58 vincent-lg like a class RoadBuildingExit. When you @road you find yourself in this room with its 10 exits, and if you take one it would move you through the coordinates instead of the room system. Perhaps it's the prettiest solution :D
03:59 yes, that's another option :)
04:14 okay there was an easier solution
04:15 it was to create a command with all the aliases of exits, since I know what they are, but set it on autohelp False :P . Silly and simple

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