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00:08 [evennia] Henddher commented on issue #1684: Hi @Griatch,...
00:08 [evennia] strikaco commented on issue #1678: It's easy enough to create an XML tree based on rooms/exits but to really make the most of this I think we're lacking some other core functionality:...
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00:11 [evennia] strikaco commented on issue #1669: I believe I've addressed the feedback to date; whenever you get a moment this is ready for review.
00:13 [evennia] strikaco commented on issue #1674: I think I've addressed all the feedback on this one; ready for review!
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00:39 [evennia] Henddher commented on issue #1699: ### First change...
00:49 [evennia] Henddher commented on issue #1699: ### First attempt ...
00:50 [evennia] Henddher commented on issue #1699: ### First attempt ...
00:50 [evennia] Henddher commented on issue #1699: I think this issue boils down to *requirements* ... don't you think, @Griatch?...
00:53 [evennia] Henddher commented on issue #1569: Thank you @arumford!...
00:55 [evennia] Henddher commented on issue #1569: Thank you @arumford!...
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05:22 DiscordBot <Packetdancer> I wonder if it's worth writing up a page for the Evennia wiki/guides about what Django actually is and why it's important to Evennia; I know several people who are interested in Evennia but not familiar with Django.
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05:38 evdemo [Public] ging: hello
05:38 whitenoise o/
05:38 o7
05:38 \o
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05:56 DiscordBot <tltb_dev> @Packetdancer  As a extremely slow learning noob I want to know everything I can about anything involved in Evennia. So I'd say it's worth it to talk about Django
05:58 <Packetdancer> I mean, it's not like a simple guide is going to cover all of how to work with Django -- there's plenty of guides on that already, anyway -- but being able to create your own models is so dang powerful it's useful to understand how it fits in.
06:00 whitenoise also if you're actually an extremely slow-learning noob, you might not want to shotgun any and all learning but focus more on a thing at a time
06:00 otherwise you're trying to learn too many different systems and concepts at the same time, and you'll end up not learning anything
06:00 DiscordBot <Packetdancer> There's some truth to that; any system is easier if you pick one small project to carve off and tackle it first.  I learned Evennia by writing a bulletin board system, for instance.
06:01 whitenoise but alas, i am exhausted
06:02 so i am going to go fall asleep on my sateen-clad bed
06:03 DiscordBot <Packetdancer> I think I'm gonna go sleep also.  Have a good evening, all!
06:04 whitenoise o/ \o
06:53 Griatch @PacletDancer: I already started a Glossary of terms. I don't plan to explain Django (the Django manual is there for a reason) but it does try at least to explain what it is and why Evennia uses it:
07:00 evenniacode [] Griatch pushed to page 'Glossary'
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07:24 vincent-lg hi Evennia!

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