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01:55 jcastro hi evennians! :)
01:56 Cloud_Keeper Hi jcastro
01:56 Kardon Howdy
01:57 Cloud_Keeper How are you on this rainy, cold day
01:57 jcastro well, here it's a darkness and not-rainy day :P
01:57 how are you?
01:58 Cloud_Keeper I'm about to take a break to play a video game. So I'm fantastic for the next half hour
01:59 jcastro A video game?? What videogame? :3
01:59 Cloud_Keeper Mount and Blade
01:59 A lifetime ago I used to contribute to a Lord of the Rings Mod for it and I just discovered that it's still being updated!
02:00 jcastro I playing with evennia trying to make cool stuffs :)
02:00 Enjoy your 3D and modern game xDDD
02:00 Cloud_Keeper Haha It was released maybe 15 years ago? I'm not sure we can call that modern
02:00 What sort of cool stuffs are you making?
02:01 jcastro yeah, 15 years ago it's a little more old than modern xDD
02:02 well, no much now, i'm trying to write colors chars from evennia to telnet client. I think to show simple images will be very cool
02:02 Reading about xterm256 and true color in terminals
02:02 and thinking in modify evennia core to allow this feature
02:03 Kardon jcastro: Evennia has this already :)
02:03 jcastro (i think it's only suppor ansi and 256 colors)
02:03 yes???
02:03 :D
02:03 true color???
02:03 Kardon It supports xterm256
02:03 If you are in game, type @color xterm256
02:03 It will show you the colors and escape codes for them.
02:04 jcastro yes,  knew that, i talk about add true color support
02:04 Kardon Ahhhhh gotcha
02:04 Nevermind then. :)
02:06 jcastro for example:[…]rminalImageViewer
02:06 this guy make this tool that it's easy to read his code and it's sooooo amazing to implement in at MU* game
02:06 What do you think?
02:07 Kardon That's pretty nifty. Although I would probably avoid it personally, only because I want my game to be accessible.
02:09 jcastro yeahhh.... :( I think about that, but also think: How mucho people play this things, and how much play MY game? So, this is for fun only, anyway, you can disable some type of options. For example, my idea it's somethinig like this:
02:09 I thinks that when a player reach a room, can send a look command that search at google images to match a room (for instance, forest in a room about forest) and display that to the player
02:10 (sorry for the english, I write "to the fly" without using a translator '^^ (I hope you can understand good anyway)
02:12 Kardon No need to apologize, your English is fine. :)  Yes, I think that would be really cool. It's important to develop what you find fun or engaging, lest you lose interest over time.
02:12 Cloud_Keeper You can post the actual pictures of you're using the web client
02:12 jcastro totally true <3
02:13 but through a telnet or only inside a html embebed code?
02:14 the fun it's in be a telnet feature without the need of a web-browser
02:16 @Cloud_Keeper?
02:17 Cloud_Keeper Web browser
02:17 Over telnet you could do a link I guess
02:17 It would depend on your client
02:19 jcastro Ok! No, i wan colored character inside the telnet that support them :)
02:19 want*
02:27 Cloud_Keeper A noble goal. Life is depressing without color
02:29 jcastro hahaha, thanks! :)
02:30 you can do sooo thinks... For instance: A heatmap of the zone, a tilemap for turn-based combat, and so more <3
02:30 A preview of this amazing new weapon you found.... :3
03:44 DiscordBot <Xlaits> How does the bridge handle pictures?
04:06 <Xlaits>[…]55759/unknown.png
04:13 Cloud_Keeper
04:36 DiscordBot <Xlaits> Can EvMenu make someone change rooms after exiting?
04:38 Cloud_Keeper Sure
04:38 DiscordBot <Xlaits> Alright, awesome.
04:38 Cloud_Keeper You could have a node that changes the callers location at any point
04:38 DiscordBot <Xlaits> Even more awesome.
04:38 <Xlaits> This way, I can silently make someone change out of the CC room once they've finished CC.
04:40 Cloud_Keeper You could throw them in an EvMenu and never have a CC room?
04:41 DiscordBot <Xlaits> True. There is a way to do that from first login, right?
04:45 Cloud_Keeper Check out the Menu login contrib
04:46 We all have our own version
04:46 DiscordBot <Xlaits> Alright. I might just store it as a "hasDoneCC" variable on the character.
06:26 Cloud_Keeper[…]ost_alive_to_you/
06:26 "What MUD world feels the most alive to you and why"
06:26 There's no answers but I'm dying to hear some opinions
07:48 evenniacode [push] Griatch pushed 1 commit to evennia/develop: [Griatch]: Start conversion for Django 2.0; change to auth for compatib[...]
08:07 vincent-lg bother, I forgot to turn off my computer again
08:08 not good for the planet's health :S
08:09 Cloud_Keeper: this is a good question surely and I will try to answer it, give it at least one opinion, after I have some breakfast and can think coherently :P
08:30 Griatch: woo, congrats on the merge into devel branch!
08:30 and py37! does it mean I get to replace all %-formatting string with f-formatted? What a sight it would be :P
08:31 okay enough of everything else to do
08:32 granted. I still have a tutorial to finish myself but  won't feel too bad using f-formatted strings (I'm already linking to the Py3 doc, all of that might not be great but I believe it will help a little)
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10:10 vincent-lg another try with docker services
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11:33 vincent-lg okay, 15 hours and almost no headway... except my data is persisted across updates, which is good
11:33 I still get about 12 seconds of downtime each time I update the services and I'm really tired of trying to solve that problem, but for the time being, it's not over-important
11:43 * jaggiJ is at end if video crash course on object oriented python by o'reilly
11:43 jaggiJ I didnt know about pdb debugger before :>
11:47 comes handy now when i dont use idle/pycharm
12:12 vincent-lg jaggiJ: and I wrote a very good tutorial on debugging with Evennia :P
12:13 jaggiJ vincent-lg, its in wiki ?
12:14 I am just watching vids about unit testing ... it goes around my head , but maybe its because its late for me :D
12:16 vincent-lg jaggiJ: yeah in the wiki
12:16 sorry.
12:17 I like testing. I try to write lots of tests in my projects now. It provides some stability and some security when updating, that's their main advantages
12:18 jaggiJ 'although writing tests in not fun , they are essential part of professional python world'  uhmm
12:18 you are lucky to like ... that :D
12:19 vincent-lg, looks in-depth
12:21 I am going soon to write a mobile, so I took a fast course to fill and refresh my Object Programming perspective.
12:21 mobile as NPC like our ghost in demo
12:23 or maybe not mobile, just NPC that is kinda alive. Needs to eat to survive and keep going.
12:25 vincent-lg ho okay
12:25 well unittests may not be extremely fun to write
12:25 jaggiJ hwen I finish my backup thing soon I am going learn about servers then, it will come handy to throw my evennia game into persistent online game server to practice.
12:26 extremaly fun haha :D , I look other way for a while :)
12:26 vincent-lg but I believe they make all the difference. That's definitely one way bugs can be avoided... and if you change your code, you don't have to manually test everything before being reassured that it still works. And you sure don't have to manually test each time you change something. These advantages balance the time taken to write good tests (and even that is not so much, once you're used to them)
12:27 jaggiJ Do you think I should learn it now or after I practice a bit with object oriented code ?
12:27 vincent-lg you sure don't have to learn it right away :D
12:28 jaggiJ I think so, I need experience with writing OO code since it likes to leak from my head when it is only casual.
12:29 vincent-lg usually it's a mid-advanced skill I think. Not something to be learned right away. However I have to admit that a lot of projects suffer and pay a high price because they didn't write unittests right away but waited a few years when the codebase was already large. Perhaps Griatch would agree with that statement for Evennia :D
12:29 lunch time!
12:29 jaggiJ bon app
12:39 vincent-lg thanks
12:39 coffee... or not... a coffee wouldn't be reasonable...
12:47 Griatch vincent-lg: It's indeed easier to write unit tests for a small code base and expand as you go than to add it after the fact.
13:24 But Evennia has had a relatively high unit test coverage (at least for an OSS project) for a long time already. It just need to push even higher :)
13:30 vincent-lg Griatch: yeah. It's pretty high but let's not rest :D
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