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13:22 willkg hi!
13:23 janetPCF: how're things?
13:23 janetPCF Hey -
13:23 ok - just 1 issue with ejecting my usb drive on windows XP
13:23 miro seemed to ignore me on that
13:24 if you want to try on you machine it may be good to know if it's specific to me or my drive
13:24 seems windows only - eject was ok on osx
13:24 need to go back an retry on linux after
13:25 and reset the target milestone of a few bugs marked fixed for 4.0.2 - but didn't seem to make it out of maste.r
13:35 * willkg nods.
13:39 willkg the eject thing is puzzling.  i didn't see anything eject-related in that log.
13:39 i'll see if i can test it.
13:39 are you using a Miro-4.0 branch build?
13:49 janetPCF yes - I'm on the 4.0 branch build
13:49 it seems like it's just ignoring me when I hit eject
13:51 willkg i think z3p said he'd be on at some point today.  hopefully he can look into it.  i have no idea how that code works.
13:51 janetPCF ok
13:51 the droid eject works fine
14:42 willkg:  will the 4.0.2 build only have fixes that were explicitly cherry-picked from Master?
14:43[…]_bug.cgi?id=17554 and[…]_bug.cgi?id=17518 are two more bugs that have targets for 4.0.2 but I don't think are in the branch.
14:49 willkg janetPCF: you're right on.  neither of those were in the Miro-4.0 branch.
14:49 janetPCF: they're both important, i think, so i cherry-picked them even though half of me is kicking me because that's such a terrible idea this late in the cycle.
14:50 janetPCF: want me to do a new set of Miro-4.0 branch builds?
14:52 * willkg hears janetPCF say "yes, do it!"
14:53 janetPCF yes
14:53 do it
14:55 I wouldn't be in a big panic since they were both fixed ages ago, and I have been regularly testing the nightly builds
14:55 willkg cool.
14:56 they look benign.
14:56 janetPCF: new Miro-4.0 osx build posted.
14:57 the windows one is still building.
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15:25 willkg windows build is done.
15:28 CarlFK morning willkg
15:28 willkg CarlFK: hi!
15:28 CarlFK for another few minutes anyway
15:29 how's your make file foo?  I need a make file that will do:  gcc async-test.c -o async-test -lrt
15:31 willkg CarlFK: mmm...  my make-fu is ok.
15:31 CarlFK: etherpad what you have.
15:32 CarlFK I have that gcc line
15:33 :)
15:38 build:  - thanks.  now I when I type make it will actually make :)
15:38 I had the gcc thing in a script, but kept trying to run make
15:43 willkg ahh...  got it.
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18:19 Jarrhead hey paulproteus! could I ask you how i might solve the 'Error: No module named notification' message i'm currently getting?  yesterday the 'python develop' step you mentioned solved the 'No module named localtv' (woohoo!)
18:21 paulproteus I would suggest:
18:21 1) make sure you're in the virtualenv
18:21 2) pip install notification
18:22 3) If that fixes it, then add "notification" to requirements.txt and submit a patch
18:22 Currently spread thin, but I want you to get past this setup stuff!
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18:23 Jarrhead that's fine noworries.. thanks will do
18:26 paulproteus So -- try that and let me know.
18:34 Jarrhead ok... that worked, however it now returns: 'Error: cannot import name models'
18:40 paulproteus Hmm.
18:40 In which file?
18:40 And what is the "it" -- are you running python shell?
18:41 Jarrhead yessir, on trying to run python shell
18:43 paulproteus Great, well that's the right thing to be running.
18:43 Can you pastebin the error?
18:45 Jarrhead i'm afraid that's the only line echo'd after running the command "Error: cannot import name models"
18:45 paulproteus Oh, yuck.
18:45 What if you remove things one by one from INSTALLED_APPS?
18:45 Jarrhead ok
18:45 paulproteus Start with 'localtv', I suppose.
18:46 Also can you pastebin the you're using? Feel free to remove passwords if there are any.
18:46 Jarrhead ok
18:46 ok
18:46 i'm not sure if it's useful, but the server ran successfully before changin the
18:48 paulproteus What changes did you make?
18:48 The ones suggested, presumably (-:
18:49 There's probably a bug in the suggestions. That sucks.
18:49 Jarrhead ok, moment (it could very well be me ;) ), getting pastebin quick...
18:51 gottit:
18:52 i went through the process twice as thoroughly as i could
18:53 paulproteus What dir is that file in?
18:53 Also set TIME_ZONE='UTC' (not Africa/Johannesburg)
18:54 Also try commenting out of the ROOT_URLCONF
18:54 Jarrhead it's in webprojects/localmc/
18:54 that's ~/webprojects/localmc/settings (from my home directory)
18:55 ok will do
18:55 paulproteus That looks pretty reasonable.
18:57 Jarrhead: I will be a lot more helpful around this time tomorrow, fwiw.
18:57 Jarrhead ok thanks... i've made the changes as per above, the error persists though
18:57 yeah i understand, let's take a rain check :)
18:57 paulproteus Cool (-:
18:57 Jarrhead ok great :), thanks for the tips!
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21:04 pieter_ Q: Does anyone have a list of the convertor's file types, I need one with 320x240
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