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05:24 GitHub84 [miro] bendk force-pushed windowsoverhaul from 757f0d9 to 4019898:[…]s/windowsoverhaul
05:24 [miro/windowsoverhaul] Initial gstreamer switch work - Will Kahn-Greene
05:24 [miro/windowsoverhaul] Changes required for switching to pygtk all-in-one installer - Will Kahn-Greene
05:24 [miro/windowsoverhaul] Swaps out vlc extractor for gstreamer one - Will Kahn-Greene
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13:25 z3p good morning
14:00 janet ih
14:00 or hi
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15:56 bendk glee: hey, I forgot about the peer review for the windowsoverhaul branch
15:57 glee bendk: Sure thing, when you are ready
15:57 bendk so basically it's the last 5 commits to the windowsoverhaul branch
15:57 although some of those are pretty small ones
15:58 can you take a look and tell me what you think?
16:00 actually, can you send an email.  I'm going to eat some lunch
16:00 glee bendk: sure thing
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17:30 bendk glee: thank's for the comments
17:31 yeah, I think those Py_BuildValue calls should be inside the GIL
17:31 and especially the DECREFS
17:31 I'm not sure what to do about failure in the initialize function
17:32 if it doesn't work, then we are pretty much screwed
17:32 maybe I'll turn the boolean into a enum, so we have uninitialized, success, and failure
17:33 so we aren't trying to re-reregister the class over and over at least
17:33 glee bendk: Doesn't have to be real good if we are the only one using it I guess, if we chuck an exception or return failure maybe the caller can deal?
17:33 bendk: Is there some sort of init function that we can call in Python so we can just call it on import and then forget about it?
17:34 bendk that's how I had it initially, but I figured it was easier to do outside of those calls
17:34 but I guess it makes sense to do it like that, so if we fail it's clearer what happened
17:35 glee bendk: Fair enough, might not end up being a big deal, if we go the init route we could still catch errors on import or init, something like that
17:35 bendk yeah, that seems better
17:35 also, how do people feel about deleting some of our branches on github
17:36 if we have a bunch of fixXXXX branches that have already been merged, it seems like it's cleaner to delete them
17:39 glee hmm, I'd better go nuke my obsolete branches
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17:48 melinath z3p: The feed import code scrapes a feed, then might scrape an additional site for each video in that feed. That seems like a lot of work - do you know how necessary it is?
17:49 paulproteus: ^
17:51 paulproteus I think that in general it's pretty necessary.
17:51 Most feeds are slightly incomplete on the things we need.
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17:53 GitHub160 [miro] bendk force-pushed windowsoverhaul from 4019898 to e424ae2:[…]s/windowsoverhaul
17:53 [miro/windowsoverhaul] Fixed window that embeds gstreamer on windows. - Ben Dean-Kawamura
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17:53 bendk glee: just updated the windows overhaul branch, can you check out that last commit and see how it looks
17:53 I moved all the python calls to inside the GIL (nice catch!)
17:54 I added an explicit init() call
17:54 melinath paulproteus: That's what I figured. Would it be safe to skip that step if the information all seems to be there?
17:54 bendk and I added some undoing work if init() fails.  I was going to just add a comment explaining things, but then I realized it was simpler to just add the cleanup :)
17:54 paulproteus Almost definitely -- but really, if you just run the second fetches in parallel, it shouldn't be that bad.
17:54 z3p melinath: we could check, but I doubt it's all there
18:03 glee bendk: Yep looks good.  Be careful when stuffing pointers into longs on Windows, they use LLP64.  If you are already using a Python long to represent a hwnd that part should already be okay since it's arbitrary precision?
18:04 bendk: probably might not matter for the immediate term until there is no way to make 32-bit builds anymore
18:04 bendk yeah, I wasn't sure about that one
18:04 we're currently just using a python int
18:05 which stores a long
18:05 but is a LONG_PTR bigger than a long?
18:06 I think you're right that it is in 64-bit mode
18:06 glee bendk: Yep could be, LONG_PTR should be bigger than long, Windows explicitly defines it to a 64-bit type if you are doing a 64-bit build I think
18:07 bendk but wait, I think I only stuff an HWND into the python int
18:07 but HWND is a void*, so it's the same thing
18:08 glee bendk: Hm, okay, so the python bridge probably needs fixing too, should probably put it into a Python long time
18:08 *type
18:10 bendk yeah, or maybe just define an Hwnd class with no methods but stores the right data type
18:10 can you add a comment saying that?
18:10 I'll get to fixing that soon
18:10 glee bendk: Sure thing one sec
18:14 bendk: done
18:14 gotta run, my brain's mush!
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18:41 bendk janet: you around?
18:46 janet bendk:  I am
18:46 bendk for hybrid view in the videos tab, what should we display as an image?
18:47 we could do the feed image, but that's only for items with feeds
18:48 janet if it's not a feed item - wouldn't it be only 1 item and therefore not have an image - or am i missing somethign
18:49 oh - I see the case of Shows for example
18:49 bendk there's shows
18:49 I'll just use the feed image for now
18:49 but that's basically the same thing as the all feeds tab
18:49 janet what about the first thumbnail?
18:49 if there's no feed.
18:49 bendk I don't think we can use that
18:49 well, we could, but it would require more work
18:49 janet i see
18:50 MM uses a default image when there is not artwork
18:50 bendk I think I could add it without a ton of work, but I'm not sure how important it is
18:50 MM?
18:50 miro mobile
18:50 janet yes
18:50 bendk sure, I could use a default image
18:50 what would it be though?
18:51 let me just put together a basic try and then I can change it
18:51 janet all we have is our default thumb and no designer
18:52 I can track down npr and find out what he thinks
18:52 and put it in the bug
18:55 bendk we could use the default podcast image as an image, but I don't know if that will look right
19:23 janet bendk:  is there any text option that would work?
19:27 bendk:  we could run in to the same issue with ogg files - if they don't come w/ metadata / art and then the user chooses to set their own Album / Artist metadata -
19:27 do we have a default for audio?  I mean after we stop using the grey album for everyhting
19:28 bendk no we don't
19:28 seems like we need a default icon
19:28 and maybe it should be the same for each mode or maybe not
19:29 janet ok - so that's one for npr I think - to wrangle up some icons
19:29 I can put that in a separate ticket
19:39 zanoi bendk: if i use call_on_ui_thread to call WinSparkle during the miro startup, will it then still possibly slow down the startup of miro?
19:40 janet: sorry, for not giving replying with an estimate. Is there a specific time you need to have it done?
19:40 janet not necessarily - but it's the last bit of winsparkle then we can get them into 4.0.4
19:41 so just trying to get an idea of what's left for 4.0.4
19:42 bendk zanoi: call_on_ui_thread() makes the call as using an idle callback
19:42 so if that's a slow operation then it could
19:44 zanoi bendk:  so the idle callback may already be called while the startup is still going on?
19:45 bendk "startup" means a lot of things
19:45 but yeah, pretty much
19:46 if I want things to happen after startup, I usually use a timeout with some number of seconds
19:46 30 or so seems good
19:46 but for updates, do we want to show them as soon as the user starts miro?
19:48 zanoi no there should be a delay
19:49 bendk: what do you mean by using a timeout?
19:49 sounds like that's what I'm looking for
19:49 bendk the timer module
19:49 timer.add(msecs, callback) I think is the syntacx
19:50 zanoi great, thanks
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20:09 GitHub160 [miro] bendk created albumviewtweaks (+3 new commits):^...5202434
20:09 [miro/albumviewtweaks] Added album view mode for the videos tab.  (#18186) - Ben Dean-Kawamura
20:09 [miro/albumviewtweaks] Fixed sorting for the album view column. - Ben Dean-Kawamura
20:09 [miro/albumviewtweaks] Don't always draw track numbers in album view (#18184) - Ben Dean-Kawamura
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20:09 bendk z3p: you around?
20:12 janet: so I think those 2 bugs are almost finished, just need some review before I put it in
20:13 janet cool
20:14 I think there are two more hybrid bugs  that aren't filed yet - haven't got npr seal of approval
20:15 but i'll file them so I don't forget
20:15 1. It doesn't make any sense to have the hybrid view for individual podcasts
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20:16 janet 2.  On the top level Podcast tab - we display the feed url below the artwork and it's always truncated.
20:16 so it's pointless.
20:16 bendk 1) should be easy to fix
20:16 2) was just what I came up with off the top of my head
20:16 we can just leave it blank
20:17 janet it would be nice to see the whole feed name if possilbe - but probably not
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22:09 GitHub140 [miro] zanoi force-pushed autoupdate from e9396a1 to 11b08a5:[…]ommits/autoupdate
22:09 [miro/autoupdate] 18065. Delay update notification by 15 seconds on startup. - Jonas Emanuel Mueller
22:09 [miro/autoupdate] Adjust autoupdate log message to WinSparkle changes. - Jonas Emanuel Mueller
22:09 [miro/autoupdate] Use LONG_APP_NAME for registry key since that is what is used in the installer. - Jonas Emanuel Mueller
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22:17 zanoi bendk: would you mind reviewing those last 3 commits?
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23:58 ToreT hello
23:58 my miro isnt starting because og symlinks in windows
23:58 is there a hack for it to work?

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