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12:25 GitHub152 [miro] geoffl force-pushed bz18632 from 2c23367 to c0c90e0:
12:25 [miro/bz18632] bz18632: Fix shutdown on Windows. - Geoffrey Lee
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13:52 Kamran Hi. Found you on openhatch. want to help want to install but I refuse to install with adware - any way around this?
13:54 I assume that you are in the US. Talk later?
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16:06 janet testerguy7:  hi
16:07 you can  chat with melinath (stephan) and z3p (paul swartz) for Miro Community stuff.
16:07 melinath, z3p: testerguy7 is Lee Banman - who is helping with the QA for Miro Community
16:08 z3p janet: testerguy7: great!
17:07 janet melinath:  ignoring the fact that I get an internal error when I try to access the manage sources page: would it be insulting if I filed a bug suggestion that MC use the video submit form from universal subtitles: http://www.universalsubtitles.[…]en/videos/create/ it's so much nicer looking - and has the drop-down section if you want submit a feed instead of an individual video.
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17:23 z3p janet: that's a valid enhancement, I think; it's not totally applicable (only admins can add feeds) but it does look nice
17:34 janet z3p:  maybe the multi part could only display if you are logged in as an admin
17:43 z3p janet: yeah
17:44 testerguy7 Hi all!, nice to virtually meet you.
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21:58 melinath janet1, z3p: I agree that the form could be improved.
21:59 janet1: I assume that you mean that we can make the submission process nicer than it currently is, not that we should literally use the same form as usubs.
22:07 ah, there's a ticket. I'll comment there.

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