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01:17 Human01d_Typh00n Hey. How's it going?
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04:23 temhawk i just started Miro for the first time and it is connecting to hundreds of different ip's, what is it doing?
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10:15 janet z3p:  hey are you here?  I have a quick (hopefully quick) mc question
10:16 so I realize that dalmatia is now on a different branch and I'm not seeing the new template stuff
10:16 so I am running hte example site locally on the develop site
10:16 but....
10:16 after I submitted a video and try to view it - I get this;
10:16 Error during template rendering
10:16 In template /Users/janet/Public/env-mc/lib/python2.7/site​-packages/mirocommunity-1.9.0.a-py2.7.egg/loc​altv/templates/localtv/_video_grid_list.html, error at line 28
10:17 Am i missing something with the setup?
10:17 IOError at /
10:17 decoder jpeg not available
10:21 z3p that's a bad install of PIL
10:21 janet: how did you install your environment?
10:22 janet I followed the instructions here:[…]installation.html
10:22 but first I had cloned the repostory
10:22 so I think I really did
10:22 pip install -r requirements.txt
10:23 z3p janet: okay, try this from your virtualenv
10:23 janet: `pip install --upgrade Pillow==1.7.5`
10:25 janet it still doesn't like me
10:25 OError at /video/2/steve-blum_toonami-relaunchmp4
10:25 decoder jpeg not available
10:25 z3p hmm, okay
10:26 ubuntu?
10:26 janet os x
10:26 but I can try on ubuntu when I get home - which will be soon
10:26 z3p oh
10:26 janet: not sure what the package name will be
10:26 janet: but you'll need to install something like 'libjpeg-dev'
10:27 janet i see
10:27 z3p janet: and then re-run that install command
10:27 janet ok thanks
10:27 z3p janet: I'm headed out the door (gym before it gets too warm) but I'll check back in when I get home
10:27 janet ok - i'm going to now -
10:27 but thanks
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11:54 DGMurdockIII hi
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15:19 janet z3p:  found all my answers here:[…]-on-snow-leopard/
15:20 z3p janet: awesome!
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18:57 Sk1d Hey
19:03 Is there a possebility that miro will support flattr in the future? i just read the news about instacast is not allowed to support flattr any more...[…]-its-not-the-end/ but then i thougt why isnt miro using flattr if instacast could do this? this would be a easy whay for many people to support their favourit podcasts and miro would get a little percentage of the money (i thin
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