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14:34 habi good evening (switzerland-time)
14:34 i just tried to download a nightly of miro, since[…]_bug.cgi?id=18453 has been fixed.
14:35 but the nightlies for OSX cannot be mounted.
14:36 only[…]aster-nightly.dmg seems to be the right (big) size...
14:45 should/could I submit this somewhere as a bug report?
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15:10 janet1 habi
15:10 you can try the 5.0.1 almost to-be-released build
15:13 most of the files in the vimeo likes feed download - but there are a few that get a file not found error - because the downloading isnt' allowed by vimeo
15:20 habi awesome, thanks!
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