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00:50 jesstess The password reset page for the OpenHatch roundup seems to have me in an infinite loop on step 1 of the process.
00:51[…]emplate=forgotten (It says to give a username or e-mail address, and sends an e-mail to that address with a link to that page again)
00:53 Zathras jesstess, probably best to file a bug in the bugtracker
00:55 jesstess Zathras: I can't tell if you're joking or not :)
00:55 Zathras actually, that was a serious remark
00:56 jesstess Zathras: if I can't log in I can't file a bug :) (I was trying to log in to file a bug ...)
00:56 I can re-register if I have to, but I'd rather not.
00:56 Zathras ah. yes. Sorry. It's like 2 am here. Good pointer I should start thinking of getting some sleep
00:56 if you want to I can file the bug for you
00:57 paulproteus jesstess: !
00:57 Let me see if the mail server is down...
00:57 ...hmm, mail works.
00:58 Uh oh, roundup-admin's been sending me mail...
00:59 jesstess :)
01:00 Oh hey, I just got several e-mails with passwords.
01:01 paulproteus (-:
01:02 FWIW I haven't changd anything, so I guess those were already on the way.
01:03 jesstess It's confusing that it takes you back to the same page. (mail delay certainly makes it more confusing)
01:10 Zathras paulproteus, issue 134 (Map too slow to be useful) is marked as being "in-progress", Who is working on it?
01:17 time to get some sleep
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02:02 paulproteus jesstess: jesstessjjjjjjjjkjjkjkmashsss
02:03 jesstess paulproteus <<<<<<>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>
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12:47 Zathras__ hi
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15:31 Zathras__ ping paulproteus
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16:38 Zathras__ hi willkg
16:39 willkg Zathras__: hi!
16:48 jmaister When is the meeting again (and what timezone)?
16:55 Zathras__ jmaister, read my comment on Tanenbaum some days ago?
16:59 jmaister yes, read my reply?
16:59 Zathras__ nope
16:59 sory
16:59 think I missed that one
16:59 jmaister I just stated that I should have checked my facts better
16:59 Zathras__ aha
17:00 jmaister And that he only was counceling PhD students
17:00 Zathras__ as a hint: afaik when you have access to higher education in NL, you can attend courses in other institutes for free
17:00 aha. Too bad
17:04 jmaister, what is the meeting about if I might be so blunt asking
17:05 I would like to have a mini meeting with paulproteus on mapping before I start implementing. Unfortunately he is not online so it seems
17:06 jmaister Karen Rustad suggested having an irc meeting
17:06 in the devel list
17:07 Zathras__ was that the thing where people had a discussion on saterday/sunday bwing the 13th and that that would depend on timezones? (a bit strange)
17:08 *being
17:08 jmaister Today is saturday isn't it?
17:08 Zathras__ atm it is saturday the 13th. being the afternoon in EU and morning in US afaik
17:09 jmaister So 2pm est equals what in cet?
17:10 20:00?
17:12 Zathras__
17:12 when time was set in eastern US Time (Paul's time)
17:13 that would be gmt-5
17:13 and you are in gmt+1
17:13 jmaister so 6 hrs, yes.
17:14 so the meeting is in 2 hrs then
17:14 I guess
17:14 Zathras__ de le voila
17:14 jmaister :D
17:15 When is the US going to settle for the metric system and 24hrs watches...
17:16 Zathras__ not likely
17:16 you know Americans
17:16 they tend to have an attitude that the rest of the world is off and should adapt to their standards
17:16 besides. This is a not so trivial discussion
17:17 comparable to left and right side driving
17:17 there are far more people using "the wrong" standards then you think there are
17:18 jmaister The UK have at least "oficially" switched
17:18 Except road signs it seems
17:19 Zathras__ a single worldwide standard would be very beneficial for all but it is unlikely that it will happen.
17:20 jmaister If we can't even agree that death penaly is bad, I guess you are right
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18:25 pythonian4000afk is now known as pythonian4000
18:26 pythonian4000 ... what's the emoticon for tired and bleary-eyed? ^_^
18:33 jmaister -_-?
18:33 pythonian4000 I'm more ~_~
18:33 (and thanks! =) )
18:36 Zathras__ pythonian4000, am I correct in the assumption that snailbot search in archives on your site does not work?
18:36 pythonian4000 It does
18:37 Zathras__ oh. btw: hope you will soon feel better
18:37 pythonian4000 (well, it *should*)
18:37 Zathras__ I get : 1 page results
18:37 without results
18:37 assumption is the mother of all fuckups :P
18:38 pythonian4000 That is a minor flaw in design I believe in that a list of results are passed to the template withoutt being checked if they are empty.
18:38 Zathras__ I searched for my own nick, I am quite sure I have had *some* discussion on this channel before :P
18:39 so I think there should have been some results
18:40 pythonian4000 Sure you typed it in right?
18:40 I searched nick "Zathras" with no text search and got 10 pages of results
18:42 Zathras__ ouch
18:42 maybe case sensitivity
18:45 hmm. Now I do get results based on my nick but not on nick+keyword
18:46 are regexes allowed in seach? (I use various variations on spelling zathras)
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18:50 pythonian4000 I haven't messed with the search code much aside from adding server support, so not sure. I will have a look...
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18:50 pythonian4000 Very odd... Just did some searches. Your nick plus an actual text keyword - fail.
18:51 Keyword by itself - success.
18:51 Your nick plus keyword again - success.
18:51 Zathras__ lol
18:51 pythonian4000 Your nick plus a different keyword - success.
18:51 *mindbreak*
18:51 Zathras__ strange
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18:59 paulprot1us hello! I might be 5 min late
19:02 someone say hi to me! :P
19:02 pythonian4000 hi!
19:03 paulprot1us (-: Yay
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19:04 paulprot1us I'm typing on my phone... nearly home. Was eating dim sum.
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19:07 pythonian4000 where's everyone going?
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19:08 Zathras__ not the right start for a meeting....
19:09 mllerustad ...and Quassel-core appears to have gone down.
19:09 Hello, folks!
19:09 Zathras__ wb Karen
19:09 pythonian4000 wb
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19:10 paulproteuss Well, something crazy is going on with my personal server.
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19:10 mllerustad Okay, thank you Quassel.
19:10 So, who all is here?
19:11 jmaister I am
19:11 paulproteuss My Quassel says: "Lag: 48270.0s[econds]"
19:11 I am too!
19:11 pythonian4000 ^_^
19:11 paulproteuss Even though I'm not my usual self.
19:11 pythonian4000 Me!
19:11 mllerustad Whee, yay!
19:12 paulproteuss Er, the wiki is rather slow for me.
19:12 Hmm, maybe my 'net connection?
19:12 Anyway, /me looks for the minutes
19:12 jmaister Zathraz was here two hours ago, but maby he left. It's saturday evening after all :)
19:12 paulproteuss But Zathras__ is!
19:12 pythonian4000 Nope, he's here
19:12 mllerustad Okay, so agenda item 1 -- say hi to each other [X]
19:12 :)
19:12 pythonian4000 Hi!
19:13 Zathras__ hi
19:13 paulproteuss Hi (-:
19:13 mllerustad lol
19:13 jmaister hei
19:13 mllerustad I dunno if we want to do full-on introductions or not... looks like most of us are regulars
19:14 paulproteuss Can someone load the agenda? The website is acting super slow for me.
19:15 mllerustad paulproteuss: Is it on the wiki? I'm just going off of what "I" (you) sent in the email. :)
19:15 It doesn't appear to be under Meetings, anyway.
19:15 Zathras__ paulprot1us, can we please have a mini meeting on piratepad after this. I have written some text and would like some comments on it before I start coding please
19:16 paulproteuss I could have sworn someone wrote an agenda somewhere.
19:16 Maybe yeah, the [Devel] post..
19:16 Wow, yeah, okay, so the first agenda item really was to say "hi" to each other (-:
19:16 mllerustad Yes, yes it was. Would I lie? :)
19:17 Anyway, I think it would make some sense to go out of order, and do 1.) figure out OH priorities for the next n weeks and 2.) figure out what people individually want to do.
19:17 paulproteuss I like that idea. Let's spend 15 minutes on each, and then we'll have some time for more one-on-one time for e.g. Zathras__ .
19:17 So let's all blurt out what we think the priorities should be.
19:18 I personally am quite unhappy with how much the profile importer keeps breaking.
19:18 mllerustad +1
19:18 paulproteuss So I'm rewriting it in Twisted, and I am totally *nearly* done with that now.
19:18 I keep making slight architectural changes, but I think by the end of today I'll be done with those.
19:18 The downside of this is, we have to rewrite all the importers we have.
19:18 mllerustad Ooh.
19:19 paulproteuss But like the bug importer rewrite, I think things will make way more sense after this.
19:19 pythonian4000 I agree.
19:19 paulproteuss (-:
19:19 Plus once I finish deciding on the architecture, it will be easy to ask people to help and move existing importers into the new style.
19:19 pythonian4000 Why do the importers have to be rewritten, aside from because we want to? Have you affected something?
19:19 paulproteuss Well, most of them are written in a blocking fashion.
19:19 So they have calls like urllib2.urlpen(something).read()
19:20 s/urlpen/urlopen/
19:20 The way they are now totally sucks.
19:20 It means we need one Python process per HTTP connection we're waiting on.
19:20 pythonian4000 I know that. You just made it sound like something you did was going to break the bug importers.
19:20 paulproteuss Oh, no -- this doesn't change the bug importer.
19:21 At least, not yet. Once we have a Twisted-y way to HTTP, we should totally make the bug importer use it too.
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19:21 * paulproteuss waves to MichelleQ1
19:21 paulproteuss So I guess my top priority is still to rewrite the profile importer.
19:21 MichelleQ1 hey paulproteuss
19:22 paulproteuss We're having a meeting, fwiw -- c.f.[…]ember/001669.html . You are definitely welcome to stick around and chat during it!
19:22 mllerustad btw there are minutes sort of now:
19:22 paulproteuss b
19:23 One other thing I want to get done is to keep writing more and better documentation so that people know how to jump in, and know why things are the way they are.
19:23 Zathras__ very very good idea
19:23 paulproteuss I don't have any concrete plans for what means specifically, though.
19:23 Oh, and since the Gitorious move, Hudson is broken.
19:23 Hudson is also un-documented!
19:23 A Hudson setup lives at
19:24 Zathras__ I might have an idea for docs
19:24 pythonian4000 And only configurable by you I believe. Another job on your todo list =P
19:24 Zathras__ one mo
19:24 paulproteuss Oh, yeah, I do have one idea for docs:
19:24 Zathras__, what are you thinking?
19:25 I was pretty impressed by[…]ing/ModifyBrowser a few months ago, and I thought it would be cool to have a walkthrough of "Make some non-trivial change to OpenHatch, so you become familiar with the way it's laid out".
19:25 mllerustad paulproteuss: So, a training mission for contributing to OH specifically?
19:25 paulproteuss Well, not even quite a "training mission," just a high-clarity wiki page for now.
19:26 But in principle, yeah, something very similar.
19:26 The "training missions" are all things where the server can automatically measure your progress.
19:27 Another thing I want to do is polish up the training missions and start telling more people to use them.
19:27 mllerustad paulproteuss: +1
19:27 paulproteuss stump did some great work, and I've been sort of sitting on it.
19:28 mllerustad I guess the question there is: what exactly needs to happen so that we can release the dang things already?
19:28 paulproteuss mllerustad, That's a *great* question, and... I dunno.
19:28 Let me load them and see.
19:28 Topic for #openhatch is now | Let's make the open source community easier to join | If nobody answers, stick around and someone will | Channel is logged, "/msg SNAILBot help" for more info | "b" is a good thing: | Unlogged chat in #openhatch-unlogged | Logs at[…] | Currently: [Devel] meeting, minutes here: http://openhat
19:29 pythonian4000 Hehe, truncated topic...
19:29 mllerustad *sigh*
19:29 Zathras__ have to have some dinner before it's cold.
19:29 mllerustad Someone else decide what to delete.
19:29 Topic for #openhatch is now  
19:29 paulproteuss We'll restore it later, whatevs.
19:30 Topic for #openhatch is now Meeting minutes:
19:30 Zathras__ on the subject of docs: how about a graphic giving a flow how OpenHatch works
19:30 paulproteuss Zathras__, From the tech side?
19:30 Zathras__ and then you can link techniques and compontens to it
19:30 yes
19:30 paulproteuss Is there an example you can point me to so I can see what are picturing?
19:30 Zathras__ an architectural overview
19:30 yes. But have to google for it
19:31 pythonian4000 sort of like a UML diagram for software...
19:31 paulproteuss That would be super helpful. I'm getting a sense of what you mean already.
19:31 re: what to do for missions:
19:31 Zathras__ will do so later. Have to have dinner now. Sorry for lousy planning
19:31 paulproteuss Zathras__, that's okay, tty l!
19:31 * Fix the usability bugs listed at[…]&%40action=search
19:32 Er, at least the *one* that's mission-related.. #126 I guess.
19:32 Zathras__ I am not on the dev list so I am here more or less accidentally
19:32 paulproteuss Zathras__, Ah! Would you be willing to join?
19:32 * Write up a "How to write a mission" HOWTO
19:32 Zathras__ as quick note: I promised to look at issue 134. Did not have much time until now. Will look at it tonight though
19:33 paulproteuss Zathras__, Sweet. I will be mostly in-channel for the next 4-5 hours.
19:33 * I guess, we just remove the "beta beta" thing from the missions
19:33 And then we declare them done.
19:34 mllerustad paulproteuss: Is there a model for how other people can contribute missions?
19:34 Like, a template or something?
19:34 paulproteuss mllerustad, There's not, and that's the real crime.
19:34 jmaister I've done the missions, and there is no reason why they should still be in beta
19:34 mllerustad (seems like a devel-HOWTO would also be useful)
19:34 paulproteuss[…]_training_mission says "I haven't finished writing this document yet"
19:35 jmaister, :D
19:35 mllerustad lol
19:35 paulproteuss Oh, and the opening page of the missions should be more exciting!
19:35 mllerustad Because the "obvious" thing to do after we release the dang thing is to blog about it, and make other people blog about it.
19:36 pythonian4000 I have had a brief look through the missions code. Howw feasible would it be to move sections in, etc. into their own files?
19:36 mllerustad And it would be good if when people inevitably say "But this doesn't teach you how to do X!!!" we can point them somewhere :)
19:36 paulproteuss mllerustad, Right, exactly. I agree!
19:36 pythonian4000, One thing I was thinking was, one directory per mission.
19:36 pythonian4000 (i.e. under "views" dir, and have do some including magic)
19:37 paulproteuss Then "" can just be a list of:
19:37 from svn_mission.views import *
19:37 from diff_patch_mission.views import *
19:37 And that way, each mission is nice and self-contained.
19:37 pythonian4000 that does make more sense than views.svn_missions etc.
19:38 paulproteuss er, oops
19:38 er, un-oops
19:38 pythonian4000 =)
19:38 paulproteuss Yeah, I think that makes the most sense.
19:38 It requires some upheaval and moving stuff around in the codebase.
19:38 pythonian4000 But that's just copy-paste, right?
19:39 paulproteuss Basically.
19:39 I would really like someone else to take that on. I don't think it'll be that hard, and I think that once they're separated out like that, it'll be easy for that person to begin writing the HOWTO, too.
19:39 pythonian4000 I'm happy to do that.
19:39 paulproteuss <3
19:40 pythonian4000 My OH plans initially were to clear some of my bugs on the tracker, but the importer ones can be put on hold while we sort out the Twisted stuff.
19:40 s/OH plans/OH plans for the next week
19:40 paulproteuss (-:
19:41 I can really try to push the Twisted-based profile import (just for Github and Debian, so far) out today, too.
19:41 I've been saying that for weeks, but I'm pretty happy with it, finally.
19:41 mllerustad Hm, I guess I should take "make /missions/ page more exciting!!!", and maybe other UI stuff.
19:41 paulproteuss mllerustad, I mean, realistically, a lot of what has to be done is to *decide* what would make those pages look nicer.
19:41 mllerustad (Next week, I'm hopeful I'll have time to actually do things!"
19:41 )
19:42 Sure.
19:42 paulproteuss Luckily you know how to submit patches, so you can even do that; but I just feel kind of overwhelmed, so if you end up just talking and help us come to decisions, that'd be great.
19:42 mllerustad Sure, but e.g. graphics aren't going to appear just because I imperiously demand they exist :)
19:42 paulproteuss Sure, okay (-:
19:43 pythonian4000 Well given that you appear to be a graphic artist, I beg to differ ;D
19:44 mllerustad Unfortunately, Photoshop's voice recognition software doesn't respond to "Make a cool logo, dammit!" :)
19:44 paulproteuss !
19:44 pythonian4000 hehe
19:44 paulproteuss mllerustad, So let me give you an example:
19:44 This page is actually the start of something really cool. But it just blathers on about VCSs instead of saying "Dude, Mr Bad vs Mr Good!!!"
19:45 I guess maybe I should file a bug about that.
19:45 * paulproteuss files the bug.
19:45 mllerustad Ha!
19:45 * mllerustad hadn't ever tried this mission
19:46 paulproteuss Is that because it starts with a boring blob of text?
19:46 c.f.[…]raining-missions/
19:46 mllerustad I don't think so -- I hadn't ever done the diff/patch one either, just the first one.
19:47 paulproteuss Oh, okay.
19:47 mllerustad, are you updating the minutes?
19:47 I've forgotten what we said the priorities were.
19:47 pythonian4000 Yay scrollback!
19:48 mllerustad paulproteuss: Yeah, they're up-to-date.
19:48 paulproteuss, these are good minutes.
19:48 * paulproteuss waves to jmaister
19:49 paulproteuss You've been pretty quiet so far; let me know what you're thinking.
19:49 For Hudson, I'm torn. I don't really want to maintain it, but it's so good to have.
19:49 So what I really want to do is write some documentation about it, and then have someone else help. (-:
19:49 Like most things I don't want to do, it's actually easy, I'm just easily intimidated.
19:49 pythonian4000 Such as...?
19:50 mllerustad paulproteuss: "Unfortunately", you will probably have to fix its initial brokenness first, also. :P
19:50 paulproteuss Yeah, I'll file a bug about that right now.
19:50 pythonian4000, Like moving the missions files around! (-:
19:50 pythonian4000 I was referring to the Hudson-related stuff, but yes =)
19:51 paulproteuss I guess I also never file bugs when I see Hudson issues, so no wonder nobody helps.
19:51 * paulproteuss files a few
19:51 mllerustad lol
19:52 pythonian4000 Interesting... I logged in and was taken to rather than
19:52 paulproteuss That's not super reasonable.
19:52 pythonian4000 s/logged in/logged in to the bugtracker
19:52 * paulproteuss nods
19:52 mllerustad Are those not the same?
19:52 pythonian4000 See for yourself.
19:52 mllerustad Oh, I see.
19:53 paulproteuss Also, all these separate login systems are dumb.
19:53 pythonian4000 +1
19:53 paulproteuss And we should have a forum for people to *chat* about what projects they can join!
19:53 That's so obvious! I've been "meaning to" do that since May or so.
19:53 er, brb, filing more Hudson bugs
19:53 mllerustad ?
19:53 paulproteuss Like, a web forum!
19:53 mllerustad It's a new idea to me.
19:54 paulproteuss See, I don't tell anyone about my cool ideas.
19:54 mllerustad Won't, like, most projects have an IRC channel or forum where they want helpers to go?
19:54 I'd be afraid of duplicating effort / attention.
19:54 paulproteuss I was thinking, like, "Hey, I signed up for OpenHatch, but I don't know what project to work on. Does a human in the OH community want to suggest something?"
19:54 mllerustad Oh.
19:54 jmaister paulproteuss: Sorry. I was in the showe :P
19:54 paulproteuss jmaister, welcome back (-:
19:55 pythonian4000 wb jmaister
19:55 mllerustad Like one of those dumb Facebook apps: "What FLOSS project are U???"
19:55 paulproteuss Except people post, and then we chat with them.
19:55 mllerustad Well, fine.
19:55 paulproteuss Also I'm secretly hating Roundup's lack of ability to organize bugs easily into milestones.
19:55 mllerustad You think this would be better than in IRC?
19:55 jmaister I'm mostly just observing. Since I don't have a lot of experience with the OH project really. But if I think of something, I'll shout :)
19:56 paulproteuss jmaister, Cool (-:
19:56 pythonian4000 paulproteuss, explain?
19:56 paulproteuss Well, I want to somehow have a list of "bugs we aim to get done in the next release"
19:56 Like what Trac has.
19:56 pythonian4000 Ah, like Bugzilla.
19:57 paulproteuss Like
19:57 pythonian4000 But that requires us having actual "releases".
19:57 mllerustad paulproteuss: Did you ever get any feedback back from that prof who made his students do the missions?
19:57 paulproteuss Yeah, but we could set monthly goals, and make a "release" at the end of them.
19:57 mllerustad, I don't think so...
19:57 mllerustad Aw.
19:57 paulproteuss ! Like that.
19:58 jmaister About Facebook, shouldn't OpenHatch have a page, so people can become fans? It's pretty good PR
19:59 paulproteuss We do!
19:59 We just don't talk about it anywhere.
19:59 Shockingly, people do seem to find it.
19:59 jmaister I can't :(
19:59 paulproteuss (-:[…]atch/108578243652
20:00 I'm personally not very excited about doing the work to gather excitement on Facebook, but if you are, I'd be quite happy to give you admin rights on it!
20:00 jmaister Wierd. It doesn't appear in my search results
20:00 paulproteuss Right now, it slurps in the blog feed.
20:01 Huh.
20:01 jmaister Well, I guess I could at least think of what to put there. Can I come back to you on that?
20:01 paulproteuss jmaister, Sure (-:
20:02 Want to file a bug, and assign it to yourself?
20:02 jmaister All right
20:02 mllerustad I tagged the various tasks mentioned in the wiki w. descriptors for some reason.
20:02 *wiki minutes
20:03 paulproteuss and FWIW
20:04 Meta question:
20:05 Are we setting targets to hit by Dec 13, or instead to hit by Nov 30?
20:05 mllerustad I have no idea.
20:05 jmaister paulproteuss:
20:05 paulproteuss I guess it's kind of fun to say we release on the thirteenth.
20:05 It's tempting fate (-:
20:05 So I think we can actually get even more than this done. What else should we work on by Dec 13, then? (-:
20:06 mllerustad You're crazy :)
20:07 Well, I personally think paulproteuss and associated folks need to somehow document their OSS 101 session and package it up for other people to use.
20:07 But there's not much of that that other people can help with. :)
20:07 paulproteuss jmaister, I think you're right, w/r/t Facebook, BTW (-:
20:08 mllerustad, That's an interesting point.
20:08 mllerustad Let's see, what else... There's also the bloody 'HOWTO download/build/get running with <<project>>" guide template thing I was sort of working on.
20:08 Though I don't know if I'll be able to finish that in a month alongside other stuff.
20:09 paulproteuss mllerustad, Maybe we should file bugs about that rather than just pass notes around a coffee table in Berkeley.
20:09 mllerustad Yeah, probably. :P
20:09 paulproteuss: Did you account for maybe making the bug importer Twisted-y already in your calculations?
20:10 paulproteuss mllerustad, I did definitely not.
20:10 mllerustad I don't know if that's a priority or not, but it's listed.
20:10 Zathras__ back. will start reading up
20:11 paulproteuss Well, I guess we can say these are our goals for the next 4 weeks.
20:11 If nobody has anything else they want to add?
20:12 Relatedly, does this time work for regular weekly meetings?
20:12 pythonian4000 Not so good for me, I really don't fancy getting up at 8am on Sundays =P
20:12 paulproteuss pythonian4000, Oh yeah (-:
20:12 I could do later in the day, if it works for everyone else here.
20:12 pythonian4000 (Though my timezones are going to vary quite a bit between beginning of december and mid january
20:12 )
20:13 paulproteuss pythonian4000, Huh, why's that?
20:13 mllerustad Yeah, later works for me too now that frisbee season's done.
20:13 paulproteuss pythonian4000, Anyway, how's "this meeting's start time, plus 2 hours"?
20:13 pythonian4000 Going to Australia on an orchestra tour (probably with no internet access), then to England for Christmas with the rellies and then a week of skiing in Park City, UT.
20:14 paulproteuss !!
20:14 That's pretty sweet.
20:14 pythonian4000 And then an orchestra camp in Southern South Island, NZ
20:15 paulproteuss Well I declare "this meeting's start time, but 2 hours later" our weekly time for now. Sound okay to all here?
20:15 mllerustad Yes, sir!
20:16 pythonian4000 paulproteuss, That's great for me. Works out as 9pm Saturday in England so will be fine there too.
20:16 jmaister This being from 20:00 on a saturday and onwards, I can't always promise to be in
20:16 But I guess someone will always make minutes
20:16 paulproteuss jmaister, What are your constraints?
20:17 A bit earlier would work?
20:17 jmaister Saturday is lovely for meeting other humans irl, so a bit earlier would be swell for me
20:17 Like 12:00 EST
20:18 If that's not too early
20:18 paulproteuss I think it is for poor pythonian4000. You and he can get into a fight :P
20:18 mllerustad Of course, that works out to 9 PST and 6 Kiwi-time :/
20:19 jmaister Seeing that pythonian4000 is much more important than me, suggest 2pm EST is a good time :)
20:19 paulproteuss jmaister, Well, I'd be pretty okay with having a make-up meeting time for people who can't make the first one.
20:19 Zathras__ do you want me to do an introduction on what I am planning?
20:19 paulproteuss I can commit to both for now. I don't know how other projects handle this sort of thing.
20:19 mllerustad paulproteuss: (Jeez, this is what happens when you have a geographically diverse group of people interested in your project!" :P
20:20 )
20:20 pythonian4000 Yeah, 6am on a sunday is not my idea of fun ^_^
20:20 * paulproteuss laughs out loud!
20:20 paulproteuss Yeah, I think we're done with planning the next 4 weeks.
20:20 If so, let's move to "What we're working on, and what problems we're having", starting with Zathras__
20:20 Zathras__ ok.
20:21 paulproteuss I'm going to fix Hudson as I wait (-:
20:22 Zathras__ My interest for OH started when I was looking for datafeeding for a project I was thinking of. Instead of reinventing the wheel I wanted to use as much FOSS components as possible. Also for maintainability purposes
20:22 I had some issues with getting OH to work and also with understanding what it can do and can't do
20:22 and if it could be a "component" for my plans
20:23 to sum up: it is not
20:23 paulproteuss Oh, well.
20:23 Zathras__ I do not have much time to spend on projects I do not have direct relation with BUT
20:23 I like the idea of OH
20:23 paulproteuss (-:
20:23 Yay!
20:24 Zathras__ and during the process I saw some things
20:24 including the map issue (134)
20:24 * jmaister has to leave. See you later
20:24 Zathras__ discussed this with some people
20:24 bye
20:24 paulproteuss Ciao, jmaister !
20:24 Zathras__ as I have had some experience with OSM (Openstreetmap) I volunteered to do something with it
20:25 so I promised to have a look at things and see if and how I could contribute
20:25 I have done some research but not much coding yet
20:25 was planning on doing so today
20:26 so basically I am prepared to do this subproject but I do not think I will contribute otherwise then being on irc
20:26 pythonian4000 That's the great thing about Git branches - they are non-permanent, so very easy to have a hack around and play with stuff ^_^
20:26 paulproteuss Zathras__, That's cool -- thanks for being willing to!
20:26 If it doesn't work out, that's okay.
20:27 Zathras__ so brainstorming can be part of that but actual work probably not. Sorry for that.
20:27 I hope to discuss issue 134 after this meeting so I can start coding
20:27 paulproteuss Really no prob. (-:
20:28 I guess the meeting's over; the rest of the agenda is about doing stuff.
20:28 Meeting ending in 5...
20:28 1...
20:28 pythonian4000 Zathras__, Brainstorming is a much more important part. Seems that most ideas here are originally stymied by a lack of discussion about them, so anyone is useful there =)
20:28 paulproteuss </meeting> !
20:29 pythonian4000 Error: Unmatching XML tags.
20:29 Zathras__ euhm. What to do next: brainstorm on docs or discuss issue 134?
20:29 regarding issue 134:
20:29 pythonian4000 I think a quick summary of what everyone is planing for the week is in order.
20:30 Zathras__ ok. sorry, let's do that first
20:30 paulproteuss Makes sense to me. (-:
20:30 pythonian4000 "Quick" being the operative word =P
20:30 Zathras__ quick: details above </quick?
20:31 paulproteuss Yeah, I un-do the close-meeting tag.
20:31 Let's have this be part of the meeting.
20:31 mllerustad I guess I'll think about how to make the missions page more exciting / ways to amend copy.
20:31 paulproteuss In the future, we'll make it part of the agenda.
20:31 mllerustad Probably won't have time to actually edit code to make those changes happen, but next week!
20:31 * mllerustad passes out
20:32 pythonian4000 I am hoping to get the mission reorganization done tonight ready for mllerustad to be able to play with the code afterwards =)
20:32 paulproteuss mllerustad, If I end up taking your copy changes and commit them, would that be okay, or do you want the thrill of the patches?
20:32 pythonian4000, that would blow my mind.
20:32 For me: 1. Fix Hudson so it pulls from Gitorious. 2. Deploy the new, Twisted-ified profile importer.
20:32 pythonian4000 As I said, it is just copy-paste material so *should* be relatively trivial.
20:33 paulproteuss If there's time: 3. Move more profile import code to the Twisted architecture. 4. Document it on the wiki.
20:33 * pythonian4000 ducks below a rampaging Velociraptor...
20:34 pythonian4000 Later this week I will have a look into getting some sort of milestone addition into Roundup.
20:34 paulproteuss If there's still time, write up the tutorial.
20:34 That's it for me, I think.
20:35 pythonian4000 Speaking of which, what is the idea for "release" numbers?
20:35 paulproteuss Abstractly, I always liked the idea of an ever-incrementing integer.
20:35 It's so nihilistic.
20:35 And intentionally opaque.
20:35 pythonian4000 I was thinking e.g. 0.1.12
20:35 Or 0.10.12
20:36 Leave the first number in case we ever want to change the way we release things...
20:36 paulproteuss That's also quite nice.
20:37 pythonian4000 Means we limit ourselves to monthly "announced" releases, which I think is fine.
20:37 paulproteus ?
20:37 pythonian4000 Yup.
20:38 paulproteuss Seems okay to me.
20:38 pythonian4000 I mean, I would guess that everything goes on the website at time of completion, but the quantified releases are helpful for planning what to do, and letting people know what has actually been done.
20:38 paulproteuss Yeah, exactly.
20:39 This is what I was aiming for with doing "releases" (-:
20:39 pythonian4000 Awesome.
20:39 paulproteuss Many projects give releases nicknames.
20:39 pythonian4000 Also, I would think that the number should correspond to the end of the month rather than the start, as it covers what was done in that month.
20:40 paulproteuss +1
20:40 (er, no pun intended)
20:40 I like that idea.
20:40 pythonian4000 Hehe, a pun with no letters whatsoever. I one-handed clap to you.
20:40 paulproteuss I'm the master of accidental puns.
20:41 Okay, so with that said, meeting over?
20:42 pythonian4000 Unless no one else has anything, I think so.
20:43 * paulproteuss has started a new Hudson build.
20:43 Zathras__ and silence came upon us
20:43 paulproteus pythonian4000: Plus we can jam things in after the decimal if we need to.
20:43 paulproteuss (that's my quassel being lagged to insanity)
20:43 Zathras__ or not :P
20:44 paulproteuss I said that, like, five minutes ago (-:
20:44 </meeting>
20:44 pythonian4000 Bring on 0.10.11!
20:44 paulproteuss I'm going to work on Hudson notifying us on IRC about build failures.
20:44 That's right!
20:44 paulproteus Wow, Quassel is still lagged to smithereens.
20:45 * paulproteus waves
20:45 paulproteus Okay, better now.
20:45 paulproteuss left #openhatch
20:45 paulproteus So we have these three jobs in Hudson that test various sub-parts of the code.
20:46 They're separate so we can get feedback faster.
20:46 brb
20:46 Zathras__ maestro, got some time for a piratepad session (others please join in)
20:48 * paulproteus joins and reads!
20:54 mllerustad paulproteus: That's fine with me.
20:54 paulproteus ?
20:58 mllerustad re: just giving copy changes to you
20:58 paulproteus mllerustad: Oh, right-o.
21:27 pythonian4000 is now known as pythonian4000afk
21:35 ian_brasil_ joined #openhatch
22:07 Zathras__ paulprot1us, got some time for a quick docu brainstorm?
22:07 if not, maybe paulproteus has? :P
23:03 paulprot1us left #openhatch
23:12 DarwinSurvivor left #openhatch
23:32 skyfaller left #openhatch

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