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00:30 paulproteus pythonian4000: around? Let me know what you think of the new front page?
00:30 I'm uploading it 30 sec or so
00:30 pythonian4000 paulproteus, I'm here - just working on the Recent Activity Atom feed. Logging out now.
00:31 paulproteus (keep waiting a sec)
00:32 pythonian4000: now!
00:32 pythonian4000 F5!
00:32 paulproteus This is the "About" box, fwiw
00:33 mllerustad: you too.
00:33 pythonian4000 I like it.
00:34 On my 1024x600 screen with Firefox in fullscreen mode I just miss viewing it without scrolling, but on a normal-size screen it will be fine =P
00:34 mllerustad Hm, I actually kind of wish it were the first thing on the page.
00:34 Minus the 'About' header, just the box.
00:35 "We work through this website" is kind of an odd phrasing.
00:36 pythonian4000 Yeah, that would be my one niggle as well.
00:36 paulproteus Yeah, I can see what you (both) mean!
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00:38 glyph okay even better, it'll be on topic here
00:38 paulproteus Thanks for stopping by, glyph (-:
00:38 palhmbs find just became one of my favorite linux commands - find *.py -exec geany {} \;
00:38 glyph paulproteus: no problem, thanks for your work trying to broaden the community :)
00:38 paulproteus You mean the community of this IRC channel? (-;
00:39 pythonian4000 Hey glyph!
00:39 paulproteus To all: glyph is a Twisted developer who I ran into at a Boston Python meetup, and also someone I've ran into on the Internet before.
00:39 glyph So here's my main issue with the site: I'm not a newbie.  I'm a very experienced open source dude.  My project already has a page (I don't know who created it, but I guess I have an account or I'm associated with it somehow, so I can do some stuff)
00:39 the site is aimed towards newcomers, and is very punchy and direct when it comes to saying what newcomers do:
00:40 "join an open source project", "find people to work with"
00:40 but the two tabs which seem more aimed at the people already doing stuff:
00:40 "tell your open source story" and "create a contributors page for your project"
00:40 I really don't want to create yet another page for my project
00:40 my project has too many pages and they're all a jumble already
00:41 I want to get contributors involved, I want to mentor people maybe
00:41 but most of all I want to find the people who clicked "I want to help" and help them get helping.
00:42 * glyph tries to log in so he can finish this story but it's taking forever
00:43 paulproteus glyph: re: log in: yeah, there's a bug for that (it's calculating your list of suggested things to work on (I think that's "irony"))
00:43 glyph well, anyway, if that page load after comes back I'll be more specific, but
00:43 The only way I found to do this on the site was to look at a static list and click on somebody's email address and then send them a direct email, totally outside the site.
00:44 paulproteus Yeah -- I ended up running a database query to get the list of people for OpenHatch itself, and now I myself am kind of frustrated that I can't mark those people as I-have-already-reached-out-to-them so I run the risk of emailing them a second time when I do that again.
00:44 pythonian4000 That was scary.
00:44 glyph There's a clear workflow implied by OpenHatch's mission: there's an "I want to help" button, and then there's an inverse "contact a helper" action, which just doesn't seem to be represented anywhere.
00:44 and then there's more steps
00:45 pythonian4000 I was typing "paulproteus, didn't you do some work on an integra" and you answered before I could finish =O
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00:45 glyph "mentor a helper", "promote a helper", etc
00:45 paulproteus: I'd also like to talk about leveraging game mechanics to motivate increased participation but maybe that's too heavy a topic for this point in time :)
00:46 anyway
00:47 I think the front page should be divided in half, maybe even with different colors for each
00:47 paulproteus glyph: We have long had an on-and-off thought, "We should leverage game mechanics...", and we sometimes come up with concrete plans that we don't quite get around to building.
00:47 I'm just saying to say, I agree on principle.
00:47 glyph "Get involved with open source!" on one side and "Get help for your project!" on the other.
00:47 paulproteus: Well, when you get to that point, I have a _lot_ of ideas (and even some relevant experience!) :)
00:48 paulproteus glyph: That is thrilling.
00:49 It would be great to workshop some of our ideas with you, so we can feel confident and happy about them to the point where they're exciting to work on.
00:49 glyph paulproteus: anyway a lot of the current language on the site is about taking actions on the site, rather than about making progress on some other objective, which is why I came to the site in the first place.
00:50 paulproteus Oh, that's interesting.
00:50 Of course you didn't come to the site to use the site; you came to achieve a goal.
00:50 glyph (I confess I'm a bit confused about who "tell your open source story" is even aimed at.  My whole blog is several years of 'my open source story' and I don't know why I'd want to repeat that.)
00:51 paulproteus: To take a page from Kathy Sierra's book, don't tell me how the site is awesome, tell me how the site is going to make _me_ awesome(r)
00:51 paulproteus: "Become an open source rockstar hacker!", "Catapult your project to success with a flood of contributors!"
00:52 (unfortunately there's an ugly word for people like me who will be using the site to solicit contributors and help them with their contributions, "manager", but maybe you want to find something nicer-sounding to technical types)
00:53 ("guru" maybe)
00:54 paulproteus: I have lots of other ideas but I don't want to turn this into a deluge of feature requests, I really want to just focus on the main point of making it obvious to me what the next step for me is as I'm using the site.
00:54 pythonian4000 paulproteus, re: "... plans that we don't quite get around to building", how about we devote a milestone or two to some of this?
00:55 glyph For me that's getting in touch with potential contributors, for a contributor it might be finding a ticket to work on (since I don't have an experience of the site from that side, I don't know if the experience is a lot better)
00:57 * paulproteus gulps.
00:57 paulproteus This is a great pile of good feedback. pythonian4000, I agree that we should devote a milestone or two to making the site more sensible in these ways.
00:58 pythonian4000 I'm going to chuck up an initial bug linking to the logs at the start of this deluge of good ideas, so we don't forget about them ^_^
00:58 glyph There are really different audiences here, though.  for example, I don't want to see the 'recommended bugs' on my home page, because I don't want to work on bugs in GTK+, I have my hands full already.
00:59 And in Twisted I already know what the right bugs for my skills are, I shouldn't be working on _any_ of the bugs listed in openhatch; I should be working on the tricky stuff that would turn novice contributors green.
01:04 paulproteus glyph: re: you not wanting to see the "Recommended bugs" list: At least, we could let you (X) it out?
01:04 It does make sense that the site could have different primary modes/initial homepage configuration states.
01:05 glyph paulproteus: That would be a good start.  But yeah, the different initial page configuration (or even just a button at the top: "maintainer view" / "contributor view", for people who may be in both roles) is the important part.
01:05 paulproteus Oh, and that makes oodles of sense.
01:05 It's like asking, "What goals are you here to achieve? Let us help you identify how this website can help you with them."
01:05 Rather than, "You know, we have all these features and site activity."
01:06 glyph Yes.  Really your design process should just be exactly that.  "What goal is the user on this page to achieve?  How quickly can they identify that and accomplish it?"
01:06 repeated for every page on the site :)
01:06 paulproteus (-:
01:07 I agree, and we can do a bit better in that regard going forward (we've been somewhat sloppy along those lines so far, but I'm learning).
01:07 openhatch_hudson Project Test all apps except customs and search build #141: SUCCESS in 15 min:[…]and%20search/141/
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01:09 paulproteus glyph: re: "Tell your open source story": It has a few different target audiences, but mostly it's just a weird way to talk about the profile importer features.
01:10 It just helps you fill out your profile so other people know what you've worked on.
01:10 glyph paulproteus: If it makes you feel any better, the Twisted site is a roiling disaster when it comes to that kind of design.  Especially the front page, which is like, "what's Twisted?  glad you asked!  now, how about some 8-year-old documentation and a couple of broken links"
01:10 paulproteus: The main reason that I'm here is the hope that openhatch can help _us_ with that problme :)
01:11 paulproteus Because maybe some of these "I want to help" people would give it a once-over?
01:12 glyph well, that too
01:12 paulproteus Also, fwiw, as I started saying in a conversation with you after the Boston Python Meetup, I've discovered there's a difference between outreach that creates repeat contributors, and outreach that creates people who throw one patch over a wall and then disappear.
01:12 glyph but mainly I'm thinking that we could have new people end up on openhatch _instead_ of on our front page
01:12 paulproteus I have already forgotten the reason I am mentioning that.
01:12 glyph: Oh! Okay (-:
01:12 glyph (or we could add a "I want to help" button to facilitate that.)
01:12 We're really only interested in the repeat-contributor type of outreach
01:13 paulproteus glyph: Yeah, one of the real problems I see OH as maybe being able to solve is, "Man, I'm a project maintainer, and I can't quite be bothered to figure out how to deal with new contributors."
01:13 glyph the one-patch-thrown-over-the-wall approach doesn't work in general, but it fails extra hard on a project like Twisted with strict quality controls
01:13 the patch just kinda hits the wall and then sits on the ground
01:14 paulproteus There are consistent problems across projects: bug trackers that say what the problem *is* but give no indication how one would solve it (e.g., no link to the source code from the tracker, ergo no obvious next step for someone who knows Python but not $VCS).
01:14 glyph paulproteus: we try really hard with <> and <[…]wistedDevelopment>
01:15 paulproteus For the bug tracker problem, I've dreamed about what I sarcastically nickname the " bar" that, when you click out from the OpenHatch site to a bug tracker, we put it in a frame and give you some context at the top, like "See a map of mentors in the project" and "Here's a tutorial on $SKILL_YOU_WILL_NEED"
01:15 glyph I'm particularly proud of the "submitting a patch" checklist on the latter page, I feel like it really expresses everything you need to do and to know how to do in order to get through the whole process
01:15 woo frames in frames
01:15 party like it's 1999
01:15 paulproteus Well, there's a reason I call it the " bar" in my head.
01:16 I was helping someone contribute to Python (CPython, the project, plus its modules) at PyCon, and he found a bug he wanted to work on.
01:16 Then he said, "How do I work on it? Maybe I have to log in."
01:16 So he logs into
01:17 That was a real eye-opener for me, in terms of "Wow, the next step is just totally not clear to this person, and he might have been useful if it were".
01:17 (This was last year's PyCon)
01:17 glyph Huh.
01:17 I have witnessed many more hilariously epic process fails on's contribution process
01:17 paulproteus I was slapping my forehead, thinking, "Logging into the bug tracker is not going to help," as you also know instinctively.
01:18 Well, okay; I'm interested in hearing about them too :P
01:18 glyph (In my opinion, that is a _particularly_ obscure project to try to work on, mainly because there is a culture of resisting documented process, and instead just having there be shared folk knowledge among the development team)
01:18 paulproteus s/obscure/obtuse/ # ?
01:18 glyph both work :)
01:19 the project is not obscure but the methods of contribution are.
01:19 paulproteus Also, "obviously," we should let contributors rate their experience as a newbie, and let projects implicitly compete for a 5-star average rating.
01:19 (assuming a Yelp-style 0...5 rating system)
01:19 glyph I don't know that it would be valuable, my frustration with python-dev all pretty much just boils down to "*write down* what the patch author has to do, you jerks"
01:20 paulproteus glyph: Nowadays they have, as far as I know.
01:20 glyph paulproteus: Where?  I should go read it.
01:20 paulproteus It seemed not super-bad ca. 1y ago, but maybe I just didn't read carefully.
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01:20 paulproteus glyph: so FWIW, the link to that document should "obviously" be the top link in the " bar" for the Python project.
01:21 glyph oh,
01:21 paulproteus Yeah, that's the one.
01:22 glyph better than I remembered, but still, it reads like a reactionary checklist of mistakes people have made
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01:23 glyph For example, it could just say "diff -u oldtree newtree" or "svn diff -u" instead of the three bullet points which sort of half-describe how to make a unified diff in a single file
01:23 paulproteus glyph: Yeah -- I mean, one thing we clearly should do is have an OpenHatch "Your patch submission page sucks" outreach team, that identifies projects that needs help and invites them to IRC meetings with us awesome patch submission page experts and workshops it with them.
01:24 glyph paulproteus: It would be even better if openhatch just had a patch-submission-page construction kit
01:24 paulproteus Except no one ever reads documentation unless you trap them in an IRC channel and ask them nicely to.
01:24 glyph "What's your version control system?  Where's the anonymous read-only URLs?  Do you prefer context diffs or unified diffs?"
01:24 paulproteus So I guess there should be 3 modes: 1) You want to join a project 2) You want other peeps for your project 3) You want to join our movement to make the free world easier to join.
01:24 glyph: Ohhhh I see.
01:24 Interesting.
01:25 You might possibly like[…]-the-buildhelper/ also (maybe you already saw it)
01:25 glyph Then you would get the opportunity to standardize, so people contributing to multiple projects wouldn't have to find a whole new URL and a whole new style of describing the process :)
01:25 paulproteus I like the kit thing, yeah.
01:25 glyph paulproteus: Yes!  That page looks great and no I was not aware of it.
01:26 paulproteus: Also, another thing about both the 'buildhelper' and uh, let's call it 'patchhelper' I guess
01:27 they should really show subsequent steps (in the construction view, not the reader's view) in progressively deeper shades of red
01:27 paulproteus Hmm?
01:27 glyph if your project has more than 4 manual build steps, you lose 2 levels and and wake up in town
01:28 similarly, there should be a suggested maximum for a patch submission process
01:28 that's probably more than 4 because you need to check out, write code, do the build, run it, create a patch, submit the patch, and then probably have allowances for the project's review or feedback policy past that point
01:28 but still
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01:29 glyph if you get up into the 12-step range you're a substance abuse treatment program, not an open source project.
01:29 pythonian4000 ^_^
01:30 * paulproteus cracks up.
01:31 glyph long, elaborate build processes are a particular pet peeve of mine though
01:31 (twisted's is "download, untar, ./bin/twistd whatever")
01:31 pythonian4000 If it's that long, then usually you can write a script that does the work for you, and so you *should*.
01:32 glyph like, even './configure; make; make install' is way too much IMHO
01:32 why not 'make' and have the default makefile run ./configure first?
01:32 pythonian4000 s/you/the project people/
01:32 glyph why 'make install'?  unless it's a library, the binary can discover where it is and adjust accordingly
01:32 paulproteus glyph: FWIW I'm kind of okay with long build processes if there are people on IRC standing by, ready to be annoyed by new prospective contributors.
01:32 glyph so you should just do ./bin/tryitout
01:32 paulproteus Having said that, what you said makes a lot of sense.
01:32 glyph paulproteus: but then you need to get your new contributor onto IRC!  and even that is sometimes too much.
01:33 paulproteus: open source 3D game engines were where i got this particular pet peeve
01:33 try to build Ogre (with python support!) from source, and let me know if you're still okay with long build processes :)
01:33 paulproteus glyph: That's why there's the frownie-face-click-me-for-irc button in the buildhelper
01:34 glyph paulproteus: nice.
01:34 paulproteus glyph: I'll probably just do "apt-get -b source python-ogre" and say it's fine (-;
01:34 pythonian4000 (And there is already a bug filed for creating an IRC training mission)
01:36 glyph anyway I hope this has been useful
01:36 paulproteus Yeah, and maybe I'll ping you when we're going to act on these thoughts?
01:36 glyph paulproteus: I'd be happy to serve as a resource if you've got any questions for me
01:37 paulproteus: Also, I hope we'll see you at the next Twisted sprint.
01:37 paulproteus You bet. I have a pet peeve bug to close.
01:37 glyph paulproteus: and drag jesstess along, for that matter :)
01:37 paulproteus (although I'm probably not going to be come a majorly repeat contributor! )-:
01:50 I'm super interested in having Februrary be about redesigning the site to make it clear to people how it could be useful to them.
01:50 One thing we're going to find is missing features like the ones glyph is pointing out.
01:54 For now, /me goes back to reviewing patches
01:54 glyph paulproteus: Good luck, see you later :)
01:54 glyph left #openhatch
01:54 paulproteus (-:
02:05 erm, dinner first.
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02:19 mllerustad paulproteus: Where do the missions templates live?
02:22 pythonian4000 mllerustad, mysite/missions/templates
02:22 mllerustad There is no such folder.
02:22 pythonian4000 Sorry, mysite/missions/templates/missions
02:22 There is for me. Odd...
02:22 mllerustad At least, not in my repository.
02:22 Hm.
02:22 pythonian4000 What does missions dir have?
02:23 mllerustad data, fixtures, management, migrations, testdata, and various files
02:23 pythonian4000 You are out of date.
02:23 mllerustad I just fetched.
02:23 Like, ten minutes ago.
02:23 pythonian4000 you rebased yet?
02:23 mllerustad ?
02:23 pythonian4000 git status
02:24 run that and check near the top
02:24 (should say how your repo and origin differ)
02:25 mllerustad It complains about untracked files.
02:25 pythonian4000 Ignore that.
02:25 mllerustad Well, that's all it says.
02:25 And I'm on branch master.
02:25 Which is expected, I would think.
02:25 pythonian4000 Not even "Your repo is up-to-date"?
02:25 For example, mine says
02:26 # On branch master
02:26 # Your branch is ahead of 'origin/master' by 4 commits.
02:26 mllerustad "nothing added to commit but untracked files present (use "git add" to track)"
02:26 No, it doesn't say that.
02:27 pythonian4000 run "git log" and see what the last not-you commit is.
02:27 mllerustad One of Asheesh's, back in October.
02:28 pythonian4000 Erk. You definitely need a rebase, no matter what it says.
02:28 mllerustad How do I do that?
02:28 pythonian4000 1. Run "git stash" to store any uncomitted changes.
02:28 mllerustad Says there aren't any (good).
02:29 pythonian4000 1.5. May as well run "git fetch" again to check your origin data is up-to-date.
02:29 2. Run "git rebase origin/master" and hope that things don't break ^_^
02:30 mllerustad Frack.
02:30 pythonian4000 Did it break?
02:30 mllerustad Multiple conflicts.
02:30 pythonian4000 what's the message?
02:30 mllerustad Like I know how to resolve this stuff...
02:31 CONFLICT (rename/modify): Merge conflict in mysite/missions/templates/missio​ns/diffpatch/recursive_diff.html
02:31 Renaming mysite/base/templates/missions/diff​patch_mission_recursive_patch.html => mysite/missions/templates/mission​s/diffpatch/recursive_patch.html
02:31 Auto-merging mysite/missions/templates/mission​s/diffpatch/recursive_patch.html
02:31 CONFLICT (rename/modify): Merge conflict in mysite/missions/templates/mission​s/diffpatch/recursive_patch.html
02:31 Renaming mysite/base/templates/missions/diff​patch_mission_single_file_diff.html => mysite/missions/templates/mission​s/diffpatch/single_file_diff.html
02:31 Auto-merging mysite/missions/templates/mission​s/diffpatch/single_file_diff.html
02:31 CONFLICT (rename/modify): Merge conflict in mysite/missions/templates/mission​s/diffpatch/single_file_diff.html
02:31 Renaming mysite/base/templates/missions/diffp​atch_mission_single_file_patch.html => mysite/missions/templates/missions​/diffpatch/single_file_patch.html
02:31 Auto-merging mysite/missions/templates/missions​/diffpatch/single_file_patch.html
02:31 CONFLICT (rename/modify): Merge conflict in mysite/missions/templates/missions​/diffpatch/single_file_patch.html
02:31 Renaming mysite/base/templates/missions/tar_creating.html => mysite/missions/templates/​missions/tar/creating.html
02:31 Auto-merging mysite/missions/templates/​missions/tar/creating.html
02:31 CONFLICT (rename/modify): Merge conflict in mysite/missions/templates/​missions/tar/creating.html
02:31 Renaming mysite/base/templates/missions/tar_unpacking.html => mysite/missions/templates/m​issions/tar/unpacking.html
02:31 Auto-merging mysite/missions/templates/m​issions/tar/unpacking.html
02:31 CONFLICT (rename/modify): Merge conflict in mysite/missions/templates/m​issions/tar/unpacking.html
02:31 Failed to merge in the changes.
02:31 Patch failed at 0002 Missions Fix for tar diff patch
02:31 Oh, lol, that was larger than I though.
02:32 I don't understand why there's conflicts, it's not like I've ever touched any of these files.
02:32 I don't think they even exist on my install, that's sort of the point.
02:32 pythonian4000 Yup, there was a commit that moved things around. Any idea what "Patch failed at 0002 Missions Fix for tar diff patch" is referring to?
02:33 mllerustad No idea, that's the last line before "When you have resolved this problem..." blah blah blah.
02:33 pythonian4000 That is a rather odd thing to come up, I would expect there to be a changeset hash instead...
02:34 How about you pastebin the entire output (from the "git rebase origin/master" command), so I can see all the context?
02:34 Not running it again, that is ^_^
02:35 mllerustad pythonian4000:
02:36 pythonian4000 Aha. I think "Missions Fix for tar diff patch is one of your patches. It will be conflicting because the files you edited no longer exist, and your patch isn't in origin's history.
02:37 mllerustad There's no way that's mine... I never did work on missions.
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02:38 pythonian4000 Well the output on lines three and four of the pastebin is replaying commits that were in your repository but not the master...
02:38 There are two options here:
02:39 1. Open up each file that is conflicting and see what the problem is. (It could be as simple as a rename, or it could be old code that is not needed.)
02:40 2. Run "git rebase --abort" to go back to the beginning and work out what these patches are from.
02:40 mllerustad Can't I just say "Go with whatever the hell's on origin/master, I don't care"?
02:40 pythonian4000 You could, but it would be safer to check first =)
02:41 Go with 2 for now, as it's easy to get back to where you are from there.
02:41 So run "git rebase --abort"
02:42 Then, just to check, run "git version"
02:42 mllerustad
02:43 pythonian4000 Okay, I'm on so there really shouldn't be any difference in output. Run  "git status" again and pastebin the output
02:44 mllerustad pythonian4000:
02:46 pythonian4000 Hmm, I wonder... Go to the base dir (outside mysite) and run "cat .git/config" and pastebin the output.
02:48 mllerustad
02:49 pythonian4000 That's odd - it doesn't even have branch declarations... What have you done in this repo lately?
02:50 Also mllerustad, pastebin the output of "git remote" as a check.
02:50 mllerustad Not that much... tinkered w. the buildhelper
02:51 git remote where I was does nothing, in milestone-a returns "origin"
02:52 pythonian4000 Did you run "cat .git/config" inside milestone-a? That is the base repo folder you should be running everything in.
02:52 (with mysite folder inside that)
02:53 mllerustad Oh.
02:53 (in that case)
02:54 (somehow I misread what you said as getting outside of the repo)
02:54 pythonian4000 np.
02:54 That's annoying, I thought it may have been pulling from the wrong repo...
02:55 Next (sorry about all these steps!) pastebin the output of "git log -5"
02:56 If this tells me what I think it will, then your best bet is to checkout a new repo and copy any changes you have made across.
02:56 mllerustad pythonian4000:
02:57 pythonian4000 Okay, those are all yours so not far enough. change the number of entries until you see all your commits and a couple of ones before that, and re-pastebin
02:59 mllerustad pythonian4000:
03:01 pythonian4000 Ah, I see the issue. You have merged in the master branch from the origin repo, so your history before your patches does not match origin's history.
03:02 paulproteus could say more, but AFAIK you can't use rebase and merge in the same repo because of history problems.
03:02 * pythonian4000 quickly Googles...
03:03 paulproteus mllerustad: Oh, yeah, you have a merge commit, and that's going to make rebasing kind of a mess.
03:03 Probably you got that by doing "git pull".
03:04 mllerustad Ah.
03:04 paulproteus You can visualize the history with "gitk".
03:05 I'm tempted to suggest you just re-apply your changes in a way that keeps linear history.
03:05 pythonian4000 paulproteus, thankyou for finishing dinner! I was almost approaching the limit of my Git debigging skills ^_^
03:06 paulproteus mllerustad: Let me see what the canonical advice is here.
03:06 pythonian4000 I was thinking make a patch of all of mllerustad's patches up to just before the merge commit, and then either somehow remove everything to just before the merge commit, rebase and apply patch, or checkout new repository and apply patch.
03:06 s/mllerustad's patches/mllerustad's commits
03:07 paulproteus A reasonable-enough thing to do is to git format-patch the commits out, then make a new branch based on origin/master and "git am" the patches back in.
03:07 Still, that's kind of lame.
03:08 Since the merge was probably a trivial merge, it'd be so much nicer to be able to just graft the commits around.
03:08 pythonian4000 Using a rebase onto herself?
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03:10 paulproteus So it looks to me like linear history from 7c29fb98f68e3d38483ba0dc3ebcf4dd70ab6158 forward
03:11 pythonian4000 It is. The issue is the one before that.
03:11 paulproteus So I suggest, for now, using "git format-patch 7c29fb98f68e3d38483ba0dc3ebcf4dd70ab6158" to pull the commits from there, onward, out.
03:11 pythonian4000 paulproteus, how about "git rebase -i 81af1 --interactive" and then delete the merge commit?
03:11 paulproteus And then "git checkout origin/master -b linearized"
03:11 And then "git am" each patch file back in.
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03:12 pythonian4000 Rather than that, resulting in a heap of individual files, use "git format-patch 7c29fb98f68e3d38483ba0dc3ebcf4dd70ab6158 --stdout > all_my_patches.patch"
03:12 Results in one file that can be "git am"-ed
03:13 paulproteus But maybe some of 'em aren't useful anymore, which is why I say separate it.
03:13 pythonian4000 True.
03:14 paulproteus That's my advice; I have to run in a esc
03:14 sec, even
03:14 pythonian4000 I'm still here for a while.
03:15 Oh, what is the date with you paulproteus?
03:15 (Just checking when I need to have the recent activity bug ready if it's going to make 0.11.01)
03:15 paulproteus Jan 30, 22:10
03:16 pythonian4000 (It's nearly ready, just got a weird issue where recent Answers show up but not recent WannaHelperNotes)
03:17 mllerustad How do I git am?
03:17 Tried with the first patch and got a weird error.
03:18 ^ paulproteus and/or pythonian4000
03:18 pythonian4000 mllerustad, "git am < patch_file_name"
03:18 palhmbs joined #openhatch
03:19 pythonian4000 "git am" either reads from a mailbox or standard input, so you pipe the contents of the patch file to it.
03:19 mllerustad Here's the error I get -
03:20 pythonian4000 mllerustad, run "cat 0001-Fixed-a-typo-in-profile-bas​e-doesn-t-look-like-it-ma.patch" and pastebin - seems as if you have rebase stuff left in your patch...
03:21 mllerustad pythonian4000:
03:22 pythonian4000 Nope, that seems fine. You must still be in a rebase. Run "git rebase --abort" to be sure.
03:22 Though if this is a new branch, you shouldn't be...
03:22 mllerustad "HEAD is now at b3c677c OpenHatch, Incorporated, deserves a comma."
03:22 That's... terrifying.
03:23 pythonian4000 ... Erk.
03:23 mllerustad Though applying the patch works now.
03:23 ?
03:23 :-/
03:23 pythonian4000 The ongoing rebase will have prevented the patch from applying.
03:24 That's the great thing about Git - helpful error messages @_@
03:24 mllerustad No, I mean, I tried the command again, after the second rebase abort.
03:24 And it worked this time.
03:24 Though maybe I shouldn't've tried...
03:24 pythonian4000 Let's see where you're at. Pastebin "git log -5"
03:25 mllerustad Oh, wait, that *is* the latest commit!
03:25 (from Asheesh)
03:25 It just sounds scary and from two years ago!
03:26 pythonian4000 Oh, I was worried that I didn't have that, but I haven't rebased yet.
03:27 mllerustad, Yup, you are fine. Keep applying.
03:29 mllerustad Okay, applied all but one, and I think that one's useless anyway.
03:29 Success!
03:29 So how do I not have this happen again?
03:30 pythonian4000 Yay!
03:30 mllerustad I thought fetching was enough to update things, all this time...
03:30 pythonian4000 Your workflow should be:
03:30 1. Do stuff.
03:30 1.5. add commit(s) as you go.
03:30 2. "git fetch"
03:31 2.5 If you have uncomitted stuff, "git stash"
03:31 3. "git rebase origin/master"
03:31 3.5 If you had uncommitted stuff, "git stash apply"
03:32 Now, last thing is to turn your new branch into the actual master branch.
03:32 (Not part of your workflow =P)
03:33 mllerustad Okay.
03:34 How do I do that?
03:34 pythonian4000 I'm just finding out ^^
03:36 mllerustad, this should do it:
03:37 Unless you are already in the linearized branch: "git checkout linearized"
03:37 Then "git branch -m master  old-master"
03:37 And then "git branch -m linearized master"
03:38 mllerustad Awesome. :)
03:38 pythonian4000 Then could you pastebin "cat .git/config" again.
03:38 (Just to check your remote refs).
03:38 mllerustad
03:40 pythonian4000 mllerustad, that looks good. Now you can run "git branch -d old-master" to remove the old one.
03:40 palhmbs pythonian4000, is their anyway I can upgrade my local git to gitorious without just re-downloading everything?
03:41 pythonian4000 It already is.
03:41 (You mean so it pulls from gitorious right?)
03:41 palhmbs yeah
03:42 last time I updated I pulled from github afaik
03:42 pythonian4000 Oh, sorry, for some reason I thought that was mllerustad talking.
03:42 palhmbs then I see this we_have_moved text thing
03:42 pythonian4000 Umm FWIR OH was never on github, it had its own repo.
03:42 palhmbs my bad - sorry
03:43 pythonian4000 you could use "git remote" but I don't like it so much. Easier to edit the config file.
03:43 So go to the base repo dir (where mysite/ and bin/ and are) and open up .git/config
03:44 Then look for a section [remote 'origin'] and change the url in it to git://
03:45 mllerustad, everything coming up roses on your end?
03:45 mllerustad Think so!
03:45 palhmbs ah - exactly what I wanted thanks pythonian4000
03:45 * mllerustad tries to finally add the dang missions cartoon
03:45 pythonian4000 Yay, happiness all round =D
03:46 And just to check, palhmbs, you are running "git fetch" and "git rebase origin/master" to update your repo? No troublesome merges?
03:47 variable left #openhatch
03:49 mllerustad Uh, paulproteus, has something changed since October such that I'd need to re-set up my OH install?
03:49 I just tried to run the development server and it epically exploded.
03:52 paulproteus: here's the error message
03:54 pythonian4000 mllerustad, many things will have changed. You will need to run buildout again, and probably migrate.
03:54 0. All this is from base dir.
03:54 1. "python2.6"
03:54 2. ./bin/buildout
03:54 2. "./bin/mysite migrate"
03:56 palhmbs looks like I'm in same boat as you mllerustad
03:56 mllerustad 3. Get a tasty snack.
03:56 :)
03:56 pythonian4000 bd
03:56 palhmbs pythonian4000, it didn't go nicely - Failed to merge in the changes. - Patch failed at 0001 Replacing the entire repository with a note that the repo has moved
03:57 I chose to rebase --skip
03:57 then git pull & then it said all was up-to-date
03:58 pythonian4000 palhmbs, dont git pull - it causes merge problems.
03:58 Instead, use "git fetch" which is "git pull" without the merging, and then "git rebase origin/master".
03:59 palhmbs I've already done the git rebase origin/master --- that is where the error about the patch came in
03:59 pythonian4000 (By merge problems, I mean it doesn't fit with the workflow that OpenHatch uses).
03:59 palhmbs, that should only happen once and will be because you git fetch-ed the old repo.
04:00 That commit was so that people who accidentally checkout the old repo will be directed to get the new one. It's not so useful for people who are updating their repo.
04:00 But now it is updated, the standard fetch and rebase should work fine.
04:00 palhmbs ok - how long has openhatch been on gitorious?
04:02 pythonian4000 Since December-ish from memory. There's a resolved bug about it.
04:08 palhmbs Download error: [Errno -2] Name or service not known -- Some packages may not be found! --- ouch
04:08 hope that's not serious
04:11 pythonian4000 left #openhatch
04:11 pythonian4000 joined #openhatch
04:11 pythonian4000 Hmm, somehow I quit the channel accidentally...
04:11 palhmbs, was that from buildout?
04:12 palhmbs yep
04:12 pythonian4000 Run it again.
04:13 palhmbs it didn't crash buildout - it got to --- gunzip_geocoding_db: Running
04:13 etc
04:13 already started it running again tho.. :D
04:13 pythonian4000 I would guess that means that it couldn't get the geocoding db.
04:14 palhmbs looks clean this time
04:14 i'll do migrate next
04:19 Current branch master is up to date. - woot
04:19 so now I'll try running the server...
04:21 amazingly successful - thanks pythonian4000
04:21 I think I'll go get that tasty snack now....
04:21 pythonian4000 Np!
04:25 In fact, so will I - I was about to have lunch when paulproteus headed off for dinner and mllerustad had problems. Fun times ^_^
04:45 mllerustad Argh, I can't remember how to make a patch out of multiple commits...
04:45 * mllerustad googles
04:47 mllerustad ...None of these look right.
04:49 Yeah, I'm not finding it.
04:49 ping paulproteus ?
04:50 I mean, I *could* just make like four patch files for one change.
04:50 But I've been told not to do that. :P
04:51 pythonian4000 mllerustad:
04:51 letting <A> be the git hash of the commit immediately before your first commit, and <B> be the last of your commits:
04:52 git format-patch <A>..<B> --stdout > patch_name.patch
04:52 mllerustad Oh, god damn it.
04:53 There's one unrelated commit in between.
04:53 How the heck did that even happen?
04:53 Stupid rebase.
04:56 pythonian4000: That doesn't work when there's an unrelated commit you want to exclude :(
04:56 pythonian4000 mllerustad, the mailbox format is just a text file. Create the patch as above, then open it in a text editor and carefully delete the unwanted patch. Or just create two patches - one for before and one  for after.
04:58 mllerustad Tried that.
04:58 It tried to make a patch for every damn commit ever commited.
04:58 * mllerustad deletes ~300 useless patch files
05:00 mllerustad Has anyone, ever, built a version control system that isn't complete shite?
05:00 I mean, it's not like I'm even contributing code here.
05:01 Pretend I'm some bloody web designer trying to get their changes live with some engineer-centric team that uses git.
05:01 Like, it's completely hopeless.
05:04 pythonian4000 mllerustad, to do one for each half, you need to run it twice. First time, <A> is the hash for immediately before your first commit and <B> is your last commit before the unwanted one. Second time, <A> is the hash of the unwanted commit and <B> is the hash of your last commit you want.
05:04 mllerustad I get that.
05:04 pythonian4000 Then it should be fine.
05:04 mllerustad It's the first one, which should have only included one commit, that instead spat out three hundred.
05:05 So now I'm just editing the goddamn patch file.
05:05 pythonian4000 It's possible that the partial hash you supplied just happened to match a really early on commit. That would be less probable than winning the lottery, but it happens ^_^
05:06 matching hashes, not winning the lottery =(
05:18 mllerustad, winning?
05:18 mllerustad Eh, for certain winning conditions.
05:18 Patch exists and is posted.
05:21 noorul joined #openhatch
05:21 pythonian4000 Awesome!
05:25 DarwinSurvivor left #openhatch
05:31 palhmbs woot - loading a snapshot
05:32 spoke to soon :(
05:39 pythonian4000 Right, home-time!
05:39 pythonian4000 is now known as pythonian4000afk
05:49 palhmbs bugs --
05:50 pythonian4000afk, has gone awol - is mllerustad around.... I want to moan about the snapshot....
05:51 == something seriously wrong - is it just something simple - like not having my database empty?
05:52 ok found it - on the wiki --
05:52 Known issue: If your MySQL database isn't set up for Unicode, you could get a warning/error like this: "Incorrect string value: '\xC8\x9B' for column 'first_name' at row 1". That issue can be fixed; just re-create your database as described in the README.mkd file. (If you need help, come find us on #openhatch.)
06:06 mllerustad Aw. :(
06:07 Sorry palhmbs, I've never downloaded a snapshot so I don't know anything about how it breaks... :/
06:07 palhmbs now i've got problems migrating --- :(
06:08 I dropped my database - then started from the instructions in README --- and I get errors - so frustrating
06:08 I think I'll just go back to my make believe database for testing the map
06:08 Zathraz, was working on the stuff for the map - I wonder how he's getting on with it
06:09 fixing the map would be a huge improvement to the use of OH - imo
06:11 -- my error
06:12 ^^ It's probably incompetence, so don't know whether to file a bug -  but if pythonian4000afk or paulproteus need the info ^^
06:43 paulproteus mllerustad: yo
06:43 palhmbs: yo
06:43 I'll read your error
06:43 palhmbs: Can you try
06:43 ./bin/mysite migrate search
06:45 pythonian4000afk is now known as pythonian4000
06:54 palhmbs ok trying - just finished my tea
06:56 OperationalError: (1054, "Unknown column 'search_project.homepage' in 'field list'")
06:56 I'm using UTF-8 Unicode - is that gonna break things?
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07:01 paulproteus palhmbs: Unfortunately I have to go to bed right now!
07:04 palhmbs paulproteus, don't worry it CAN wait - the world won't stop turning :D
07:04 have a good nights sleep
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08:07 openhatch_hudson Project Test all apps except customs and search build #142: SUCCESS in 16 min:[…]and%20search/142/
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08:55 krzysztof I see there was nice discussion re. OpenHatch ^_^
09:03 noorul left #openhatch
09:08 palhmbs krzysztof, did you find it entertaining / informative or both?
09:10 krzysztof palhmbs: Well, both. And I am talking about the discussion regarding OpenHatch
09:12 palhmbs krzysztof, I'm probably not following - the discussion between paulproteus and glyph?
09:13 krzysztof Aye
09:25 Whoaaah
09:26 Either someone contributed really huge patch
09:27 Or, well, something else happened ;-)
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10:52 pythonian4000afk is now known as pythonian4000
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13:30 paulproteus krzysztof: What do you mean? re: huge patch
13:40 int3__ joined #openhatch
13:41 paulproteus Ohhhh, you're saying that about the long conversation (-:
13:41 Gotcha.
13:41 willkg joined #openhatch
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13:45 willkg hi!
13:47 paulproteus Hi willkg!
13:48 willkg: I have this "problem" that I have soooo many patches to review for OH.
13:57 willkg paulproteus: that's a tough problem.
13:58 paulproteus: sounds like you need a lieutenant to vette patches for you in his/her tree.
13:58 * paulproteus eyes pythonian4000
13:58 paulproteus pythonian4000 is doing some things similar to that.
13:59 willkg: Probably it would be wise for us to move more patch discussion to a more-public space than a ticket between me and the person who wrote it, too.
13:59 Similarly, maybe pythonian4000 wants to be on the default nosy list for bugs.
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14:06 openhatch_hudson Project Test all apps except customs and search build #143: SUCCESS in 15 min:[…]and%20search/143/
14:15 krzysztof paulproteus: I've done git pull and got huge list of major changes to i.a. mission files
14:16 paulproteus krzysztof: FWIW, if you have merge commits in your history, you might end up disappointed as you edit your patches.
14:16 "git pull --rebase" is more appropriate. See also
14:17 krzysztof: Yeah, that's the template (C) stuff (-:
14:23 krzysztof Ah, ok
14:23 Ehh, I need to switch to using virtualenv
14:24 Again, I've used Django 1.2.x on devel setup (hence the TypeError in Tar mission)
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14:29 paulproteus krzysztof: Ohh, interesting.
14:32 krzysztof: Also we could switch to using Django 1.2.
14:32 It's not a big switch.
14:36 You just have to update buildout.cfg to change the Django version.
14:36 krzysztof Well, I think it's better to wait till 1.3 gets its final release
14:36 paulproteus I think that a little stuff breaks, though, when you do.
14:36 So I kind of lied when I said Django 1.2 wasn't a big transition (-;
14:36 I think we should upgrade so the 1.3 upgrade is easier.
14:36 It will require ca. 1h of fiddling to make 1.2.x work with our code.
14:37 I think some of the tests don't pass on 1.2; maybe you can try it and see.
14:37 I think we have model validation problems.
14:37 krzysztof Mutltiply that by two ;)
14:37 Yeah, I need to write the tests
14:38 Also, good article
14:39 paulproteus Oh, I meant the existing test suite.
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14:44 paulproteus And glad you liked the[…]d_make_it_better_ RESTful design article !
14:46 krzysztof You like teasing me, don't you? :D
14:47 paulproteus s/teas/teach/ (-:
14:50 krzysztof Jeez, such a bug with the GET. I hate when I miss something obvious
14:51 paulproteus The reason I love these monthly releases is that it forces me to fix old issues that I otherwise wouldn't, like
14:51 * paulproteus puts on some Alphaville.
14:54 krzysztof Sooo, what's the limit?
14:55 paulproteus Wait 'til I fix it and then you'll see!
14:55 krzysztof Ha, thought you've already done it ;-)
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15:31 paulproteus krzysztof: 4 MB (-:
15:35 krzysztof Fair enough :)
15:37 Re. Django 1.2.x - porting issues starts with testing
15:38 paulproteus krzysztof: oh -- fwiw I think I left a branch on Gitorious w/r/t 1.2.x
15:39 I fixed the CSRF problems.
15:39 Maybe I landed that, actually.
15:39 * paulproteus is working on ohloh profile import for a few min
16:26 Triskelios joined #openhatch
17:07 openhatch_hudson Project Test all apps except customs and search build #145: SUCCESS in 16 min:[…]and%20search/145/
17:29 Alasdairrr is now known as AlasAway
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18:22 krzysztof Using jQuery without having some sort of script files concatenation is sooo annoying
18:29 paulproteus Why's that?
18:33 krzysztof You have to check whether jQuery lib is loaded. Otherwise you get annoying 'not defined' errors
18:38 paulproteus Oh, yeah.
18:38 Unless you load jQuery in the document's head.
18:40 pythonian4000 yay, awake
18:42 krzysztof paulproteus: We're not doing that. Everything is at the bottom.
18:43 Which is good, performance-wise.
18:43 paulproteus I thought we used some trick to get jQuery-requiring functions to only load once jQuery is ready.
18:43 krzysztof But ideally we should have 2-3 scripts tops
18:43 paulproteus I agree.
18:45 krzysztof I am either blind or it's well hidden
18:45 Most of the time I'm blind, heh
18:46 paulproteus I think there's a post_jquery or body_scripts or something
18:46 template tag in base.html.
18:46 Sorry to be a little more terse than usual today! I'm not quite running on a full night's sleep.
18:46 I'm still hopeful that I can land the Ohloh API twisted-ification, though.
18:47 But anyway, if you can't find it, it's fine to give it a shot a different way and ask me for specific feedback later.
18:53 pythonian4000 paulproteus, I'm going for a run but after that I'd like to check up on the RSS stuff to get that out of the way.
18:53 paulproteus pythonian4000: Awesome.
18:54 krzysztof paulproteus: There block js, but the real issue is that jQuery external script might not load in time
18:54 You have to check that, regardless of where <script> tag is
18:54 paulproteus Then we should make a {% block after_query_loads %}
18:54 krzysztof I've wrote simple function using setTimeout
18:54 paulproteus jquery, rather.
18:55 krzysztof It won't work
18:55 paulproteus Well, if you put the setTimeout() script into the base template, it would. It's terrible, though.
18:55 We should just put jQuery in the document head.
18:56 and/or do script concatenation.
18:58 krzysztof I will put it in the head section
18:58 Script concatenation is a separate issue
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19:31 krzysztof Ok, I've ajaxified state reset for the Tar mission
19:41 Could someone please point me to a piece of test code, where one fakes request object with signed in user?
19:44 paulproteus krzysztof: Totally... let me find one.
19:44 mysite/project/ "class ProjectPageCreation"
19:44 def test_post_handler
19:48 krzysztof Thanks!
19:50 pythonian4000 back!
19:53 * pythonian4000 puts OTRS in Bug_Trackers/Bugzilla/done while he remembers it...
19:56 pythonian4000 Righ paulproteus,
19:56 s/Righ/right
19:56 davidbaumann left #openhatch
19:56 pythonian4000 s/right/Right/~_~
20:01 paulproteus, Re: <img src>: I was going to quote it but then I noticed several other <img> tags that had no quotes around the {{}} in the same file and figured there was some decorator.
20:01 paulproteus pythonian4000: Oh, well perhaps we were sloppy. Check the rendered HTML output, anyway.
20:03 pythonian4000 Re: location of code, it can be anywhere as long as links to the right place. Since the feeds could be about anything, how about in base?
20:03 (that's where I put the templates for it anyway)
20:04 paulproteus I like profile more, but you're right; feeds could be for any of our models. So base makes the most sense I think.
20:05 pythonian4000 Re: copyright, firstly I forgot to add the main copyright header to the new files, so I will do that.
20:06 palhmbs joined #openhatch
20:07 pythonian4000 In terms of the feed icons, they were designed by Mozilla for Firefox but released to everyone on
20:08 I don't know much about licensing, so I don't know how we integrate the stuff on the guidelines tab into OH.
20:08 jmaister left #openhatch
20:08 paulproteus "These icons should not be modified in any way" is kind of lame.
20:09 mllerustad OT: Is it just me, or has there been a ton of noise going to the Django planet the last few days?
20:09 I kind of wish it would stop clogging up my RSS feed.
20:09 pythonian4000 paulproteus, I don't even know if they guidelines apply to us: "The feed icon is freely available for general use in connection with web feeds using open web syndication formats, without the need to enter into a trademark license agreement or similar legal arrangement. Note that these guidelines are not legally binding."
20:10 paulproteus[…]ile:Feed-icon.svg says it's MPL/GPL/LGPL, which I'm cool with.
20:10 pythonian4000 My guess is that the guidelines are so the icon remains in a generally recognizable layout
20:11 Sweet.
20:11 So, do you want me to add the copyright notice and move the file in a separate commit, or try and squash them together?
20:11 paulproteus pythonian4000: If possible, can you make a "CREDITS" file, and drop a note in there about the feed icon origin? Then update README.mkd to mention the CREDITS file and that'd be fine.
20:11 Squashed, if possible.
20:12 back in a bit
20:14 jmaister joined #openhatch
20:18 pythonian4000 paulproteus, just to check, do you want the link addition on front page to be squashed into the feed creation stuff, or leave those separate? (I'm squashing in adding copyrights to respective commits as well as moving and adding CREDITS)
20:33 krzysztof paulproteus: I've messed up with commits for the 124. The first two (faulty) commits need to be applied for the whole stuff to work properly.
20:33 You will probably want me to create clean patchfiles...
20:33 palhmbs I need somebody to drop the table structure for search_project - I think this might fix my migrate error....
20:35 krzysztof BTW, am I getting right the number of patchfiles per bug/feature or is it too large?
20:37 FHaag left #openhatch
20:40 Triskelios joined #openhatch
20:40 palhmbs weird - I see to have got past the error - by adding search_project.homepage -- in phpmyadmin -- then running ./bin/mysite migrate - again - I have installed yesterdays snapshot!
20:42 I mean I ran ./bin/mysite migrate - then I deleted search_project.homepage  from the table - and then  re-ran ./bin/mysite migrate
20:48 pythonian4000 paulproteus, I have two commits now - see - but do you want those squashed into one? (i.e. are you happy with the layout etc. of the link on the front page?)
20:50 paulproteus pythonian4000: let me tty in 30 min, if that's okay?
20:55 jmaister left #openhatch
20:59 pythonian4000 Yup sure.
21:03 FHaag joined #openhatch
21:13 willkg joined #openhatch
21:16 ian_brasil_ left #openhatch
21:20 paulproteus pythonian4000: Okay, let me take a quick look right now
21:21 "layout of the link on the front page"?
21:21 * paulproteus does a runserver
21:22 pythonian4000 paulproteus, I was having trouble sorting out where the feed icon appeared, since the two elements there already were floated left and right. I ended up including the link in the h3 tag, but couldn't get it to perfectly line up in the middle.
21:24 paulproteus Hmm, it is a little offset.
21:25 I suggest you talk with krzysztof about that (-: and for now I'll just ship it (-:
21:25 * paulproteus vanishes for a short bit again
21:25 AlasAway is now known as Alasdairrr
21:42 palhmbs nice graphics for missions mllerustad
21:42 Triskelios left #openhatch
21:43 pythonian4000 +1 mllerustad =)
21:54 palhmbs left #openhatch
22:07 openhatch_hudson Project Test all apps except customs and search build #146: SUCCESS in 16 min:[…]and%20search/146/
22:08 palhmbs joined #openhatch
22:17 mllerustad Thanks! :)
22:21 krzysztof Nice indeed :)
22:23 pythonian4000: IIRC to vertically align stuff, you have to explicitly specify line-height of an element.
22:23 In this case, the <h3> element
22:28 palhmbs so incredibly useful - -- converting from anything openoffice supports to just about everything else.
22:28 dhaun left #openhatch
22:30 palhmbs I wonder if he'll upgrade it to use LibreOffice --- current requirements: --  unoconv is written in python. It needs a recent OpenOffice with UNO bindings.
22:35 palhmbs left #openhatch
23:54 willkg left #openhatch

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