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01:43 _NinJaSoul Hi everyone! This is my second time on IRC. Looking for some advice on getting into open-source projects.
01:44 marktraceur _NinJaSoul: Hi there! What sort of thing do you want to work on?
01:45 _NinJaSoul So I have just completed the basics of python. I have been doing some problems on TopCoder and Project Euler. I wanted to look at some real world python projects which I can dig into and possibly contribute.
01:47 britta it can be especially fun to work on a project that you use
01:47 paulproteus _NinJaSoul: Cool!
01:47 I am unfortunately mostly prepping for an event, so I can't be all that helpful, but I wanted to say that is awesome, _NinJaSoul.
01:47 _NinJaSoul paulproteus: Thanks
01:48 marktraceur _NinJaSoul: So, here's a good first question: What free software do you use right now?
01:49 _NinJaSoul Well I would say I mostly work with statistical packages. I have been converting some MATLAB code into Numpy+Scipy code
01:49 But I want to get into web development
01:50 create visualizations of data and put it up on a web framework or something
01:51 britta oh hey, this might be interesting:[…]ct_to_contribute/ - a person asking for suggestions who also is interested in python and visualization
01:52 _NinJaSoul Thanks britta. I will check it out.
01:52 britta i suggested looking at
01:53 paulproteus If you like Numpy+Scipy might like[…]reated&state=open
01:53[…]otlib/issues/2136 would be a great starter ticket I think
01:54 It would take some work, and make some changes to the code!
01:54 But it would be a huge usability boost for the library.
01:54 _NinJaSoul I was thinking of starting out with a project where I get to know how Python ode is written and maintained in real-world settings. Currently I have just been doing small problems and haven't had much exposure to large scale application code.
01:54 paulproteus matplotlib was my first open source project I contributed a patch to <http://matplotlib.1069221.n5.n[…]dius-td29622.html> and I had a really great time.
01:54 marktraceur _NinJaSoul: We also have our good friend paroneayea here, who is the maintainer of
01:54 Though it's less about visualisation. :)
01:55 * marktraceur is helpful
01:55 paulproteus marktraceur++
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01:55 marktraceur In any case, it's written in Python and is as real-world as it gets in the free software world (at least that I can think of), because it powers
01:56 in the free Python software world *
01:56 paulproteus Hi NicMcPhee! We are safe and sound in Morris!
01:56 _NinJaSoul: What do you think of[…]otlib/issues/2136 ?
01:56 _NinJaSoul Thanks marktraceur. I will definitely check out the links you provided
01:56 marktraceur Yup yup
01:56 NicMcPhee That is excellent!
01:57 paulproteus BTW, all, greet NicMcPhee, who is one of the amazing Morris-based hosts for tomorrow!
01:57 _NinJaSoul This looks to be something I can help with paulproteus.
01:57 NicMcPhee I just got out of a Homecoming event at the U and am about to head home. Is there anything I can do here before I take off?
01:57 Hi everyone :-)
01:57 paulproteus shauna: can you think of anything? NicMcPhee, I think we're in good shape.
01:57 britta hi NicMcPhee!
01:57 paulproteus _NinJaSoul: Do make sure to leave a remark on the ticket saying you want to look into it so that others know that!
01:57 shauna Not that I can think of, NicMcPhee.
01:57 paulproteus (and to say you're bored of it if you end up wandering off!)
01:58 _NinJaSoul But isn't matplotlib made up of C+Python code mixed together?
01:58 shauna NicMcPhee: are you our driver in case of rain tomorrow?
01:58 paulproteus This part is pure Python I *think*.
01:58 shauna We're fine walking if the weather's nice.
01:58 paulproteus Certainly the patch I provided in 2006 was pure Python.
01:59 NicMcPhee Looks like there's a pretty good chance of rain. Why don't we just plan on having me pick you up? When do you want to be on campus?
02:01 _NinJaSoul okay paulproteus. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I hope to hang out more often here to get great advice!
02:01 paulproteus Awesome, _NinJaSoul
02:02 _NinJaSoul: You could ask on the ticket if they think it'll require touching C. Make sure to say you are trying to use the ticket as a learning opportunity, and that you're newish but excited to succeed, so that people don't just take it from you and take away your chance to learn meaningfully.
02:02 _NinJaSoul: There's a PyCon video somewhere about how to read large codebases, too; that's probably worth watching.
02:02 _NinJaSoul Sure. I will do that paulproteus.
02:02 paulproteus iirc it's somewhere in our site.
02:03 _NinJaSoul paulproteus. I would love that. Can you provide a link?
02:04 paulproteus At the moment I am swamped but either someone else can or you can look above or else I can later.
02:07 _NinJaSoul Sure. I will look into the docs. Thanks.
02:08 NicMcPhee shaun a & paulproteus I'm headed home now. I mailed you my cell if you want to text me about a ride tomorrow morning.
02:08 paulproteus (:
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03:18 paulproteus shauna: is my thinking out loud for tasks-dot, where one line is a code/data change
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03:52 paulproteus Things I love:
03:52 Thanks geofft for the reminder.
03:53 geofft I'm over here trying to figure out how to make sense of the gruntfile in this project
03:53 I think it's using bower for dependencies?
03:53 Are these even words? Frog blast the vent core?
03:53 paulproteus God it's so awesome.
03:54 Excuse me while I laugh uncontrollably and have to wipe my mouth from carelessly leaving it open too long.
03:54 geofft ++
03:57 paulproteus I could stare at this all day.
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04:13 britta lymphnode js shawarma module!!
04:14 that reads so weirdly smoothly
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04:43 paulproteus shauna: -- check it out, it now tells you how hard laptop setup will be
04:44 shauna it's beautiful, paulproteus
04:44 paulproteus (-:
04:45 What's beautiful is that the app now has schema migrations.
04:45 We can change the data models willy nilly.
04:45 shauna Also:[…]7&oldid=561718752
04:51 Alternatively:[…]9&oldid=443128404
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14:53 paulproteus Psst
14:53 Y'all should say more
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14:55 paulproteus Howdy all. I'm this Asheesh fellow, sitting at the front at a laptop.
14:55 If someone needs IRC help, raise your hand!
14:55 Ha hah, just kidding, you'd never see this if you do.
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14:57 Andrew NICK andrewlatterner
14:57 lolol
14:57 whoops
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14:57 Katie I like kittens!
14:57 BrianMitchell Good for you
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14:58 paulproteus I like them also.
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15:07 Andrew hi max
15:07 maxmarti hay
15:07 JohnMcCall <3
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15:09 ianrbuck Penguins!!
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15:19 danflies Hey OpenHatch I'm mentoring at UMM! Let's Rock!
15:19 alexjarvis ^ As am I. :)
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15:20 kklamberty Hey! This looks like the right place.
15:24 mghardy Mmmmm... bagels.
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15:29 paulproteus kklamberty: Yeah!
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15:31 NicMcPhee Thanks to everyone for coming today!
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15:42 danflies fun fact: Karen Rusted the logo designer grew up in Edina, MN.
15:45 NicMcPhee And did her undergrad degree at Scripps College, an excellent private liberal arts college that both my mother and sister graduated from :-)
15:47 paulproteus Small world!
15:47 ianrbuck Troll troll troll
15:47 paulproteus (hi aldeka, we're talking about your MN creds)
15:47 YaDontSay :D
15:48 shauna hi everyone!
15:48 lenny hello
15:48 jhall Hi there!
15:48 paulproteus (and we're also saying how much we like sufjan; don't know if shauna mentioned the penguin's name)
15:48 Emma_Callery_ Hello!!!!!!!!
15:48 alexjarvis1 Hey all!
15:48 JohnMcCall Hello!
15:48 Andrew I... exist?
15:48 AwesomeSweets hey
15:48 Fiona_ hullo
15:48 Elena Hi there!
15:48 paulproteus Andrew: Yes definitely.
15:48 alexjarvis1 Andrew: Existential problems that.
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15:49 Matthew Hello.
15:49 * shauna rambles on
15:49 * alexjarvis loves emotes
15:49 paulproteus /me can do this to
15:50 * paulproteus can do this too
15:50 paulproteus o
15:50 * Emma_Callery_ Success!
15:50 paulproteus /say /me can do this too
15:50 I guess the difference is this:
15:51 /query opens a chat window, but /msg just sends the message
15:51 Man, I love tab completion.
15:51 I wish I had it for English text.
15:51 MagicBriBri That wold be awesome!
15:51 paulproteus Tha<tab>
15:51 Hmm
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15:51 ianrbuck There are mobile keyboards that do that
15:51 * NicMcPhee is sad - the donuts is all gonez
15:51 MagicBriBri :(
15:52 AlexG sad NIc :(
15:52 paulproteus Little known fact -- ThomasWaldmann's project, MoinMoin, is a large part of why I'm such an IRC fan.
15:52 Matthew_K D :
15:52 * alexjarvis read "is all gomez" and had a Breaking Bad flash
15:52 YaDontSay ^^^^ XD
15:52 * AlexG dance
15:52 paulproteus alexjarvis: link? re: is all gomoez
15:52 gomez
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15:53 paulproteus Howdy maxmarti
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15:53 paulproteus You're probably experiencing the thing where when you sign on, you can't read what was sent before.
15:53 * Andrew uses to search for bugs.
15:54 AlexG hellllllooooo Max Marti!
15:54 paulproteus That's why I keep a separate server somewhere on the Internet logged in to IRC for me.
15:54 maxmarti indeed
15:54 MagicBriBri +1
15:54 ianrbuck ew
15:54 Emma_Callery_ Silly Boys
15:54 alexjarvis paulproteus: Just a character on the show, can't say much more w/o spoilers
15:54 paulproteus ?
15:54 alexjarvis: Okay!
15:55 AlexG hey, hey, listen!
15:56 paulproteus AlexG: sorry
15:56 Elena is there an easy way to look for hashtags?
15:56 danflies Fixing documentation is my favorite things to do on open source projects.
15:56 paulproteus Elena: Within IRC, you can list the channels that exist by typing /list
15:57 paroneayea heya
15:57 AlexG why so sorry paul?
15:57 Elena cool, thanks!
15:57 paulproteus Heya paroneayea!
15:57 AlexG: I should pay attention apparently
15:57 paroneayea at the mediagoblin hackathon
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15:57 paulproteus paroneayea: -- look we have mediagoblin links
15:58 Elena: Within a particular channel, there isn't an easy way to search the past messages (just in case I misunderstood what you were asking about)
15:58 NicMcPhee The URL for the issues is[…]-to-campus/issues
15:58 Elena I was wondering about specific channels, e.g. how do I find everything related to python?
16:00 paulproteus I usually do a few things -- I just join channels whose names seem relevant, and then look in the topic at the top to see if they mention other ones I might care about.
16:00 Elena is there a way to look for all channels with "python" in them?
16:01 also, remind me - how do you write a response to someone? Thanks!
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16:01 satyag Elena: well easy way would be get a list of all channels then grep for python in the list of channels
16:02 paulproteus Oh my goodness, when I do /list I get a LOT of channels.
16:02 Elena: You type someone's name (or partial), then press tab, and then your message.
16:02 It's really all just strings here on IRC.
16:02 satyag you can do a exec from Gnu/linux too
16:02 Elena k, thanks
16:02 satyag for grep command
16:02 NicMcPhee You use "/query" followed by user name to set up a private chat.
16:03 Elena not private, just a public response, and it's for some reason doesn't work for me :-(
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16:04 AlexG [:)
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16:06 satyag the way i learned in my days was /help and start trying all the commands till they work :P
16:06 AlexG harp me!
16:06 didn't work :(
16:06 paulproteus Elena: Type
16:06 paulp (then press tab) then say yes
16:07 Elena paulproteus, got it, thanks!
16:07 AlexG paulproteus: testing
16:07 Elena I wasn't getting to a unique completion, that's why
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16:08 paulproteus Oh, I see, yeah. That's partly my fault (since I have two clients in here, one named paulproteus and one named paulprot2us) and partly paultag's and paroneayea's fault.
16:08 BTW, Elena, I searched[…]freenode+channels [search freenode channels] and found where you can search for specific channels on freenode.
16:09 Also I love (?) the giant "DOWNLOAD" button that presumably installs malware.
16:09 Gotta love the web.
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16:10 satyag paulproteus: hmm there is an Openhatch on OFTC too !
16:11 paulproteus I think the only person there is shauna, and she was only there to demonstrate that no one is there...
16:11 shauna: I can make your Quassel client bounce
16:12 We'll reconvene in 90 sec or so, I think
16:12 shauna What does it mean to make my client bounce?
16:12 paulproteus I thought I saw the Quassel icon do something.
16:12 On the projector.
16:12 I only saw it via peripheral vision so I'm not sure.
16:12 shauna Also I think the weird cinnamon rolls are a perfectly acceptable substitute for donuts, NicMcPhee
16:12 paulproteus shauna: Shall we say 60 sec now?
16:12 shauna Oh yeah plausible
16:12 paulproteus Hmm, maybe I was mistaken re: bouncing
16:12 shauna I think it only does it when I don't have IRC as my front tab
16:12 NicMcPhee I agree Shauna – I was just being whiney :-)
16:12 shauna Are they a Minnesota thing?
16:13 satyag shauna:
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16:14 paulproteus There's also two (?) different open source projects called cinnamon:
16:14 Wait, maybe the CMS isn't open source.
16:15 maxmarti I'm running cinnamon (the former). It likes to break
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16:20 NicMcPhee That printer bug is a crazy difficult example. Glad chasing that wasn't my job :)
16:20 alexjarvis Cups
16:20 * alexjarvis shudders
16:20 Emma_Callery_ Dirty Mind Alex?
16:21 alexjarvis LOL, not that cup
16:21 NicMcPhee I think it's just that alexjarvis isn't keen on the CUPS printer dirver.
16:21 alexjarvis ^ this
16:21 Emma_Callery_ Better
16:21 alexjarvis Debugging CUPS is no fun
16:22 shauna Frankly I'm wary of anyone who's keen on any kind of printer drivers
16:22 NicMcPhee :)
16:22 shauna Although they play a key role in the history of free software
16:22 alexjarvis Yes
16:22 It's an amazing system really
16:22 But if/when it breaks you want to put your face through plate glass
16:23 Emma_Callery_ No CSci people commiting suiside!
16:23 NicMcPhee paulproteus: I'd love a link to more crazy bugs like this; they'd be great examples in classes.
16:24 paulproteus NicMcPhee: Awesome.
16:24 alexjarvis paulproteus: Do you think everyone knows Ubuntu is downstream of Debian?
16:24 NicMcPhee paulproteus: Thanks!
16:24 paulproteus alexjarvis: No, so I try to mention it infrequently.
16:25 Perhaps I should mention it more!
16:25 Oh my goodness I can't even say how much I love the "can't print on Tuesdays" bug.
16:25 alexjarvis Think it would people a sense of what you're doing and also highlight the connection between projects
16:26 NicMcPhee Definitely – that is a totally amazing bug.
16:26 paulproteus *nod*, I can make sure to mention that in the future.
16:26 alexjarvis Since a lot fewer people use Debian directly these days, but a lot of people know Ubuntu.
16:27 paulproteus I think that might be some sort of pun (?)
16:28 world wild wide web
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16:28 NicMcPhee We used Debian in our lab back many years ago but now use Fedora. Mostly switched because there was a period were Debian wasn't releasing new versions and was getting really behind.
16:29 * alexjarvis remembers using Debian in the dungeon proudly
16:29 paulproteus NicMcPhee: Yeah, those were the days [in a bad way].
16:29 (-:
16:29 alexjarvis NicMcPhee: Why not Ubuntu?
16:29 At the risk of starting an OS argument ;)
16:29 paulproteus I just have been always using the latest development release.
16:29 AlexG Apple 6 is the best OS
16:30 alexjarvis Absolutely agree! I love when apps can read each other's memory.
16:30 MagicBriBri As in Mac OS 6? I run that on my Macintosh SE/30 from 1988!
16:30 paulproteus You can get System 6 from here:[…]softwarelist.html
16:30 AlexG It was made for a computer without a hard drive :P I find that so cool!
16:30 NicMcPhee Mostly inertia (FC works for us). There are some other issues about openness, but inertia is the real issue.
16:30 Elena paulproteus, thanks for the channels search link!
16:30 AlexG oh lordy XD
16:30 paulproteus I love diff.
16:31 alexjarvis If you like diffs, I highly recommend
16:31 ianrbuck[…]_(disambiguation)
16:31 alexjarvis Love, love, love Meld
16:31 paulproteus alexjarvis: kdiff3
16:31 Alex__E joined #openhatch
16:32 alexjarvis paulproteus: Can you do 3-way folder diff in kdiff3?
16:32 One of my favorite features of Meld
16:32 paulproteus I only really ever use kdiff3 for merge conflict resolution, really.
16:32 Which does show a 3-way diff.
16:32 NicMcPhee In a bored moment look at the history for the UMM Wikipedia page. Search for "helicopter".
16:33 paulproteus That is fuperb
16:33 alexjarvis Speling is yur frend
16:34 paulproteus
16:36 Elena alexjarvis, better than fiend :-)
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16:38 NicMcPhee The City of Chicago has a bunch of data on Github:
16:41 AlexG giant musical chairs?
16:41 BRING IT ON!
16:41 NicMcPhee We use Github for senior seminar LaTeX sources ([…]eminar_templates). Also see forks:[…]s/network/members
16:41 MagicBriBri What kind of music will be used for the musical chairs?
16:42 AlexG Final Fantasy battle music!
16:42 MKDramdahl__ joined #openhatch
16:42 YaDontSay it has to be that gewd polka music
16:43 AlexG that works
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16:46 shauna if folks are shy about asking questions, you can ask here in IRC and I'll say them for you :)
16:48 Matthew_K Elena:
16:48 AlexG ^
16:48 NicMcPhee :)
16:49 Elena Matthew_K, yes, I saw that :-) We'll get to recursion in a week or so in 1301
16:50 shauna Elena: and again later?  ;)
16:52 Elena shauna, of course ;-)
16:53 AlexG recursion is awesome!
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17:00 NicMcPhee Morris folks: I just set up an install of xchat (an IRC tool in the lab, so Puppet should be pushing it out to the lab boxes while we're here.
17:00 ianrbuck Anybody else use DOSBox to run DOS games?
17:00 AlexG Tried it to play Elder Scrolls 1 once.
17:00 lenny joined #openhatch
17:00 ianrbuck I died very quickly in that game
17:00 AlexG You can do that from your rainbow mac Nic? cool
17:00 Elena NicMcPhee, thanks!
17:01 AlexG ianrbuck: I didn't get past the 1st room in the game. I had little patience at the time
17:01 NicMcPhee AlexG: Terminal + ssh is a mighty and wonderful tool. That's why we want to learn how to use shell tools and command line editors like emacs.
17:01 awolf joined #openhatch
17:01 NicMcPhee Elena: It was actually suggested by Andrew so thanks to him. :)
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17:02 AlexG NicMcPhee: I'll need to get shell commands on my Windows OS. Can you recommend any good progs for that?
17:03 JohnMcCall AlexG: Cygwin
17:03 Is pretty good
17:03 Andrew ^
17:03 YaDontSay Putty is good for SSH
17:03 MKDramdahl__ left #openhatch
17:03 NicMcPhee Thanks JohnMcCall – that's what I was going to recommend.
17:03 AlexG JohnMcCall: Thanks. Googling gives many results, and I didn't want to "fly blind". Also, I can see you o.O
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17:17 NicMcPhee Morris folks: meld and kdiff3 are being installed in the lab as we speak.
17:18 Andrew Now that we're in a installation spree, I guess at this point installing Civilization V and diablo 2 in the lab wouldn't be too unreasonable :-) kidding
17:18 an*
17:18 AlexG and Minecraft
17:18 NicMcPhee :-)
17:18 Andrew you can get minecraft on the lab really easily. It's just a jar
17:19 MagicBriBri Dropbox! 2.4 was released yesterday!
17:19 :)
17:19 AlexG Well I derped when I tried then. I must have unzipped it instead of just running it *shrug* (not that I've tried to do this :P)
17:19 NicMcPhee Dropbox is more complicated because we can't just do "yum install …". It's on our list of things to do, though.
17:20 AlexG "yum install …" :D
17:20 ianrbuck Google Drive still isn't on Linux and it makes me the sadz...
17:20 NicMcPhee :(
17:20 AlexG it's ok Ian, it's ok. (hug)
17:20 MagicBriBri True… And then you'd need to auto turn on selective sync so space isn't used up instantly.
17:21 NicMcPhee Yup
17:22 ianrbuck It's okay if I download the 66.5GB of stuff I have in Drive in the lab, right?
17:22 maxmarti How much disk space is still taken up by evolved robocode?
17:22 NicMcPhee Probably way too much :(
17:22 ianrbuck HypeMachine!
17:22 FTW
17:22 AlexG most people removed all that, didn't they? Ours rmed each thing we didn't want.
17:23 Andrew Given that there'd be like an 80% chance of the evolved robocode stuff starting with "r" we could prolly just do rm -rf /r* and be ok, right?
17:23 JohnMcCall ^ THis
17:23 NicMcPhee I think most people did, actually.
17:23 Ho, ho, ho :)
17:23 Andrew Disclaimer: don't do that
17:23 MagicBriBri Whoops, why doesn't this boot anymore?
17:23 AlexG what about "rm -rf"?
17:23 Andrew rm -rf *
17:24 AlexG fair enough. sshing into your machine as we speak~
17:24 NicMcPhee rm -rf /
17:24 MagicBriBri It auto-deletes everything that you want to be gone. It knows.
17:25 AlexG ssh
17:25 Andrew rm -rf ~/../mcca079
17:25 AlexG huh, didn't work
17:25 oh lordy Andrew :P
17:25 JohnMcCall mcca0798*
17:25 ianrbuck "Bash, do what I'm thinking right now"
17:25 AlexG "smash, smash, smaaaaash"
17:25 kklamberty All of you are horrible people. Shame.
17:25 * MagicBriBri shame
17:26 * AlexG shame
17:26 ianrbuck Didn't you figure that out during Software D, kklamberty?
17:26 NicMcPhee I heard from *so* many people this summer how important having on-line portfolios are on places like Github.
17:27 kklamberty I want to earn my next belt on Git. What must I do, Sensei?
17:27 NicMcPhee There are (sadly) lots of people with CSci degrees who can't actually build stuff, so having a portfolio is a great way of setting yourself apart.
17:27 kklamberty: :)
17:27 AlexG I've heard that multiple times from you guys, and it is hard to believe...
17:28 NicMcPhee[…]ndGithubResources has a lot of links to tutorials and such.
17:28 Andrew EVERYONE: This is a serious announcement. Along with what everyone is saying about being involved in Opensource successfully, be aware that an open-source club is beginning after Openhatch. We will be getting together and picking various open-source projects to work on together. It is as much of a time commitment as you want it to be. It's a great way to develop your portfolio, I'll be gathering names after Openhatch!
17:28 kklamberty I think I probably need to understand more about "core" and how to leave it alone, or how to not leave it alone… I don't think I have a good understanding about what that means or looks like.
17:28 shauna NicMcPhee: you should put the OpenHatch git tutorial on that page!
17:28 Andrew It'll probably start meeting next Saturday or so
17:28 lenny joined #openhatch
17:28 NicMcPhee shauna: Definitely – thanks for the suggestion!
17:31 Shauna: Is this[…]cing_Git/Students the page you were thinking of?
17:31 shauna Actually, is better if you don't have a mentor there with you
17:31 The activity we do today requires us to do a little bit of repository setup in github
17:32 We're looking into making a web version of it
17:32 NicMcPhee shauna: Gotcha – thanks!
17:34 aldeka Hi paulproteus!
17:34 Yay MN!
17:34 Elena joined #openhatch
17:34 IsaacIsaac joined #openhatch
17:35 NicMcPhee shauna: Both links are now on the page.
17:35 shauna Thanks, NicMcPhee :)
17:36 NicMcPhee Shauna: Thank you!
17:47 Lambchop joined #openhatch
17:48 AlexG Why is everyone leaving meeeeee
17:52 IShadowed joined #openhatch
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18:14 AlexG can anyone hear me?
18:14 maxmarti no
18:14 AlexG well poopy
18:15 Dolmec joined #openhatch
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18:15 MagicBriBri I HEAR YOU AlexG!!
18:16 MagicBriBri NO. That is wrong!
18:16 maxmarti FaBreBreeze
18:16 AlexG maaaaagical bree bree!
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18:33 danflies__
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18:39 paulproteus For my group: +
18:45 tom joined #openhatch
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19:03 paulproteus kklamberty:[…]ext-file-for-what
19:03 ArcTanSusan joined #openhatch
19:03 andrewlatterner joined #openhatch
19:03 andrewlatterner andrewlatterner
19:03 paulproteus kklamberty:[…]/Six_ways_to_quit
19:04 In past workshops, we sometimes run this exercise to have people practicing quitting command line programs.
19:06 kklamberty: git commit --amend
19:07 kklamberty:[…]mit-messages.html
19:07 is good advice on writing great commit log messages.
19:12 kklamberty:[…]nhatch/2013-09-28
19:12 (for logs)
19:14 To update your fork, when someone else's changes have gone upstream and you want to refresh your local version:
19:14 git remote add upstream
19:14 er
19:14 NicMcPhee joined #openhatch
19:14 paulproteus git remote add upstream[…]
19:14 git fetch upstream
19:14 git rebase upstream/master
19:15 (the end)
19:19 MaxMagnuson joined #openhatch
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19:25 paulproteus kklamberty:[…]e-comes-to-campus
19:30 contains y'all's changes
19:30 NicMcPhee joined #openhatch
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19:33 NicMcPhee joined #openhatch
19:34 NicMcPhee Github exercise was pretty crazy, but we got it to work!
19:36 A bunch of Git/Github resources:[…]ndGithubResources
19:40 andrewlatterner joined #openhatch
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19:59 * alexrudnick waves
20:00 alexrudnick shauna andrewlatterner: Hey, how's it going?
20:01 andrewlatterner Hey Alex. I'm actually working on NLTK for Open-Hatch.
20:01 alexrudnick andrewlatterner: Woo! Which bug are you looking at?
20:02 andrewlatterner Just the unseen token error. I figured that it'd be a decent way to get introduced
20:02 paulproteus alexrudnick: BTW, you should check out the new, smoother
20:03 Also we invented a new Github training exercise for the most recent set of events.
20:03 Resulting in e.g.
20:03 MagicBriBri It's a really good exercise!
20:03 paulproteus ow my brain
20:05 alexrudnick oh my goodness, morris-2 is super smoov!
20:05 I'm digging the stock photography (?) and animated background.
20:08 MaxMagnuson left #openhatch
20:21 MagicBriBri I prefer
20:22 geofft wow paulproteus
20:23 you are providing a valuable experience to kids who missed out on GeoCities
20:23 or something
20:24 freedeb_ joined #openhatch
20:24 aldeka :D
20:25 paulproteus ianrbuck:[…]e-packs#lptabs=xp maybe
20:25 also relatedly
20:26 kklamberty: and fwiw
20:29 geofft: Yeah! It's like what you suggested ~3-4mo ago. See[…]us/Practicing_Git
20:29 geofft neato!
20:30 btw re (If you find constantly entering your username and password annoying, there's an alternate method we can show you called SSH.)
20:30 there's a way to cache HTTP passwords, I think I mentioned this on the house channel the other day
20:30 not sure if that's worth mentioning instead.
20:41 Sixmsj joined #openhatch
20:47 NicMcPhee Emma_Callery_: Here's the SVG file:[…]Q&ved=0CC0Q9QEwAA
20:48 Emma_Callery_: More SVG images:[…]SVGWeb/index.html
20:56 Matthew joined #openhatch
21:02 paulproteus ianrbuck: !
21:02 note the email to send an email to
21:02 Send her a link to the bug you reproduced, and CC: me <>
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22:08 ianrbuck I feel like I'm all alone now
22:13 marktraceur paulproteus: Aw, you guys are/were at UMN and I didn't get pulled in? :P
22:17 paulproteus marktraceur: No, at University of Minnesota at Morris
22:17 But if you wanted to come here oops, our culpa
22:17 But there will be an 'open source club' here I believe as part of the follow-up, so you could mega come back here.
22:17 marktraceur Cool
22:17 paulproteus: A high school friend graduated from there recently IIRC
22:17 paulproteus Whoa, yay.
22:17 marktraceur And you know
22:18 I love me some Minnesotans
22:18 paulproteus BTW they were a completely great campus to visit.
22:18 I had no idea.
22:18 I mean I vaguely had a sense, but wow.
22:18 marktraceur Yup
22:18 aldeka :)
22:49 MagicBriBri joined #openhatch
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23:17 paulproteus aldeka: Was it Willette's the name of the bakery that you brought me stuff from, at MSP?
23:17 aldeka Wuollet's.
23:17 I believe that was where I went!
23:17 paulproteus kklamberty: ^
23:18 kklamberty @paulproteus - awesome!
23:31 Lambchop joined #openhatch
23:35 Matthew joined #openhatch
23:35 Matthew_K Hello!
23:37 marktraceur Hi!
23:38 paulproteus: Are you in MSP right now?
23:38 Like, the airport
23:38 I hear the Arby's is wonderful there
23:38 :P
23:43 IShadowed joined #openhatch

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