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01:52 WelcomeBot Welcome openhatch_3013!  The channel is pretty quiet right now, so I thought I'd say hello, and ping some people (like shauna, paulproteus, and marktraceur) that you're here.  If no one responds for a while, try emailing us at or just try coming back later.  FYI, you're now on my list of known nicknames, so I won't bother you again.
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06:41 shreya Hello I am a beginner.Can anyone help me in finding bugs to work on/
06:41 paulproteus Hi shreya! Can you tell me something you already know about, and something you want to learn more about?
06:42 Thanks for stopping by!
06:43 shreya paulproteus : I know C and would like to contribute to open source projects and thought should start with working on bitsize bugs.What do you suggest?
06:43 paulproteus Cool that you know C!
06:43 What operating system do you run, typically?
06:45 shreya Windows and Ubuntu both
06:45 paulproteus Windows 7, Ubuntu, Mac OS, etc.
06:45 Oh cool!
06:45 OK great.
06:45 So here are my general tips for getting involved in open source projects.
06:46 Try to find ones that you use, and try to get to know the community by doing things like documentation fixes (be that code docs, like comments, or user-facing documentation, like help manuals) first.
06:46 It's also often a great idea to hang out around with the people in that community on IRC for a little while and just listen and see what they talk about.
06:46 Having said that, if you know C really well and want to dive into something, that's OK too.
06:47 It's just often easier to make a first impression and get to know how people operate by doing something less technical first. That's how I always start out.
06:47 So do you happen to use any software in either of those platforms (Windows, Ubuntu) that's written in C? GNU screen, and GNU nano, come to mind as possibilities for the Ubuntu side; I use both of those and maybe you do, too.
06:47 I don't know if they have bitesize bugs lists, though, but it'd be cool if they do.
06:47 There are also lots and lots of GNOME projects, like gnome-terminal, that have bitesize bugs (or documentation bugs) that they want help with.
06:48 GNOME's entry point for that stuff is
06:49 We have this step by step guide here with a little more info on what getting involved means:
06:49 is another interface to browse those.
06:49 You can click on "documentation" and find yourself here:[…]tation&language=C
06:50 shreya paulproteus : Thanks a lot
06:52 paulproteus I found (which is a docs bug in gnome-terminal) and (which is in gnome-control-center) a C coding bug
06:52 I don't know all that much about those two codebases, but GNOME is considered a pretty welcoming project, although if people don't reply, you may have to be patient; they're mostly volunteers.
06:53 shreya Okay
06:53 paulproteus You're always welcome to come here and ask more questions! We may or may not be around but we'd like to be as helpful as we can be!
06:56 shreya Thankyou
07:04 paulproteus Happy to help!
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15:27 WelcomeBot Welcome drovka!  The channel is pretty quiet right now, so I thought I'd say hello, and ping some people (like shauna, paulproteus, and marktraceur) that you're here.  If no one responds for a while, try emailing us at or just try coming back later.  FYI, you're now on my list of known nicknames, so I won't bother you again.
15:31 marktraceur Hi drovka!
15:32 drovka Hi!
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15:54 shauna hi drovka
15:55 * shauna is trying to fix the blog css again
15:56 Niharika Hi shauna! When do we plan to have the proposal brainstorming session for OSB?
15:56 I so don't want to miss it.
15:59 shauna Not sure!  We could do a doodle poll on devel@
16:01 Niharika devel@?
16:01 shauna the devel mailing list
16:01 Niharika Oh, okay.
16:01 Thanks. :)
16:01 shauna
16:08 Does anyone know what "    width: @column-width;" implies?
16:08 I'm going to look up the notation myself, but help is always appreciated.
16:10 Okay, apparently @ means import.
16:10 But import from wheeeeeere?
16:10 I guess the most recent specification of column-width.
16:11 Which is specified as "((@total-width - @padding-between-columns * 2) / 3) - @padding-between-columns;" in base.less.
16:11 Which I guess must be importing from the actual css file.
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16:13 shauna But the actual css file doesn't have a @total-width or a padding between columns...
16:13 Oh I see it's specified within base.less!
16:14 If "@total-width: 1000px; @standard-padding: 20px;" then column-width should be 300.
16:16 I see.  In a two column layout, the left side keeps column-width, and the right doubles in size.
16:18 So here's a potentially relevant question.  I only see this when I'm *not* logged in.
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16:54 shauna :(
16:54 A search for ".column" in oh/oh-mainline returns 500+ results because the . is ignored.
16:54 paulproteus git grep -F '.column'
16:55 Also good morning, I see you asked a question on[…]nline/issues/1512
16:55 FWIW anything you see as "inline" in the browser probably means it came from "less".
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16:55 paulproteus "less" is not something the browser understands, so "less.js" in the browser converts the styles from less into real honest to goodness CSS in the browser.
16:56 shauna: ^ I can possibly answer other questions but I'm a little behind on understand what you're doing/seeing and a little tired. But I could e.g. screenshare with you for a bit to see what you see.
16:56 I agree with the remark you made on the bug that this is error-prone and difficult and opaque.
16:57 shauna Basically, I'm trying to figure out why there's a width attribute for .column in the incorrect version and not in the correct version.
16:57 Where correct == what I see when logged in, and incorrect == what logged out people see.
16:57 Since the width attribute seems to be the key difference between the two.
16:57 So I'm trying to find all references to ".column" in less/css.
16:58 The first one I checked, two_column.less, just says ".column {
16:58 clear: none;
16:58 }"
16:58 Wait, there it is.
16:58 Guess I don't need any fancy searching.
16:58 Just patience.
16:58 paulproteus mysite/static/less/base/base.less .column  line 301 maybe
16:59 So weird that logged in vs. out would make a difference.
16:59 shauna Added in Nov 18, 2014
16:59 Has our blog been borked for that long?
16:59 paulproteus It doesn't even seem borked to me.
16:59 What's the display bug precisely?
16:59 shauna paulproteus: are you logged in?
16:59 view the blog in a private browser
17:00 window thing
17:00 paulproteus No, viewing in incognito now
17:00 shauna I'll take a screenshot
17:00 paulproteus On skinny screens the sidebar is up at the top, which is a little tragic.
17:00 But that's the worst I see.
17:00 b
17:01 shauna Posted
17:01 I only see this while logged out.  I'm curious what's going on there.
17:02 paulproteus Weird. I can't reproduce that.
17:02 Logged in or out; Firefox or Chromium or Google Chrome.
17:03 Ah hah. Yes in incognito Firefox.
17:03 shauna This is the PR:[…]ainline/pull/1474
17:03 Should I just revert the PR?
17:04 paulproteus I'd rather add some CSS constraints so the rules carefully avoid being relevant to the blog.
17:04 Massive props to you for being able to reproduce this and find the thing that broke it.
17:04 shauna Do we need another undocumented complication for people working on css?
17:05 paulproteus Well let me submit a pull request with what I mean; ETA 10 min.
17:05 shauna Like, why is this so complicated?  How can we fix it?
17:05 Okay.
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17:07 shauna I'm a little sad that I figured it out because I was just about to try git blame, which I've never used before.
17:08 I'll find some other excuse soon.
17:13 paulproteus[…]ainline/pull/1522  - shauna, fwiw, this change doesn't decrease the degree of documentedness, which I believe was a thing you were concerned about in how I might solve it.
17:13 But I might misunderstand what your concern was.
17:13 Feel free to merge + deploy. The blog should visually update once cloudflare caches expire.
17:14 Again massive props to your for finding that.
17:14 afk a bit.
17:15 shauna :)
17:15 It seems like it moves the 32% width declaration to the landing page only, which makes sense.
17:15 * shauna will test and then merge, hopefully
17:16 shauna Wait no can't test.
17:16 Well, can I *guess* through elaborate method.
17:16 Okay!  Almost there!
17:23 Can't get less changes to appear, going to merge anyway and hope for the best.
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17:24 gitcommits [13oh-mainline] 15shaunagm pushed 2 new commits to 06master: 02
17:24 13oh-mainline/06master 143272b01 15Asheesh Laroia: Move front-page-specific CSS rules to landing.less...
17:24 13oh-mainline/06master 14d8404eb 15shaunagm: Merge pull request #1522 from paulproteus/bugfix/constrain-fr​ont-page-fixes-to-front-page...
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17:26 gitcommits [13oh-mainline] 15paulproteus merged 06master into 02
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17:26 gitcommits [13oh-mainline] 15paulproteus merged into 02
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17:28 shauna ... maybe I deployed wrong.
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17:29 paulproteus Did you say yes to the scary thing that implies we should say no?  I don't know if that's still a thing. What are you worrid about?
17:30 Nothing too bad seems to have happened.
17:31 shauna No, I siad no.
17:31 *said
17:31 It's fixed on Chrome but not on Firefox for me.  Maybe a caching issue.
17:32 But I was looking at Firefox first and was confused.
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17:32 shauna Yeah, fixed on Firefox.
17:32 Had to open a different private browsing session.
17:32 Yay!
17:32 After 2.5 hours I can finally post my blog post!
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17:33 shauna I guess I learned some things about css though so the delay wasn't so bad.
17:34 paulproteus Great.
17:44 shauna Wow the spacing on this post is incredibly inconsistent.
17:46 paulproteus -1 to the WordPress WYSIWYG editor
17:46 Not that I know that's related but it usually is.
17:48 shauna Allll I want is padding below an h2
17:48 And above I guess.
17:49 re: WYSIWYG I just copied and pasted from htmlpad
17:49 But I used h2s and h3s which I think are getting overridden in the blog css.
17:51 Changing manually now.
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17:56 shauna[…]mester-of-events/
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18:10 skay shauna: I am excited about this topic and really happy to see people posting already[…]y-and-research/62
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18:10 paulproteus shauna: I should have said this earlier, but -- can you put the giant number 17 somewhere here? As big as the images.
18:10 But if not, I can deal. (-:
18:10 It's amazing.
18:11 The content of the post, that is.
18:11 It's also so exciting that we seem to be good at getting "repeat customers"!
18:11 Looks like I have a lot of reading to do, with this post and all that it links to.
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18:19 paulproteus shauna:[…]e-irc-curmudgeon/ is nicely-written and borderline excellent reference material that we could hypothetically point students to.
18:20 This makes sense, from the author of, but anyway, thanks kfogel (who isn't here but deserves a mention)
18:28 shauna skay: I am excited too!
18:29 paulproteus: where would you suggest I put it?
18:29 also: oof my internet is slow
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18:30 paulproteus shauna: Right above "September"
18:30 * skay 's internet is slow too
18:31 shauna Just... the number 17?
18:31 That seems weird.
18:31 skay shauna: I am behind on conversations so this may be redundant -- did you let people in sciencelab know about the topic?
18:32 shauna Oh, no I didn't.  That's a goo idea.
18:35 A good idea, even
18:45 Niharika Hi skay! How're you?
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18:46 skay Niharika: hi theres :)
18:46 Niharika: how is it going? I know that timvideos crew is at LCA conf right now :)
18:46 Carl is in New Zealand with them
18:47 paulproteus shauna: Maybe with a brief note after the giant 17 that says, "That's the number of events. I'm excited. Now, onto the details."
18:47 Niharika skay: Yeah. :) I'm not there. I thought you'd be going over. Time said you might.
18:47 skay: It's going well! I'm working with Wikimedia as a contractor for a few months. How's it going at your end?
18:47 Tim*
18:49 skay: I've to work with Tim and get the bugtracking app deployed on the TimVideos server. I've been procrastinating it forever. :P
18:50 skay Niharika: neato! Wikimedia! I've been working at Canonical for 3 months now and things are good
18:50 Niharika: I would like to spend some outside time getting up to date with the latest master, but have been too busy to work that out
18:50 I've got some ansible code in partial shape to deploy it, but haven't completed things
18:51 Niharika skay: :) If you get time, do apply for a talk at It's not a big scary conference. You'd give an awesome talk, I know.
18:52 skay Niharika: thanks :)
18:52 Niharika skay: I gave one last year and loved the experience. Now I'm hunting for topics about which I could possibly speak and people would come and listen. :P
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19:10 shauna paulproteus: 17 by itself looked strange, see if you like my compromise
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19:57 paulproteus shauna: +1 to your version!
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21:44 willingc skay: i would love to see you speak since I love chatting with you when I do see you
21:45 skay willingc: thanks o/
21:45 willingc :)
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