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02:34 ArcTanSusan hi hi!
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14:41 kzisme Hows everyone doing today
14:44 pdurbin cold bike ride in but otherwise fine
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17:13 guidos I wish it would warm up
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20:09 pfctdayelise hi openhatchers... so, I am running 'adopt pytest month', and I wanted to see if open hatch would be interested in taking part
20:10 there is some info about it here:
20:10 pytest is a test runner/testing lib which has lots of benefits over unittest including tests being much nicer to write
20:11 basically, we would give you an experienced pytest user (or maybe > 1) for a month, and they would help you adapt your tests. so, free testing help :)
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20:24 pdurbin pfctdayelise: can I get "Passed" results in Jenkins like this?[…].sword/SwordTest/
20:26 pfctdayelise pdurbin: if you're asking, is there a plugin for jenkins, then the answer is yes, absolutely
20:27 pdurbin ok, because those tests are currently written in Java:
20:27 but I'm open to using Python instead
20:28 pfctdayelise maybe I want to write tests in python for a java project? or just use pytest to run java tests? or?
20:30 pdurbin pfctdayelise: that git repo of tests written in Java operates on a RESTful API at so it doesn't really matter what language the tests are written in.
20:30 I just need Jenkins to tell me if they passed or failed. :)
20:31 pfctdayelise ah ok. well... yes, i imagine that could be achieved then :)
20:31 does it test something openhatch or is it something else?
20:32 pdurbin something else (Dataverse). I don't know if OpenHatch has a RESTful API or not. shauna? ehashman?
20:33 pfctdayelise: if your person is interested in porting some tests from Java to Python please have him or her open an issue at[…]-apitester/issues
20:35 pfctdayelise pdurbin: ok, I'll see (we have lots of helpers, not sure about their java skills tho). dataverse is open source right? why do they put their api testing in a separate repo, do you know?
20:36 pdurbin yes, here's the main code:
20:36 we should probably move the contents of the apitester repo into the main project. it was a proof of concept at first
20:37 works great
20:38 pfctdayelise what languages is dataverse written in?
20:38 pdurbin mostly Java
20:38 * pdurbin ducks
20:38 pfctdayelise :)
20:39 will it be strange for developers to have some tests written in a diff language? pytest style is quite different to xunit style too
20:40 pdurbin meh, we have Selenium tests written in Python:
20:41 QA seems to like Python better than Java.
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20:42 pfctdayelise ok cool
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20:43 pdurbin pfctdayelise: I mean, no pressure. What we have is working for us. :)
20:43 pfctdayelise I discussed openhatch using pytest with carol_w a while ago (actually we tried to see if we could get it working at pycon US last year, but my django skills are not too deep)
20:44 pdurbin: well, right now I have many more volunteers than projects, so, we'll see :)
20:45 pdurbin we have some Django projects too if that's of interest
20:46 or4n Hey, I'm doing missions from the website and I'm getting "Warning! EOF read where object expected" error when I'm trying to upload ghello.c. Any idea what could be reason for that?
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20:46 or4n I've tried Safari, Firefox and Chrome on Mac OS and Chrome on Linux...with same error on each.
20:47 pfctdayelise pdurbin: absolutely, if you have people at your end who can guide/work with them
20:48 pdurbin pfctdayelise: we love volunteers![…]r/
20:49 or4n: good question. can you please file a bug at ?
20:49 or4n pdurbin: Sure, I already tried to find if others where having same issue but didn't find anything.
20:49 pfctdayelise pdurbin: where are the django/python bits?
20:50 pdurbin pfctdayelise: linked from the Google Doc at
20:53 we have a javascript (d3) project too, if that's of interest:
20:53 an R project:
20:53 :)
20:56 pfctdayelise mm nah sticking to python for now :)
20:57 pdurbin not a bad choice
20:57 pfctdayelise: are you in charge of ?
20:58 pfctdayelise No, I'm not in charge of it, I'm a contributor though
20:58 pdurbin nice
21:00 pfctdayelise I thought you were going to tell me something was wrong with it :)
21:02 pdurbin of course not!
21:04 pfctdayelise :) So who are the core people in openhatch that could think about if using pytest is a good idea?
21:05 pdurbin shauna and ehashman and willingc
21:07 pfctdayelise: there's a dev list you could email
21:10 pfctdayelise excellent. thanks pdurbin
21:10 pdurbin oh sure
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21:31 pfctdayelise pdurbin: looking at the IQSS things now. so basically is a django site, with no tests?
21:33 pdurbin true!
21:33 Django and Sphinx
21:38 pfctdayelise So, the idea with adopt pytest month is projects will have a helper for a month to ease them into pytest, not necessarily like write or fix all their tests, or be a contributor after that
21:38 just to be clear :)
21:39 pdurbin pfctdayelise: you're looking for mentors. I get it. Which month will it be?
21:39 April. ok
21:39 how much of a time commitment from mentors?
21:41 pfctdayelise it depends on the project and what they decide is appropriate, so really you can decide. but I told pytest volunteers to expect 2-4 hours a week.
21:41 pdurbin ok. I'm not committing yet. :)
21:43 pfctdayelise ok :) well you have the link and you can email me if you have Qs or want to join
21:43 I'm going to head off, thanks for the chat
21:43 pdurbin ok!
21:43 yep!
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22:11 ehashman pdurbin: iirc there is a folder called api
22:11 I haven't looked very closely at it
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23:22 guidos pdurbin: I would be interested in learning more about testing with python, if you need a newb to help with that project
23:33 or4n Great, I cloned oh-mainline repository and set up my own test server only to figure out bug in TAR-mission isn't even in that project but on :|
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