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16:44 moijes12 paulproteus: hi
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17:19 paulproteus Aw, missed them.
17:27 npr paulproteus: I just saw Philip's email to the OH-dev list. I'm curious, is there a more canonical document of OH's intended direction? (specifically regarding feature freeze on OH-mainline and replacing missions with Edx/Coursera - what does that leave OH doing?). Hoping this doesn't sound abrasive, I'm genuinely curious!
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17:29 paulproteus Canonical is strong!
17:30 I'm basically "the leader" at the moment. I don't like having power, though I am on the board and President, etc. The Open Source Bridge conversation was the start of people trying to reach consensus together about what makes sense to do.
17:30 phildini I think there's a vision that OH will be focusing on things "out in the world" a bit more for getting people into open source, but not abandoning the idea that people can use OH online resources for getting involved in Open Source.
17:31 paulproteus We've been doing lots of more things so far, and to some extent this conversation is the result of us looking around and asking, who wants to responsible for doing a great job of maintaining the online resources, and not seeing any hands, but of course it was a small set of people.
17:31 phildini++
17:31 I wish I were doing a better job of e.g. code reviews, but I can see that I haven't been.
17:31 phildini A lot of this conversation stems from the idea that people might be spending time working on the OH platform, when we (might) rather have them getting involved in other open source projects that _have_ a clear plan and need the help.
17:32 paulproteus Having said that, I've definitely seen people "graduate" from working on OH to working on other projecs they found through OH.
17:32 So both for itself, and for a training ground, the OpenHatch code/website is definitely useful.
17:32 phildini If OpenHatch can provide the resources and tools for getting people into Open Source while itself having less of a software footprint, that's probably a good idea.
17:33 npr Okay, that makes sense. No criticism intended on my end, I was just missing some context around the conversation I think. Thanks phildini/paulproteus.
17:33 paulproteus To some extent, npr, this is the beginnings of an attempt at creating that canonical document of OH's direction.
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17:34 paulproteus npr: No worries at all. I'm grateful for all the ways you've been involved and hope to keep working with you!
17:35 npr I can certainly see the appeal in limiting OH's "software footprint" as it frees everyone up for more human interaction. I think that is a logical move/path forward, looking forward to seeing how this develops for OH
17:36 phildini npr: fwiw, it didn't come across as criticism, and if things are unclear to anyone we should work harder on making them clearer.
17:36 paulproteus ++
17:36 The other thing is I want to emphasize an inclusive sense of "we".
17:36 The only people who make OpenHatch meaningful are the volunteers.
17:37 That's doubly true since there are no paid staff members at the moment!
17:37 So npr, you're a part of the "we", and so getting your thoughts on these ideas is something I care about.
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18:31 Daredel hi guys, I'm doing the training missions but I got stuck at the svn, when I try to submit the svn diff, I get "Error 500 (server error)"
18:40 paulproteus `/win 3
18:40 ...
19:07 npr Daredel: Is it the same as the issue reported here ([…]nline/issues/1673 ) ?
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20:17 kzisme marktraceur: Care to take a look at this form I'm building?  I'm trying to get everything to align, but it wont work with nested divs.  been stuck on this one for awhile o.O
20:17 As per these:
20:18 Daredel npr: yes it is
20:18 * marktraceur looks briefly
20:19 kzisme afaik....columns can add up to 12 or else they get moved
20:19 marktraceur kzisme: Is the CSS online somewhere?
20:19 I just need a URL to the CSS file.
20:19 kzisme One moment
20:20 Just standard bootstrap and thats it
20:20 havent touched anything else
20:21 marktraceur:[…]e/master/dist/css
20:25 marktraceur kzisme: OK, so:
20:25 You said it's not aligned?
20:25 Because it looks aligned to me
20:25 Except for the phone number one.
20:26 kzisme yeah tahts the only one
20:27 and in that row there are nested div tags which I'm not sure why, but I'm pretty sure they are messing it up
20:28 marktraceur kzisme: Yes, because you want that field to be one column
20:28 kzisme both fields (office phone and extension) is that possible?
20:30 marktraceur kzisme: Refresh it
20:30 Not perfect, but it works
20:30 The text is at
20:31 kzisme o.O
20:31 What was the issue?
20:32 I'm off for now commuting I'll be back soon
20:32 Thanks marktraceur :)
20:48 marktraceur kzisme: I just made your nested 4-width column a 2-width column and two 1-width columns.
20:48 It maintains the "ext" field at a similar size, but keeps the layout otherwise the same
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