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13:56 JasonWoof huh, pythod dicts don't convert all keys to strings?
14:04 sunu: the dict(key="val") syntax "only works for keys that are valid Python identifiers"[…]apping-types-dict
14:06 oh, it's not even that
14:07 when you do:   dict(foo=bar) the "foo" isn't evaluated (it's not used as a variable) it's literally "foo"
14:08 sunu: your example is only confusing because key almost=== "key"
14:10 I changed the variable name from key to bar, and maybe now it is more clear:
14:10 oops, key to foo
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20:51 13oh-mainline/06master 14d26caa9 15James Simas: Update wording for log in pages...
20:51 13oh-mainline/06master 14f608a2a 15Elana Hashman: Merge pull request #1677 from jamessimas/dev-jamessimas-fix451...
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20:54 13oh-mainline/06master 14eb8e2da 15Elana Hashman: Merge pull request #1679 from NPrescott/commit-hash-info...
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21:04 ehashman sunu: ^ what JasonWoof said was exactly what I was going to say, I think it's a scoping issue; "key" the kwarg is the string key, not the value key
21:04 I also verbatim said "fascinating" when looking at this, which was apparently what paulproteus said
21:05 apparently I am just a copycat
21:21 JasonWoof apparently dict() is not a language construct (like PHP's array()) but behaves like a normal function
21:27 rather admirable of python I think
21:27 ehashman seems reasonable to me
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