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02:06 kzisme pdurbin: Do you know anyone at that company or just a random find?
02:16 pdurbin kzisme: I spent a week down there:[…]posts/AkCBQ8sGLAA
02:21 kzisme pdurbin: So, overall it seems like a pretty positive experience there!  Are they "entry level" positions per se?
02:31 pdurbin kzisme: some, probably
02:31 kzisme pdurbin: I just worry I don't know "enough"
02:31 Which is really depends who sets those standards I suppose
02:32 pdurbin and yeah, very positive experience. good people. they even wrote Python bindings to our API:[…]nt-libraries.html
02:32 kzisme Based off the few pages I've read about them I'll probably apply :)
02:32 Any idea when a good time to apply is?  (for spring)
02:33 pdurbin hmm. now probably
02:33 kzisme: tell 'em I sent you :)
02:33 kzisme Do you have a chance to look over my resume? :)
02:35 pdurbin I gotta get these dishes done and take out the trash. Should probably fold laundry before I collapse.
02:36 kzisme No worries if you have a chance in the next few days ping me?
02:37 pdurbin kzisme: you can just drop a link for all of us whenever you want
02:38 since there are 84 nicks in here
02:38 kzisme[…]0Resume.docx?dl=0
02:42 pdurbin kzisme: it's mercifully short :) I forget what an old fart I'm becoming. :)
02:42 kzisme Most people I've spoken to told me to keep it to 1 (maybe running into 2) pages
02:43 pdurbin kzisme: maybe have a code sample ready to share. Ideally a link to GitHub but whatever.
02:44 kzisme Hmm - currently working on writing my own website (to include links such as Github and anything else) , so that might be worth including once it's finished.  Anything else coming out at you?
02:48 pdurbin kzisme: well, this channel is logged so you may want to take it down soon
02:49 kzisme Yup done
02:52 pdurbin kzisme: cool. I pinged some people there:
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02:53 kzisme pdurbin: Thanks a lot!  Let me know if you hear anything back!  Ideally I'll have a cover letter and such by the end of the week and i'll apply :)
02:54 pdurbin ok :)
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15:26 openhatch_4177 hi newcomer here
15:26 needed help in beginning with contributing
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