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00:21 MarkDude joined #openhatch
00:23 pdurbin Had you seen that post HedgeMage sivoais wolftune ?
00:42 wolftune pdurbin: no…
00:42 pdurbin What do you think?
00:42 wolftune that mentorship thing above?
00:42 drr, that makes 22 open browser tabs
00:43 pdurbin This post:[…]-an-organization/
00:54 MarkDude emailed asheesh
00:54 Sad to hear, but know you did some great things as a group, and as individuals :)
00:57 HedgeMage pdurbin: I did.  this is the first I've seen it, though.
01:11 pdurbin MarkDude: that's very kind of you to say.
01:12 MarkDude Were it not for my charity effforts and Fedora, I would have been here
01:13 * MarkDude had to let the charity stuff go. Now its coming back around, Im doing it simpler, one person at a time
01:20 pdurbin I wonder if there are other IRC channels like #openhatch.
01:28 MarkDude We are in subsections of other projects
01:30 I've been making push for Diversity in FOSS, and specifically Fedora, its been slow, but you find allies all over the place
01:30 Stealth allies too, like they keep their idealism close at hand, but share as needed :D
01:31 pdurbin_m joined #openhatch
01:31 * MarkDude thinks some of this can be done via social media. There will be more losers, but, many can win. Hashtags, hashtags are key :)
01:34 pdurbin_m MarkDude: is there a website for your diversity efforts?
01:35 MarkDude At this point its Outreach with diversity
01:36 I can get channel and other list, I've been away a bit with health crap
01:37 Consider that out of date, we have a few folks up for an awakening. Redhat started diversity efforts in 2012. We are a bit behind. So we asked existing women centered groups for help. Because, reality
01:38 pdurbin_m Ah, Outreachy. They had a table at LibrePlanet. Thanks.
01:39 MarkDude There are contribs in #fedora-diversity from other projects
01:40 Well, there are a few outreach projects. We've found geeks want to be geeks. Not their label, or such. Safespaces are needed, but many times its just knowing that voices matter
01:40 Say  trans person can offer feedback, and not need to out themselves, as some projects do, in odd way
01:41 Anyway, its more than Fedora, its the future of FOSS, dont be an asshole, unless its Frankensteins monster, in which case hand out torches to villagers
01:42 Shutting up now :D
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04:30 wolftune joined #openhatch
04:33 wolftune HedgeMage: why not FLO terms for your blog?[…]orship-right-oss/ is a good example of a work that is unfortunate to be All Rights Reserved. Did I miss some reference to this?
04:34 HedgeMage wolftune: The blog is CC-by except where marked, though it's possible the notice of same was dropped by accident when I changed themes?
04:34 wolftune HedgeMage: thanks, wherever you have that marked, I don't see a reference on that page itself
04:34 ideally, it would be in a footer or something that shows on all pages
04:35 HedgeMage I just checked, the block I had in the footer got dropped when I changed themes yesterday.  Thanks for the heads up!
04:35 I have a houseguest arriving tomorrow, but will try to fix over the weekend.
04:35 wolftune great, thanks!
04:36 HedgeMage: I was thinking of adding a link to it at[…]y/team-engagement
04:36 HedgeMage Nifty :)
04:36 wolftune could do either way, but strongly prefer to promote FLO works :)
04:39 you may appreciate what we've collected there too
04:39 thanks for the ping pdurbin
04:40 pdurbin: why not lurking at #snowdrift too, btw? ;)
04:46 HedgeMage wolftune: There, I fixed it tonight just for you. See the site's footer.
04:46 :)
04:46 wolftune w00t
04:47 HedgeMage: I already had just now added the link to that wiki page I mentioned too
04:47 HedgeMage I see that, thanks :D
04:47 I also marked that for later perusal.
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07:35 sivoais pdurbin: I had not seen the post. :-O I had great fun running an OSCTC event. I would volunteer to do so again, time-permitting.
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09:46 pdurbin I like how under "Resources" on that Snowdrift page there's a section on "Team-building tools and organizations" that says "OpenHatch helps new volunteers get involved in FLO software development." The problem is, there's only one organization like that listed. Are there others?
09:47 sivoais: that's awesome that you can an OSCTC event. I attended one.
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