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10:43 pdurbin HedgeMage: hi. Did you see this? [Discuss] Infrastructure software forge project - volunteers required -[…]-June/000012.html
11:38 HedgeMage pdurbin: Yes. :)
11:54 pdurbin HedgeMage: is this new software forge going to be open source?
11:58 HedgeMage Yes, absolutely. :)
12:04 pdurbin HedgeMage: does it have a codename yet? Or final name.
12:14 HedgeMage pdurbin: We've been kicking around "Smithy", as a forge is really just one tool inside a Smithy so my metalworker husband has always thought "forge" was a dumb term for a collection of software-making tools. :)
12:14 It's in no way final, though.
12:15 pdurbin smithy works
12:15 HedgeMage: is there a git repo yet?
12:18 HedgeMage I don't *think* so, as they're still in the requirements-gathering phase, but jooles in #icei and #newguard would know for sure. :)
12:28 pdurbin HedgeMage: are the requirements being written down in a public place?
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12:45 HedgeMage We started with a brainstorming doc which is here:   ...I'm not sure if that's current or if jooles et al have broken off to another doc.
12:45 I know that the reqs list will end up being public before development begins.
12:45 There was recently some back-and-forth about where to host the thing before it gets far enough along to dogfood itself. :)
13:12 pdurbin HedgeMage: you are all over this google doc. lots of bullets from you
13:12 HedgeMage Yep.  To be fair, not everything I put in was one of my ideas... I'm not sure whether I marked my stuff separately from when I was taking notes for a group.
13:12 It was a while ago :)
13:13 Feel free to suggest things!
13:13 pdurbin Is this being paid for by a government grant?
13:14 HedgeMage Nope.
13:15 Most of it is volunteer, though we've got a small portion of jooles' time as pm funded by ICEI thanks to our Theil Foundation grant.
13:15 pdurbin ok, so a private grant
13:15 * HedgeMage nods
13:16 HedgeMage I like private money when I can get it: it tends to come with fewer strings.
13:16 BTW, jooles just woke up in #icei -- we could always move the convo there and include him :)
13:17 pdurbin Isn't #icei a walled garden? Not logged publicly?
13:17 HedgeMage It's not logged publicly, but I don't consider that a walled garden.
13:17 Anyone can join and log privately.
13:18 People tend to self-censor too much for my taste in publicly-logged channels.
13:18 The reality of "every word I say may be googled 30 years from now, re-analyzed out of context and held against me" is kinda scary.
13:18 pdurbin I consider Slack to be a walled garden too. Bad for open source projects that care about transparency.
13:18 HedgeMage Slack is very bad, not least because it's inaccessible to screen readers and they have stated no intention to fix that :(
13:20 pdurbin has very good transparency. I'd be happy to talk about this Google doc there.
13:21 HedgeMage Sure, go ahead and post.  I'm sure you'll be responded to. :)
13:21 pdurbin HedgeMage: am I allowed to link to the Google doc?
13:24 HedgeMage Go for it.
13:58 pdurbin HedgeMage: sent:[…]-July/000014.html
14:07 HedgeMage pdurbin: thanks for the post!  I just saw it come across.
14:20 pdurbin You're welcome. As they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. I hope I did ok.
14:21 HedgeMage :D
14:21 Sounds fine.  I'll respond when I get a chance.  I'm currently deep in the morass of attempted camera shopping.
14:22 Trying to find something good enough that I think LF will learn well (he gets to do a photography camp with professional photographers later this month!) but not so expensive that I'll have a heart attack if it breaks at camp.
14:22 This is a VERY hard line to walk!
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14:30 pdurbin HedgeMage: you might like[…]sers-awesome.html because she talks about cameras a lot. Good book. :)
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14:36 HedgeMage :)
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16:21 openhatch_2994 Hi
16:22 HedgeMage hi, openhatch_2994
16:22 openhatch_2994 #opehatch
16:23 HedgeMage You are in #openhatch.
16:23 Did you have a question?
16:28 pdurbin HedgeMage: good try :)
16:31 HedgeMage heh
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