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09:06 bigpresh Hello :)  Either I'm being silly, or it's really not clear how to associate a tracker with a project on Openhatch.  I've added a project, I can click "Add project's bugs", select "GitHub" as the type, and get a list of loads of unrelated project's trackers
09:07 I can add a tracker, which I've done, and it appears in the list, but I don't see any way to "link" it to the project?
09:07 project is , tracker created is[…]ithub/509/Dancer2
09:09 also, consistently gives me a 500 error (and shows me as logged out in the top nav, when I'm not)
09:10 .... oh, I just read the topic.
09:10 I suspect putting something prominent on the site would be a good idea to save people wasting time registering new projects etc.
09:11 (Also, it's a shame!)
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11:30 pdurbin bigpresh: yeah, it's a shame
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