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18:10 ngalebot [13nightingale-hacking] 15johnmurrayvi pushed 1 new commit to 06sb-trunk-oldxul: 02
18:10 13nightingale-hacking/06sb-trunk-oldxul 14532f999 15John Murray: fix up addition of stop menu item for mac dock (#287)
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18:17 ngalebot [13nightingale-hacking] 15johnmurrayvi pushed 7 new commits to 06sb-trunk-oldxul: 02
18:17 13nightingale-hacking/06sb-trunk-oldxul 1463578a1 15John Murray: don't build the mozilla plugin on mac, it breaks the build, and is already included in the bundled gst, also add copyright date
18:17 13nightingale-hacking/06sb-trunk-oldxul 14d7d0cf4 15John Murray: add apple-remote extension from mac-remote-control
18:17 13nightingale-hacking/06sb-trunk-oldxul 14b3ec5c2 15John Murray: add apple-mediakeys extension from whitedragon
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18:26 travis-ci [travis-ci] nightingale-media-player/nightingale-hacking#117 (sb-trunk-oldxul - 246bf93 : John Murray): The build is still failing.
18:26 [travis-ci] Change view :[…]ec...246bf9305023
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18:27 ngalebot [13nightingale-hacking] 15johnmurrayvi pushed 1 new commit to 06sb-trunk-oldxul: 02
18:27 13nightingale-hacking/06sb-trunk-oldxul 14a791dd7 15John Murray: update mac dep date, add md5
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18:36 travis-ci [travis-ci] nightingale-media-player/nightingale-hacking#118 (sb-trunk-oldxul - a791dd7 : John Murray): The build is still failing.
18:36 [travis-ci] Change view :[…]23...a791dd78d3b4
18:36 [travis-ci] Build details :[…]g/builds/24347341
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20:44 GeekShadow hmm
20:44 hello
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20:50 freaktechnik hi
20:50 GeekShadow yo
20:50 good timing I suppose :)
20:51 freaktechnik well, had to organize a computer....
20:51 ;)
20:54 so not too many people around yet, ohwell
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20:55 freaktechnik hi ilikenwf
20:56 GeekShadow huh
20:56 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg hi *
20:56 GeekShadow hi rsjtdrjgfuzkfg
20:56 freaktechnik *rsjtdrjgfuzkfg
20:59 johnmurrayvi hello everyone
20:59 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg hi johnmurrayvi
21:00 freaktechnik first off I can't editlock the wiki, so please just don't edit it ;)
21:00 so, we start with a little system itnegration today.
21:00 -> johnmurrayvi
21:01 johnmurrayvi oh hah
21:01 freaktechnik (link to the notes:[…]loper_meetings:2)
21:01 johnmurrayvi okay, uh, I fixed the mac dock menu. it was a problem in the deps
21:01 GeekShadow what's the purpose of locking the article ?
21:01 freaktechnik GeekShadow: so it stays the same throughout the meeting
21:02 so, I guess we'll have to be careful to use the correct deps for the next release on MAc OS X
21:02 johnmurrayvi and when they got updated to, changes POTI made got overwritten. so I patched those in
21:02 GeekShadow oh, well we can see timestamps ;)
21:02 nice
21:02 johnmurrayvi yeah, I uploaded new mac deps to sf, and updated in ng-h
21:03 freaktechnik on trunk I guess?
21:03 johnmurrayvi yeah, I did it a couple hours ago
21:03 the deps include both release and debug
21:03 so the naming is a little off
21:03 freaktechnik (as they will for XULR 9)
21:04 johnmurrayvi linux deps seem to be the only concern I'd have regarding combining both release and debug
21:04 freaktechnik why?
21:04 because of the system deps?
21:04 johnmurrayvi the mac and windows ones aren't terribly big, but the linux ones are 500+ mb
21:05 oh, no, just download size
21:05 freaktechnik mkay
21:05 johnmurrayvi (for the record, I personally like having them together)
21:05 freaktechnik well, it makes some stuff simpler
21:06 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg I personally wouldn't mind having them separated for each platform, we'd only need to auto-download the correct one
21:06 freaktechnik it needs more building on the other hand.
21:07 johnmurrayvi yeah
21:07 it wouldn't be terrible to separate them
21:07 but.. eh, have to redownload a second set to do debug
21:08 freaktechnik and makes the a little bit more complicated
21:08 (compare sb-trunk-oldxul to master-xul9.0.1)
21:08 johnmurrayvi yeah
21:09 anyways, also for integration, I merged in the mac/apple media key and remote extensions today
21:09 and I also fixed the mac dock menu to match the linux one (it has "Stop" now)
21:09 freaktechnik ->[…]acking/issues/292
21:10 johnmurrayvi (the master-xul-9.0.1 downloads the md5 from sf)
21:10 freaktechnik well, the mac os x one is more itneractive
21:10 as linux only allows static menus
21:10 johnmurrayvi that's true. I tried to make the "Stop" option hidden/grayed out when there wasn't anything to stop
21:10 but that didn't work out lol
21:11 plus it'd be weird having the menu item disappearing
21:12 freaktechnik it'd be nice if we got command line options, so we could get rid of the dbus dependency for linux menu integration
21:12 johnmurrayvi so, yeah, mac is definitely a platform to watch closely during the next release
21:12 freaktechnik (@GeekShadow)
21:12 GeekShadow yeah reading :)
21:12 well it's something to fix, not something to implement
21:13 freaktechnik well, yeah, you already have the extension
21:13 GeekShadow yep, well I should retrieve the good SB bug
21:13 freaktechnik speaking of SB bugs, mook somewhere mentioned bugzilla from sb
21:14 but let's move on to XULR 9+
21:14 johnmurrayvi oh, last integration thing, the hide-on-minimize extension also got added for linux
21:14 freaktechnik johnmurrayvi: that's for alter
21:14 johnmurrayvi alright
21:14 freaktechnik *later
21:15 johnmurrayvi so
21:15 xr9 & deps
21:15 the mac deps for xr 1.9.2 are building again
21:15 if that matters much
21:15 but
21:16 the xr 9 deps are really having problems on windows
21:16 specifically, using msvc
21:17 gettext, glib, and libiconv all dropped support for building with the MS tools
21:17 this is a big problem
21:17 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg I'd assume that we can't easily switch to gcc on windows, right?
21:17 not sure about the differences between gcc and the m$ compilers
21:17 johnmurrayvi that's what I've been working on a bit actually
21:18 freaktechnik well, the main issue is that xulr isn't completely ready for gcc yet, afaik
21:18 johnmurrayvi basically, the most rational way I see to fix this is to use gcc (mingw) for everything
21:18 deps and ng-h
21:18 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg if that is possible, I agree that it would be nice
21:19 this would also make building in general a bit more easy
21:19 johnmurrayvi freaktechnik I got them to build with mingw-w64 (cross compiling under linux)
21:19 freaktechnik with complete system integraiton like jumplists?
21:19 johnmurrayvi indeed, and then we could cross compile the windows releases
21:19 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg -w64 is 64bit windows?
21:20 johnmurrayvi that's what I thought at first as well, but it supports i686
21:20 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg k
21:20 johnmurrayvi I actually was using a different cross compiling toolchain (mxe) but saw this:[…]zilla_for_Mingw32
21:20 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg wow
21:20 k
21:20 johnmurrayvi freaktechnik that's the biggest issue I can see... getting directx and everything
21:21 freaktechnik well, shouldn't copying the dlls from wina llow you to link against them?
21:22 johnmurrayvi it depends... I think if the windows deps are compiled with gcc on windows, everything *should* work fine after I finish adjusting the build system
21:23 freaktechnik well, XULR linking correctly is the most critical component, right before gst
21:23 johnmurrayvi I have a cross compilation branch set up for the deps already, and it works really well
21:23 yeah.
21:23 I got it built actually
21:23 with the patching I did
21:25 so I've got a dep build actually using mingw..
21:25 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg great!
21:25 johnmurrayvi I've spent some time trying to get ng-h compiling with them as well
21:26 there's a link to my branch for ng-h using mingw for windows
21:26 (again, cross compiling)
21:26 GeekShadow johnmurrayvi, you don't need *.dlls ?
21:27 johnmurrayvi I'm currently having problems with the rules though
21:27 freaktechnik GeekShadow: they are withing mingw, or emulated
21:27 johnmurrayvi GeekShadow they actually get made
21:28 I'm going to upload the mingw deps to sf before I forget
21:28 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg :)
21:28 GeekShadow cool
21:28 freaktechnik okay -> Merge.
21:28 johnmurrayvi maybe someone can help me figure out what's going on with the rules lol
21:28 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg johnmurrayvi: did you document your setup somewhere?
21:29 johnmurrayvi yeah, sort of... haha
21:29 do you mean using linux to cross compile or natively on windows?
21:30 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg linux cross-compiling, as that is what you consider most likely to succeed, correct?
21:30 johnmurrayvi I haven't done a full gcc build natively on windows yet
21:31 oh, yes, but the cross compiled ones should work with the natively compiled ones assuming they're both gcc
21:31 I have that lol
21:31 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg k
21:32 johnmurrayvi (I'd only use it as a template though lol)
21:32 also, if you plan on building xulrunner, you'll have to extract the xul 9.0.1 archive, then apply the mingw-xr9.patch file
21:33 then to set up the toolchains for the deps:[…]
21:33 ignore the ### NEED gdfgajfsidf lines
21:33 and ignore the wine/mxe stuff lol
21:34 actually, just look at[…]
21:34 that version lol
21:34 GeekShadow I have trouble building xul9 on linux ^^'
21:34 freaktechnik so merge, please.
21:34 GeekShadow
21:34 (ot topic)
21:35 freaktechnik (sorry if I'm pushing)
21:35 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg freaktechnik: that's your task
21:35 ;)
21:35 freaktechnik I guess...
21:35 johnmurrayvi (I actually got msvc tools working as a cross compiler through wine lol, hence the extra stuff in the current version, but it doesn't really solve the issue of the dropped support)
21:36 haha np!
21:36 GeekShadow: I'll look in a min
21:36 SO, I merged sb-trunk-oldxul into master-xul-9.0.1
21:36 and it's building
21:36 freaktechnik (woo)
21:36 johnmurrayvi[…]/tree/merge-trunk
21:36 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg wow
21:36 johnmurrayvi I haven't pushed it to the nightingale repo yet though
21:37 freaktechnik I think we sould not merge until we've got everything working on XULR9
21:37 johnmurrayvi yeah
21:38 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg but it IS great news imho
21:38 GeekShadow johnmurrayvi, nice :)
21:38 johnmurrayvi I was thinking I'd keep the merge-trunk to cherry-pick new commits from sb-trunk and merge work from master-xul-9.0.1 into
21:38 GeekShadow how many conflicts ?
21:38 freaktechnik especially taht johnmurrayvi already resolved the 20 conflicts
21:38 johnmurrayvi I think it was only 30 something
21:38 freaktechnik I think we have the exact number in the logs of the last meeting
21:39 johnmurrayvi it went up a little since the pull request for and the other files
21:39 GeekShadow hmm and master-xul-9.0.1 could become "master" no ?
21:39 freaktechnik I think
21:39 and sb-tunk-oldxul will die
21:39 as it was supposed to be an sb mirror
21:39 johnmurrayvi that's what seems logical to me
21:40 GeekShadow it will die once we get master-xul-9.0.1 to work 1:1 without major problems :p
21:40 johnmurrayvi but there's still a fair amount of work. mainly the browser window and then making sure all of the locks/monitors are working correctly
21:41 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg[…].bz2.md5/download
21:41 (or anyone else who wants the cross deps)
21:41 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg thx
21:41 johnmurrayvi np
21:41 freaktechnik so, dependencies?
21:41 johnmurrayvi 4
21:42 whoops, hit the wrong key, silly numpad
21:42 lol
21:42 freaktechnik ...
21:43 johnmurrayvi deps: need to stop using msvs stuff to get updated glib, gettext, libiconv, etc
21:43 (sorry freaktechnik I tried to hit enter and hit the 4 on the numpad lol)
21:43 freaktechnik (np)
21:43 johnmurrayvi but the rest of the deps stuff I've pretty much covered
21:43 freaktechnik awesome!
21:43 johnmurrayvi one thing
21:44 if you use[…]e/cross-xul-9.0.1 for deps
21:44 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg again a suitable moment to throw a big thank you in your direction, johnmurrayvi !
21:44 johnmurrayvi you'll need to use  "NG_*" vars
21:44 np! I'm glad I can help
21:45 freaktechnik environment vars?
21:45 johnmurrayvi make vars actually.. I wrote "" and "" to replace "songbird-vendor-*.mk"
21:46 freaktechnik oh, nice
21:47 johnmurrayvi I was trying to limit how much MSVC stuff (flags, vars, etc) got carried over
21:47 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg :)
21:47 johnmurrayvi last thing, I promise lol
21:48 for the deps, cross compiling (w/ linux) registers the platform as linux, but cross compiling ng-h sets the platform to windows
21:48 freaktechnik that emans?
21:49 *means
21:50 johnmurrayvi something like this:[…]
21:50 doesn't get run on the deps
21:50 because the "vendor_arch" is set to linux
21:51 but something like
21:51 (on ng-h, will build the win32 subdir)
21:52 freaktechnik So, I guess building against native libs is kind of resolved, as it seems we already only minimally depend on our own deps if they exist in the system path, as of[…]ecomment-42103221
21:53 johnmurrayvi I was looking at that earlier today actually, we should check the xr9 builds when the time comes
21:54 freaktechnik OK
21:54 So, I created "stub store extnesions" for bandcamp and beatport a while ago. Back then I planned to release them along with an improved eq presets+, but as I am trying to implement that into the core now, I think we should release them. Anything opposing that?
21:54 johnmurrayvi speaking of which, it seems like native sqlite works
21:54 (oops)
21:54 freaktechnik (YAY)
21:54 (is it patched)
21:54 (?)
21:55 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg yay for native sqlite
21:55 johnmurrayvi (nope. I randomly added/tried it in xr9 and it doesn't hang/crash like it does on 1.9.2(
21:55 ))*
21:55 freaktechnik okay cool
21:55 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg I personally dislike stub extensions, as long as they are no more than a link in the left service pane
21:56 freaktechnik well, we do have users who think it's better than nothing. I'd personally like to have deeper integration too, but we do not currently have the necessary infrastrucutre and ressources, IMHO
21:56 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg or do they have actual features?
21:56 freaktechnik well, there's also a search engine, and it's mor ethan a link, it also keeps track of the tab and hoghlights it in the service bar
21:57 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg do we get anything out of that?
21:57 freaktechnik nop
21:57 e
21:57 johnmurrayvi can the first-run addons page pull from local files? if so, the extensions could be in the installer, and the first-run could install them if desired?
21:57 freaktechnik but I have spoken to users (AndrewLeuke for example) who would prefer a stub over nothing
21:57 johnmurrayvi: in theory it could, but doesn't make sense.
21:58 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg did we try to get in touch with bandcamp and beatport?
21:58 freaktechnik (we might get rid of first run anyways)
21:58 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg: no
21:58 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg Then I'd oppose making them recommended or anything.
21:59 johnmurrayvi well, for any non-official build, the first run page is broken, even though some of the extensions are compiled and sitting in compiled/dist/extension
21:59 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg I have no issues putting them on the add-on page, though.
21:59 freaktechnik am not taliing on amking them recommended, just releasing them on the add-on page
21:59 they are currently in ng-a
21:59 johnmurrayvi: I am responsible for that, sorry.
21:59 also dist/extension is not what is bundled with ngale
22:00 oh wait, it is
22:00 (at least I think I caused that)š
22:00 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg imho nobody needs to ask anybody to develop and publish an add-on, so I assumed you intended to recommend it
22:00 freaktechnik okay, so everybody is fine with me putting them on
22:00 well, I think they have ngale as dev, not sure though
22:01 johnmurrayvi yep!
22:01 freaktechnik (I hate mac keyborads)
22:01 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg but for the record, I'd like a better integration AND us getting paid for that, for example to send some money over to johnmurrayvi  for his amazing work or for server stuffs
22:02 johnmurrayvi freaktechnik haha it's not a problem, but that's partially why I put the hide-on-minimize ext in the ng-h tree. I wasn't really thinking when I put it in the tree as opposed to ng-a
22:02 freaktechnik money involves taxes. I think ilikenwf is about ready to look into that fourther, from talking to him recently
22:02 well, hide-on-close has to be in tree
22:02 so speaking of hide-on close
22:02 johnmurrayvi is bountysource taxed?
22:02 freaktechnik instead of unit integration gale will have mpris in the future on lunux. for al distros btw
22:02 johnmurrayvi: nope
22:03 but that's direct payment to bs
22:03 so johnmurrayvi just took out the hide-on-close feature of the unity extension, which breaks some thing in mpris.
22:03 I guess we'll publish it along with the next ngale relase, but not recommend it as it has bugs.
22:03 johnmurrayvi rsjtdrjgfuzkfg I think it should go to server stuff so ilikenwf doesn't have to pay :)
22:03 freaktechnik it is, as johnmurrayvi  mentioned currently in gn-h
22:04 johnmurrayvi what can I do to stop it from breaking mpris?
22:04 freaktechnik (as I said, it has to be there as it partially builds agains geckos tuff)
22:04 johnmurrayvi: that'd need to be done in the extension, but should be possible, I'm not too fresh on the respective observers though
22:05 johnmurrayvi I'll try to take a look
22:06 freaktechnik okay, so the wiki now gives you edit right when you register newly. Thanks GeekShadow!
22:07 GeekShadow yeah well no big deal, I hope we have no huge spam
22:07 freaktechnik well, so far note
22:07 except for me....
22:07 *not
22:07 GeekShadow yeah well I was not much active for NG the last month, sorry for that
22:07 johnmurrayvi GeekShadow: related to the build error you posted[…]29faa71c0de24ac0c
22:07 freaktechnik np
22:08 GeekShadow I mainly update my dokuwiki-repo repo and tried building xul9 on my server to start nightlies
22:09 freaktechnik okay, so I think we can skip featherweight, as ilikenwf appears to still be sleeping ;) But I would be happy if I'm not too involved, appart from adjusting stylesheets etc. I gues similar for rsjtdrjgfuzkfg?
22:09 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg I'd love to work on that, but currently I don't see me finding the time for it
22:10 So I agree on the would be great but I won't be able to help that much thing :P
22:10 freaktechnik SO we got to the new and HOT issues. #291 is strange. As is 290. And 289 should be closed.
22:11 johnmurrayvi should 289 be closed?
22:11 GeekShadow well once It will be ready i'll push the dokuwiki repo page in production
22:11 freaktechnik I think so, if we make hide-on.-close a standalon, that's a non-isssue
22:12 johnmurrayvi true
22:12 freaktechnik *standalone
22:12 johnmurrayvi 290 is an interesting one
22:12 I haven't looked at it at all tbh, but it is broken
22:13 freaktechnik I guess so.
22:13 well, it will need modifications to the recursive make rules.
22:13 which is scary.
22:13 johnmurrayvi yep
22:14 I'll try to figure something out about it by the next meeting
22:14 freaktechnik #288 is clear, 285 is just tests :S
22:15 so let's talk about featured
22:15 extensions
22:16 johnmurrayvi (I've had new issues running tests, something with libvisual)
22:16 freaktechnik the topic came up with the author of bigbeat asking for RT
22:16 johnmurrayvi (debug tests***)
22:16 freaktechnik I've had the sigabort too, if that helps...
22:16 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg RT = some socual stuff you do on twitter, right?
22:16 freaktechnik but I think we should postpone that until we have an actual add-on platform, where we can manage such stuff, so it's faitr
22:17 RT = retweet = resharing a tweet to your followers
22:17 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg k
22:17 GeekShadow I think we can share community work
22:18 considering it's working with latest version of NG
22:18 freaktechnik I think it's unfair to only share stuff of one guy
22:18 as we've retweeted himt eh alst time
22:18 johnmurrayvi (freaktechnik this looked different.. it would crash while gst was loading the libvisual plugin)
22:19 freaktechnik (o.O
22:19 )
22:20 that's everythign... for yesterday ;)
22:21 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg yay!
22:21 freaktechnik nex tmeeting would be on the 7.june?
22:21 johnmurrayvi looks like it
22:21 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg yes
22:21 freaktechnik okay, so anybody wants to lead it?
22:22 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg I'd assume you?
22:22 freaktechnik I just want to give others the opportunity...
22:22 * GeekShadow will try to be more active before the next meeting
22:22 GeekShadow so maybe leading it too eventually :)
22:22 freaktechnik Nightingale Media Player || || Current release: 1.12.1 || Offtopic #chirping || Please idle and wait for a reply! || Channel logs: || Dev-Meeting: 7. June
22:22 crap
22:22 Topic for #nightingale is now Nightingale Media Player || || Current release: 1.12.1 || Offtopic #chirping || Please idle and wait for a reply! || Channel logs: || Dev-Meeting: 7. June
22:23 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg And the time link is​3rd+Nightingale+Developer+Meeting&iso=20140607T21
22:23 freaktechnik GeekShadow: I'll see you @ rmll, so you better ;)
22:23 GeekShadow oh also, I need to do stuff to prepare RMLL, freaktechnik I think I can include you in Mozilla budget
22:23 freaktechnik o.O
22:23 GeekShadow well I'll ask
22:23 freaktechnik well, the auberger is really cheap this time
22:23 so anyways, I'd like to get off now. alcohol and stuff.
22:23 night
22:23 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg gn8
22:23 GeekShadow didn't checked yet
22:24 alchoooool
22:24 :p
22:24 freaktechnik, bye
22:24 anyone want to go to RMLL ? :p
22:24 (it's in France)
22:24 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg GeekShadow: want or can? :P
22:24 GeekShadow hmm both ?
22:26 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg :D
22:26 johnmurrayvi GeekShadow the hacky fix is something like this:
22:26 you'll see it when you hit it lol
22:27 GeekShadow huh patch gcc to get ng to build ? is that dirty ? :D
22:28 johnmurrayvi yeah... it's apparently a problem for other people as well...[…]08/msg024419.html
22:29 GeekShadow oh ok
22:29 johnmurrayvi wha... this is my gist... I just found this link on google[…]uild-with-gcc-4-8
22:31 does linux need jemalloc from xr?
22:32 GeekShadow no idea :s
22:32 johnmurrayvi hmm
22:32 stevew joined #nightingale
22:32 johnmurrayvi well, it's in the 1.9.2 branch's mozconfigs
22:34 GeekShadow johnmurrayvi, how do I switch gcc version ? I'm now on 4.6.4 but got upper version installed
22:36 johnmurrayvi I did this:[…]94d98b8a54e4ee7d1
22:36 (I'm not using 4.9, hence its lower priority)
22:38 obviously, you don't need to use all of those versions lol
22:41 * GeekShadow trying with 4.7
22:47 johnmurrayvi working?
22:49 GeekShadow nope same error
22:50 should I give a go on 4.8 ?
22:50 johnmurrayvi yeah
22:50 do a gcc --version again first
22:50 GeekShadow serveur@serveur:~/dev/nightingale-hacking-xul9$ gcc --version
22:50 gcc (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.7.3-2ubuntu1~12.04) 4.7.3
22:51 johnmurrayvi okay, cool. I wasn't sure it'd automatically update the first time
22:54 if you ever want to change the version after you've set them up with update-alternatives
22:54 sudo update-alternatives --config gcc
22:54 GeekShadow yep :)
22:54 johnmurrayvi so much nicer
22:55 than manually linking all everytime
22:55 GeekShadow I did this in the past for building Firefox OS
22:55 I now got the throw issue
22:56 is it still in 4.9 ?
22:56 johnmurrayvi I never spent the time setting up everything on my system this nicely before... so that's why partially I'm hesitant to move completely to arch yet
22:56 yeah...
22:56 it must have started in 4.8 then, and not 4.7
22:57 GeekShadow so what's the good setup for xul9 ?
22:58 johnmurrayvi with that hacky fix of changing mm_malloc.h in the system headers, I've had no problems with 4.8 (4.8.2)
22:59 well.. this is weird.. just did a 4.7 build and didn't run into that problem
23:01 hmmm
23:01 wait... which version of the deps do you have? (date wise)
23:02 GeekShadow johnmurrayvi, linux-x86_64-xul9.0.1-20140214.tar.bz2
23:03 johnmurrayvi well that's weird.. I'm not sure why gcc 4.7 ran into that error
23:05 oh wait
23:05 oh, nvm, that's for i686
23:06 GeekShadow hmm let me clean and retry
23:22 johnmurrayvi anything?
23:24 GeekShadow same issue on 4.7.3 : error: expected ‘)’ before ‘;’ token
23:26 johnmurrayvi er.. I think I found the issue
23:26 I don't know why it's working for me with 4.7.3 though?
23:27 GeekShadow language changes ?
23:28 I have the issue on windows a bad grep thing I guess
23:28 johnmurrayvi I mis-read the makefile... hmm
23:28 huh
23:28 that's odd
23:28 GeekShadow[…]s#troubleshooting
23:28 works for english/german version of visual studio but failed on a french one
23:30 johnmurrayvi what does you nightingale.config look like (for xr9)
23:30 I don't see the "-std=gnu++0x" in that build log you posted
23:30 either
23:31 so I'm confused
23:32 GeekShadow serveur@serveur:~/dev/nightingale-hacking-xul9$ cat nightingale.config
23:32 ac_add_options --with-media-core=gstreamer-system
23:32 ac_add_options --with-taglib-source=packaged
23:33 johnmurrayvi try --with-media-core=gstreamer
23:33 I don't think ubuntu 12.04 has gst1?
23:33 but either way, that's the line I have in mine
23:35 mine is
23:35 ac_add_options --with-media-core=gstreamer
23:35 ac_add_options --with-taglib-source=packaged
23:35 ac_add_options --enable-debug
23:44 GeekShadow it seems to work now
23:44 johnmurrayvi :) yay!
23:44 GeekShadow without --enable-bug
23:44 well it's still compiling
23:44 *debug
23:44 johnmurrayvi awesome
23:49 AndrewLuecke joined #nightingale
23:57 GeekShadow johnmurrayvi, Build finished!
23:57 :D
23:57 johnmurrayvi hooray!
23:57 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg :)
23:58 GeekShadow i'll do more testing tomorrow then

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