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17:58 zjays Hi freaktechnik, thanks for the feedback in the forums
17:59 freaktechnik zjays: yw. XBL is weird sometimes...
17:59 zjays Quick question: "I think in your case it'd be easier to forward the src attribute to the style element"...Are you referring to the stylesheet element in my case, or something else?
17:59 freaktechnik yep, the stylesheet element
18:02 zjays Ok
18:04 I'm still trying to wrap my head around the anonymous content stuff...does attribute forwarding, etc. all need to take place inside the <content> tag?
18:42 freaktechnik yep
18:43 zjays: XBL is kind of the precusor to shadowDOM and stuff, so all that's inside the content tag isn't visible in the end result, well in theory isn't visible.
19:09 zjays freaktechnik: Alright. So since the <stylesheet> element is inside the <resources> element (not the <content> element), and attribute forwarding must be done inside the <content> element, I guess I'm wondering if it is possible to forward an attribute to an XBL element outside of the <content> tag?
19:13 So for my example, would something adding something like <xbl: stylesheet xbl:inherits="src=styleSheetName"> inside of <content> actually work?
19:17 freaktechnik (sorry was busy modding a twitch chat)
19:17 oh
19:17 zjays no problem
19:18 freaktechnik hmm, I didin't actually pay attention to where the stylesheet element goes
19:18 if it's not in the content you can't dynamically change it anyways
19:18 zjays Ah yeah, ok
19:18 freaktechnik you could use a html style element inside the content binding, you just need to import the html namespace
19:23 zjays Hmm, so can I reference an external CSS file with that?
19:27 freaktechnik yep, it'll behave like an html style element, just that it's inside XBL
19:27 do you know how to add the html namespace?
19:29 zjays Not yet, I'll look into it, unless you can tell me off the top of your head ;)
19:29 freaktechnik can't tell you off the top of my head, and don't have the file where I could look it up laying around. But I'd probably dig through nightingale-hackin/app/content/bindings and eventually find it...
19:30 zjays Ok thanks, I'll do some searching
19:38 So overall, my plan would be: (1) use javascript within <implementation>/<method> to determine currently employed feather and set as that as a property, (2) read the determined feather property from within <content> and use the html style element to refer to the CSS file named by the property
19:38 Does that sound feasible?
19:40 freaktechnik well, except that you don't read the property from content, iirc, but you set it as attribute within the content
19:44 zjays Right, so does stuff within <content> have access to properties defined within <implementation>?
19:50 freaktechnik zjays: no, you have to have all your logic within implementation. Oh wait, maybe properties are handled like attributes on the top level element within implementation (the element it defines?)
19:57 zjays Hmm,[…]-defined_Elements ... "Accessing the Anonymous Content" or "Accessing from Inside the Anonymous Content" sounds sort of like something I'm trying to do
19:58 freaktechnik yes, you want to access a child element within content, which you have to do via the anonymous accessors from within the implementation
19:59 (most likely from the constructor, so it happens when the element is created)
20:01 zjays Ok cool, I'll give this a go. Thanks!
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23:20 zjays freaktechnik: So do you recall a specific file in nightingale-hacking/app/content/bindings that used the html namespace? You didn't just mean the usual "", did you?
23:21 freaktechnik uhm
23:21 let me check
23:21 well, that'd work too, if it's defined in the correct place
23:21 and normally you'd use the xhtml namespace, due to its compatibility to xml
23:21 but normally you only have the xul namespace in bindings
23:24 but yeah, you'd do somethng like xmlns:xhtml="" on the binding node, I believe.
23:24 and then you can use xhtml:style
23:27 zjays Thanks, will give that a try

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