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21:06 chainsol     No problem! :D Do make sure it all works...
20:58 kraster010-2 ah nice, thanks a lot
20:57 chainsol     After having edited it.
20:57 chainsol     db.whatever = my_custom_instance
20:57 chainsol     You can force the update by just reassigning the instance.
20:55 kraster010-2 thanks by the way for the link (a lot of material to read :) )
20:54 kraster010-2 if from time to time i need to change some attributes of this objects how can i force update the object in the db?
20:49 chainsol     That's the link about it. :D
20:49 chainsol     https://github.com/evennia/evennia/wiki/Attributes#storing-single-objects
20:48 chainsol     You also can't store any typeclassed objects on the custom class.
20:48 chainsol     So, kinda, yes.
20:48 chainsol     Hrmm, I mean the default pickle module has to be able to pickle it.
20:47 kraster010-2 by pickable you mean a class which contain only built in python type?
20:46 chainsol     kraster010-2: However it won't automatically update, for instance, if you updated an attribute on the custom class.
20:46 chainsol     kraster010-2: I know this is late - you can potentially do that if it's picklable.
18:39 kraster010-2 i mean an istance of a custom class inside a script: self.db.myclassobject = myclass()
18:37 kraster010-2 can i put an object of a custom class as a db attribute of a script?
18:29 DiscordBot   <LizardLeliel> I know nothing of that game
18:29 DiscordBot   <LizardLeliel> Ah
18:25 jotes        tutorial world
18:22 DiscordBot   <LizardLeliel> What game?
18:21 jotes        when you are in the dark cell, you have to move the root from the wall to see the button. once did, if i type traverse wall doesn't work. what command should i type?
18:12 DiscordBot   <LizardLeliel> What are you taking about?
18:10 jotes        once, moved all the flowers, how to enter in the passage?
18:01 chainsol     i think if you "look" at the roots you'll be told what direction you can move them
17:59 jotes        because if i do, it doesn't
17:59 jotes        but how to move those? for example if i type: move blue north it works?
17:58 DiscordBot   <LizardLeliel> Nice
17:57 jotes        hahah, still trying to figure out the puzzle
17:52 chainsol     Hello!
17:48 jotes        hello
13:20 DiscordBot   <LizardLeliel> Which is what most call me anyways
13:19 DiscordBot   <LizardLeliel> Like leliel?!?
12:55 DiscordBot   <Cloud_Keeper> Liz: Pick a name that has a more masculine abbreviation :p
12:54 DiscordBot   <Cloud_Keeper> Perhaps you could extend the access method to check if a character has a given item in their contents
12:53 DiscordBot   <Cloud_Keeper> Jotes: if you look at the get command it calls the targets access method
12:50 DiscordBot   <Cloud_Keeper> I'll just check the name for the easier method I'm thinking of
12:50 DiscordBot   <Cloud_Keeper> Whilst you have a quick look at locks
12:50 DiscordBot   <Cloud_Keeper> Jotes: https://github.com/evennia/evennia/wiki/Locks
12:49 DiscordBot   <Cloud_Keeper> God github displays like trash on my phone
12:47 DiscordBot   <LizardLeliel> It's odd being called liz, I'm a guy O_o
12:45 DiscordBot   <Cloud_Keeper> If char has object: pick up ball; else fail
12:45 jotes        yes
12:45 DiscordBot   <Cloud_Keeper> I see. So you want a condition?
12:44 DiscordBot   <Cloud_Keeper> Hey liz
12:42 DiscordBot   <LizardLeliel> Yo
12:42 jotes        for example lets say that we're making a quest. we're finding a certain item. but for taking that item you need an other one.
12:39 DiscordBot   <Cloud_Keeper> Can I get another example?
12:39 DiscordBot   <Cloud_Keeper> I am not sure what you are asking
12:35 jotes        hello all. an other question, haha. is there a way, when creating an object to set up an other object required? example, if i am creating a ball, i need an other object to take it up. is this possible or should i code it in the class?
08:06 evenniacode  [evennia] Griatch commented on issue #1429: That `lambda` is a callable directly given to the `exec`, it's not the same as supplying the name of a node in the Evmenu node tree. https://git.io/v59EF
07:45 evenniacode  [evennia] DamnedScholar commented on pull request #1423 14adc8e: I'm not going to include `Examples:` in the docstrings because I feel like they would take up too much space and I can include a more thorough tutorial in the `README`. https://git.io/v590l
07:40 evenniacode  [evennia] DamnedScholar commented on pull request #1423 14adc8e: Apologies. I've been playing around with a status message object and forgot to remove the references to it. I've changed all of those to `raise Exception()`. https://git.io/v590e
07:08 evenniacode  [evennia] DamnedScholar commented on pull request #1423 14adc8e: Done. https://git.io/v594Q
02:50 evenniacode  [evennia] RyanStein commented on issue #1429: [This example](https://github.com/evennia/evennia/wiki/EvMenu#example-set-caller-properties) indicates that `exec` may be used otherwise, without a return value in the manner of a valid node, using the lambdas as demonstrated. https://git.io/v59Oo
00:09 Wietzman     damnedscholar: Hello.