Time  Nick        Message
21:21 britta      https://threatpost.com/census-project-identifies-open-source-tools-at-risk/113726
19:27 kzisme_     I'll be away for a few moments
19:26 kzisme_     No problem
19:26 marktraceur kzisme_: Mind if I PM you?
19:26 kzisme_     marktraceur: I have a meeting in a few minutes to talk about my first project to the managers/users
19:19 kzisme_     marktraceur: Just a form application I'm just trying to figure out what would be needed or useful for people.  It's a streamlined application based off an existing ones just used to add or remove employees
19:15 marktraceur kzisme_: Welcome screen for what?
17:45 kzisme_     Whats a good place to look for inspiration for a welcome screen design?
17:02 ehashman    paulproteus: could that be related to the similar issue with the roundup backup files? was that ever fixed?
15:31 JasonWoof   oh! I was wondering what the problem was. yeah, server is sending: content-type: text/plain
15:20 beluga_     yep Chrome works
15:20 beluga_     FF here
15:20 paulproteus For me in Chromium I see an image. I think the reason is misconfgiured server MIME types.
15:20 beluga_     so some mime type handling issue
15:20 paulproteus Oh, I see.
15:04 paulproteus simonft: Why what is happening? What I see there is spang's user photo on the site, but maybe there was an outage and that's what you were experiencing?
12:36 simonft     was linked in an article.
12:36 simonft     any idea why this is happening? https://openhatch.org/static/static/photos/profile-photos/493197275eae4feda4152f0b32719597
11:34 pdurbin     "would it be interesting to see something that integrate IRC + Email/Mailing-List + Forum together in some way?" http://irclog.greptilian.com/sourcefu/2015-07-10#i_125774