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18:02 paulproteus I don't know if it violates a spec, but I feel it *ought to* violate a spec.
18:02 paulproteus So I guess what I'm saying is:
18:02 paulproteus I think the Python behavior of turning kwargs into a dict should abort if given a bytestring, rather than silently convert it to a string.
18:02 paulproteus But I don't know; I think it arguably is a Python bug.
18:02 paulproteus I think it's not a "Python bug" but it seems that it happens due to how Python keyword arguments work.
18:02 paulproteus Fascinating sunu
18:01 ehashman    sunu: I don't have my laptop with me, but I'd like to get through my notification backlog tomorrow
17:59 sunu        Hello! :) Anyone around to take a look at https://gist.github.com/sunu/8c90b951ccd69c8ded42 and tell me if it's a Python bug or not?
16:11 pdurbin     to be a programmer is to always be learning :)
16:10 pdurbin     dimco: hi
16:05 ehashman    yay :)
15:57 dimco       I'm a newbie in cs who learning himself :D
15:56 dimco       Hi everyone